Gene Ingenious – let yourself pay!

In what I think is a disgraceful move – Genetic Technologies Ltd’s has told public hospitals to stop using a test to find out whether patients have inherited a genetic mutation that causes breast cancer.

The company owns a patent on the genetic code, and now wants patients to pay $2100 per test.

From SMH:

The company, which is listed on the stock exchange, licenses the genes exclusively from Myriad Genetic Laboratories in the US.

Luigi Palombi, an expert in patent law at the Australian National University, said state or federal governments could allow laboratories to continue testing under a crown-use provision in the Patents Act, but he was unaware of this ever being used.

Dr Palombi said patent law refered only to inventions, not discoveries, and he believed a federal court would find against Genetic Technologies. But the issue had never been tested, and he was not aware of a body that could afford to mount the case.

And here we were thinking that we owned our own genetic makeup?

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  1. We own nothing these days.

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