As we close in on 20000 hits for the blog (and I think they are unique IP address page hits), we should be proud in what we have achieved in under 4 weeks:

  • nearly 20000 hits
  • averaging over 1300 hits per day (and climbing)
  • over 2600 comments

That means that around 13% of our hits are resulting in comments from the blogocrats.

So spread the word on other blogs, and if you see one of our old friends (especially Sherlock, Carlyle etc) – tell them to come and play with us. And if you see our favourite manic trannie, Briannie – run away!!!!

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  1. What a strange mixture in ‘Possibly related posts’ above.

    It’s possible that if the word ‘blogocracy’ is embedded in difference places here (I see it’s already in ‘About’, it’s just possible Google will move it up near the official entry for Blogocracy.

    It would be great if the others could find there way here: Sandy, Annie of Kiama, Brian of Sutton Forest etc.

    The one thing that makes a blog boring for me is when 99% of the commenters are all in agreeance. The unique element of Blogocracy was the eclectic mix of regulars.

    I miss Blogocracy (come on Google do your stuff).

  2. I’m doing it again – that 2nd para above is a nightmare!

    And I haven’t had a drink yet …

  3. So true SB, the mix at blogocracy was great, which is why we need to get the others here too… even when we had fights, I still think we played with respect for each other.

  4. joni

    I agree, it is good to debate and have differences I want others to voice their opinions to me. I enjoy debating or disagreeing at times with James. I will always defend his right to his opinion. The ggod thing is this site lets both sides comment as much as they like without restriction unlike others of which we know that only let a select few comments through that disagee with the writers opinion.

  5. I have seen both Sherlock and Carlyle over at Bolt’s but it looks like Bolt won’t permit any promotion of this site there as he has blocked me.

    FFS, the turd gets a million hits a month and sees this site as competion…more like couteraction to his brainwashing…the insecure prick!

  6. Scaper – I might try to sneak a link through on bolts… maybe if we all tried.

  7. It is best to hit Bolt’s early in the morning…I find it becomes a jumble after the first page because of the reply format.

  8. Joni, Pollbludger would be another site worth sneaking in a promotion.

  9. Woohoo… I got the blogocrats name thru on a comment on bolt’s site as part of my name. Let’s hope that some friends see it.

  10. Well Done!

  11. I failed with Bolt but I have ways of hiding my ID so will try again early tomorrow morning.

  12. I miss Carlyle.. I think he’d love it here. 20,000 hits is quite an achievement

    Scaper, maybe you should be more devious in luring Sherlock and Carlyle – I’ve pissed them both off at various stages so you might link one of my threads or a comment I’ve made having a crack at Howard and Costello, insert the link and I’m almost certain they wouldn’t be able to help themselves..

    This would be a good one to quote – you have my permission. It’s worth a crack.
    Australia tops prosperity index

    “I’d like to thank the honorable Mr’s Howard and Costello for their contributions and stellar leadership

    I, too, am concerned about the transfer of overall debt on to the shoulders of ordinary Australians. Hence the reason I argue the point I do about the levels of personal debt. The risk has been transferred in such a way that I believe will have ramifications for years to come. Homeownership being an obvious one”

  13. Congratulations on this blog and on its stellar success. Give yourselves a pat on the back and celebrate with a drink or three.

    It’s great that so many of Tim’s old regulars have found their way to this site. It’s not so great that so many have still not found their way here. Give them time. They will come.

    Some people have admitted to missing such antagonists as Sherlock. Sherlock was OK, but I just hated how he’d hijack a topic sometimes. Having said that, I’m sure I’d be happy to see him here too.

    But chalks is another story.

  14. Miglo,

    I don’t believe that the type of person you are referring to would post here.

    We self regulate ourselves here and Joni and Reb would put an end very quickly to any abuse…it is accepted on news sites as a way to generate emotion.

    No motive here.

  15. If you build it – they will come :mrgreen:

  16. 20000 hits, so far so good.
    To the Authors.. Thankyou for the site.

    one day open a site that has voice, typing with one finger takes to much time. but i try

  17. Well done guys!

    I’d love to help out with Bolt but his odious moderators can smell my disdain from a mile away. There is also a very real risk of attracting some of the less than subtle, abusive Boltborgs…etiquette is less favoured than trying to intimidate “the loony left” by most of those dingbats.
    However, if reb & joni are willing to wield the axe of reason on those that take the stupidity too far then it’s probably worthwhile.

    I’m staggered (not like Stagger-Lee) that so many people are hitting this site. Why is it, do you think, that so many appear to read but not comment? their prerogative of course.

    One more question…does the 20,000th hit win a steamy octopus encounter?

    Oh, & why is “fuck” an automatically generated possibly related post??? ummm, that’s 2 questions.

  18. 17. Human Dividend | October 24, 2008 at 9:45

    I’m staggered (not like Stagger-Lee) that so many people are hitting this site. Why is it, do you think, that so many appear to read but not comment? their prerogative of course.

    Standard for blogs and forums across the board. Lurkers have always far outweighed posters and many actually enjoy reading the different views on offer and the insight they can gleen from blogs like this. Some can’t debate well and others don’t like the antagonism that inevitably comes with putting across a pov that not all are going to agree with.

    I have no problems with lurkers and think it’s better they take the time to read through blogs and forums than remain ignorant ignoring the world and its variety of human experiences and outlooks.

  19. “I have no problems with lurkers and think it’s better they take the time to read through blogs and forums than remain ignorant ignoring the world and its variety of human experiences and outlooks”Adrian

    Can’t argue with that at all!
    I guess I just enjoy commenting, I’d never really considered that just reading is an option.

    “Lurkers”…hehe, sounds a bit dirty; but probably only because I’m inherently debased.

  20. Adrainofnowra, a lurker here, you are spot on. That is exactly what I do. I often think of myself as an eavesdropper. 🙂

  21. “a lurker here, you are spot on”

    Not any more 🙂

    “I often think of myself as an eavesdropper”

    Is listening to someone having a conversation in public eavesdropping? I don’t believe so. If you don’t want someone listening to a ‘private’ conversation then don’t hold it in public, I say.

  22. HD


  23. We’ve now passed 25,000 hits. That was fast!

  24. 25,000! unfknblvbl!

  25. Hey, I just proved to myself I’m not going senile! I worked out what ‘unfknblvbl’ means! 😉

  26. 17 minutes Sans, genius 🙂

  27. YAY! while I definitely prefer to flesh out my expletives in the real world it’s much easier (& slightly less offensive?) to use shorthand on the net.

  28. Adrian

    17 mins?

  29. HD posted unfknblvbl! at 7:56. SB worked it out at 8:13. OK take off a minute or two for the post. 15 minutes.

  30. FFS joni WTF do you mean? GMAFB, unfknblvbl.

  31. Anyone watching ABC at the moment. Unfknblvbl stuff.

  32. Nope, what’s on?
    Gotta start getting ready for nightshift now but if it’s worth a look I’ll look for a vid on their website tomorrow.

  33. joni is the official holder of the ID 10 T award for the night – on top of his Rex Mossop Award earlier.

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