Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland…!

Well, what a crazy week it’s been.

The market, once again has been all over the place, leaving investors wondering whether to ‘hold the course’.   Westpac is eyeing a takeover of St George, and a number of Investment Funds have frozen withdrawals – apparantly this is in order to ‘protect’ Fund members. Sounds more like ‘self-preservation’ to me, but then what would I know.

Ken Henry gave a stellar performance while under the glare of Helen Coonan and Eric Abetz (man or machine?), and clinched quote of the week with “I’m sorry, was there a question in that?”

Anyway, this is the thread where we catch up on things we may missed over the week, share recipes and or anything else, and politics is ok too..


Due to unpopular demand I have changed the music clip!


Due to more unpopular demand I have changed it again…!!!

McCain wins by single vote: hunt for non-voter

You can customize this video from CNNBC and insert the name of the voter. Just click this link Obama’s Loss Traced To….

This has to be a not-too-subtle campaign tactic by the Democrats. Nightmares about Florida 2000.

Kevin Rennie

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