Midweek Mayhem!!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!

The thread where we discuss anything and everything – except politics!

So what’s been happening this week?  Joni’s established a blog FAQ (thanks Joni!) which has led to a surge in avatar uptake, Min’s managed to burn down the kitchen curtains and Riley’s making a startling recovery.

In the interests of keeping this thread more of our “social” pages, pull up a chair, relax, I suggest we post anything markets or finance related on the economic-turmoil thread…

It’s a public holiday here in Hobart tomorrow (Thursday)…Woo-hoo!!

Oh, and the new James Bond movie’s out soon too!

Update by joni:
I wish I could associate this picture with one of the comments on here. Have a guess which one?


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  1. More bizarre ice-related behaviour:


    “Mr Germain?” Don’t they mean “Ms?”

  2. As reb has pointed out, I have put up a tab for our FAQ – where I will try to put all the snippets of information that we all need to do things. And with Adrian’s frustrations this morning, I will write up how we can put links into comments.

    I have also performed some housekeeping:

    – moved the stat count to the top left
    – changed the size of the avatars back to 48×48 now that more of us are using them

    I am still trying to learn how to do things, and to find little tricks to liven up our blog.

    In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for our next poll, just let me know.

  3. You’re doing a great job joni and the blog is evolving nicely.

    Wish some more of the old antagonists would show up though, I really want to get into some AGW discussions with recent data on flora and fauna movements/extinctions around the world that can only be linked to warming.

    EDITOR REB: Joni AND reb, if you don’t mind thank you very much, joni and reb…….

  4. morning folks!!

    so one’s back at school, and the other goes bak to work on friday and finally i can have some me time. I never thought I would say this but the new member of the family is the quietest!!

    anywa, seeing as I have some time on my hands atm, here a RECIPE for an egg curry I experimented with yesterday and it turned out to be ummm, fantastic if I do say so myself (others were too busy stuffing their faces to do so…)


    8 eggs boiled and quartered
    10 medium potatoes, quartered
    one brown onion – chopped finely
    one red onion – chopped finely
    green chiles – 3 -4 medium heat, chopped into large pieces.
    1 can peeled and diced tomatoes (can’t afford the fresh variety on one income)
    frozen fenugreek leaves (available from indian shops) – 1 block


    fry the onions in a thick bottomed pan until brown and add the chillies. add the tomatoes and cook on medium heat until oil seperates from the mixture.

    Add salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, and garam masal to taste.

    Add the fenugreek leaves and stir well into the mixture. Add the potatoes and cook on low to medium heat, covered. Once the potatoes are coated in the spices, add a glass of water and cook covered until potatoes are cooked through.

    Add the eggs and stir carefully to mix so as not the break the egg yolks. Cook on low flame for a further five minutes.

    Serve hot with naan or roti.

    If serving with rive, add an extra half cup of water.


  5. of course, my culinary skills don’t seem to extend to my typing judging by the amount of typos in the last post…..

  6. WOW! Lekhni – you just solved my cooking problem for tonight… I am sure the BF will love it.

    And sorry about not contacting you a few weeks ago, things at home got out of hand (funerals, car crashes, uncles in hospital, beer to be drunk etc etc)….

  7. Lekhni – I made your butter chicken recipe that you posted to Blogocracy a while back on the weekend. Very nice – much better than the Bill Grainger one I had. Thanks.

  8. Lekhni,

    That egg curry sounds fabbo!

    My neighbour has been keeping me stocked up with farm fresh free-range chicken and duck eggs, so that sounds just the thing to do with them!


  9. I’ve been trying to find a good photo of a smoking rat or rodent to accompany my posts. Either that or one of a fat bloke sitting on the shoulders of a bloke in overalls.

    Any suggestions?

  10. “Either that or one of a fat bloke sitting on the shoulders of a bloke in overalls”Tom


    I like the incinerated rat idea, maybe in a green & gold tracksuit?

  11. mmmmm, curry…salivate.

    I think I better do something about breakfast/lunch on that note.
    Bloody afternoon shift interferes with my eating habits.

    Happy mayhem to all.

  12. Any suggestions?

    How about Hugh Hefner in his pyjama’s and smoking jacket??

  13. I wish I was on my mac, I would photoshop a giant cigarette into our favourite happy feet photo… hehe

  14. Adrian , we can talk about AGW if you like…

    …I can stir you up just as easily as the RW’s…

    …did you watch 4 Corners last night – Penny Wong buying up riverside properties – a $24 million property sight unseen…

    …killing towns along the river with no support after their farming communities sell water rights back to the government – need a bit more thought into infrastructure before the buying begins IMO…

    …BTW the “rains er ‘ere” in Brissy looks like that pesky DROUGHT might have finally broken… 🙂

    TOM – google – images & search Tom & Jerry – must be something exploding in Tom’s face somewhere… 🙂

  15. PS – JONI – top job gets better each week (I do agree with Adrian about some antagonista but they will turn up) early days yet!

    …and nearly 18,000 hits proves the effort…well done…

    Note: I’ve refrained from posting because I still I think there are sometimes too many in one day.

  16. “…did you watch 4 Corners last night – Penny Wong buying up riverside properties – a $24 million property sight unseen…”TB

    I saw it. Seemed to me that some of the biggest complainants were the ones who’d borrowed/invested $100,000,000 on h2o licences; personally I can’t sympathise. The most alarming thing, for me, was the gigantic artificial storages in your state TB & the fact that new developments were being approved!
    Who the hell was that Qld minister for (?) with the jowls & the arrogance, a contemptable creature who wasn’t convincing to say the least???
    I thought Wong made a good point when pressed by the interviewer about why such money was being given as compensation to those who’d caused the problem to begin with..she said “so what’s the alternative?”…or something to that effect.

    You’re right about the decimation of rural popn centres & a lack of investigation into the profound consequences for all such areas. Messy, messy, messy.

    Probably straying into politics now so I better cease & desist.

  17. 14. TB Queensland | October 22, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Yeah even their Labor State colleagues are screwing the Labor Feds. The Queensland State government sold lots of additional water rights to farmers they knew were on the Federal government’s hit list for buy outs.

    But what that and your post has to do with AGW I don’t know.

    EDITOR REB: A reminder that this is the politics-free thread….or you will be spanked severly…

  18. Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics Politics

    A spanking – a spanking…. and after that….

    EDITOR REB: That’s done it!! To the naughty corner with you joni!! Wha-tish! Wha-tish!


    Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    but whips and chains excite me!

  19. Peter Green (of Fleetwood Mac fame) is my favourite, and most respected, guitarist. Later this month a 4 CD collection is being released and is on the top of my list for a Christmas present with my family.


  20. Anyone have any views on the Xavier College end of year celebrations? I think it has been a huge beat up.

    In my day, drunken mayhem was far more regular and widespread . These kids have a lot to learn.

    EDITOR REB: Agreed. It seems kids just aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. I once nearly got arrested for stealing a parking meter once…But that’s another story…

  21. Hey Sans Blog, Peter Green is a guitar legend. When he left Fleetwood Mac they eventually went commercial, and in my opinion, downhill. Their first single after he left was the brilliant Green Manaleshi (which means Green Devil). Peter Green also did a solo version of this and it’s just as brilliant.

    But fate has not been good to Mr Green. I hear that he currently works as a grave digger. A wasted talent.

    I’m about to resume watching Senate Estimates after their lunch break. It’s part of my job.

  22. reb (petulantly and whiningly) – miglo mention politics – send him to the corner too!!!! :-p

  23. Miglo,

    I haven’t the grave-digger story before. He has been producing albums over the years although, without any proof, I get the feeling he is propped up (not physically!) by fellow musos. Check the video in the link above – I think his playing is kind of not-quite-there. Probably as a result of all his medical conditions and treatments.

    Anyway, I’ll be first in line for the compilation despite having most of his albums.

    His discography:


    and Wikepedia entry:


  24. I’ll defend myself on this one, and go out swinging if I need to, but (in my opinion) Senate Estimates isn’t politics. It’s too serious to be politics. People actually know what they are talking about.

  25. Hi everyone – I just put a new comment up in the FAQ on smileys!


  26. I think I have a comment in the spam trap.

  27. 20. Tom of Melbourne | October 22, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Anyone have any views on the Xavier College end of year celebrations? I think it has been a huge beat up.

    Yeah two students jumping up and down on top of a car with a terrified woman inside whilst the rest of the students surrounded the car cheering on is just a huge beat up, so is the $5000 worth of damage they did to the car.

    Now those students who streaked using their school ties as G-strings is a typical end of year celebration.

    Btw I and two others got expelled from a private Catholic school for an end of year prank that went wrong. So for me its not a beat up if even half of what was reported they did is true.

  28. Well Adrian, I agree, the damage to property is poor behaviour.

    My point though is that here in Melbourne, we’ve had 2 days of intense reporting.

    I think the behaviour is less serious than that of 25 years ago. Quite mild in reality. The difference here is sensational reporting. This is fuelled by the fact that the students involved attend a (relatively) expensive private (catholic, also an issue) school.

    It all qualifies as a huge beat up. It’s hardly Cronulla, but reading the papers one would be forgiven for thinking it is about as serious.

    It is youthful hijinx that got a little unruly. That’s what happens with youth. The grownups need to get over it.

  29. Sans Blog,

    I heard the grave digger bit from a lawyer I used to work with a few years ago. I should have known better than to believe a lawyer.


    A lady I know attended a Catholic college in Adelaide about 50 years ago, and as people did in those days her mother knitted her a red jumper to wear to school. She was whipped by the nuns that day for daring to wear a jumper the same colour as the blood of Jesus.

  30. Oh dear, the naughty little boys at Xavier. I used to catch the same tram and found them to be up themselves upper class twats and so they probably need and deserve a little discipline. You know the sort, an elderly Vietnamese lady tries to board the tram and they deliberately throw their school bags in her path trying to trip her up. My 84yr old mum still has to catch the same tram with the Xavier lads and they’re still the same..mother might weigh only 7 stone but she has sharp elbows and knows how to use ’em.

    Hubby also went to a Catholic school (Our Lady of Perpetual Suckers in Burwood/Wattle Park Vic). Hubby wasn’t exactly expelled, it was just suggested that he might do better at Burwood Tech.

  31. Min…. we need you to have an avatar!

    Burning curtains perhaps? 😆

  32. “Hubby also went to a Catholic school”

    Really. What a thoroughly miserable life he’s had to endure thus far.

  33. The media might be blowing it up but I think you are attempting to underplay it. If the police are involved and they are laying charges then it’s more than just some hijinks. And the car wasn’t the only damage. Sorry not as bad as 25 years ago, I’d like to know how much damage Xavier kids did back then and how many of their own they hospitalised.

    Give you it’s not Cronulla but it’s not minor to be fobbed off stuff either.

  34. The more irrigation licences bought the better.

  35. Miglo,

    It appears you’re lawyer friend may be right about the grave-digging although I can only find a couple of hearsay references:

    “… Green as with other prodigies/geniuses, abandoned his music career only after a few years in it. he grew long nails so as to not play guitar. took up grave digging! how cool can you get?”

    “… His decision to swap guitar for grave-digging circulated like a latter day cautionary tale … he walked off the job from Fleetwood Mac in 1970 spurred on by a life spiralling out of control thanks to a lethal cocktail of drugs, religion and mental illness…”

    By the way, it snowed in Katoomba today! So much for Spring … those 30C degrees last week must have been a bad dream.

  36. Something clever is going on here. I am posting these blogs from work where I’m not shown to be logged on as Miglo and where I have a different email adress that that registered with WordPress, but presto, my little dog photo finds its way here.

    Cool as.

  37. Sans Blog,

    That was interesting. Also on Green Manaleshi, it went’s straight to number 1 in England (as did Oh Well, their previous single) but it was never released in Australia.

    Must have had a swear word in it. Mind you, just about everything was banned in Australia around then. A Day in the Life (Beatles), the Ballard of John and Yoko (Beatles), Let’s Spend a Night Together (Rolling Stones) and Lola (the Kinks) are some that come to mind.

    Also, Joe Cocker was kicked out of the country because he admitted to being a dope smoker.

    Our leaders were such a bunch of religious zealots.

  38. Yes, I discovered that a little earlier when a private identity showed up. It turns out that the WordPress people bought gravatar.com last year so somehow your email addresses/gravatar images can get mixed up if you’re not careful.

    I have gone through both places now and removed overlapping email addresses.

  39. Hello sweetie (Joni) plus of course auxiliary sweeties. Yes, moi of the burning curtains. It’s amazing how quickly one can work when one has to..as in cleaning up the mess/disposing of the evidence prior to one’s partner arriving home.

    Would you believe that hubby has yet to make mention that the curtains are missing – is he being polite (unlikely) – just hasn’t noticed (far more likely) – isn’t game to ask (even more likely).

  40. In addition to the local Xavier “twats” (??!!), we also have the traditional tarts from MLC & Ruyton, the up themselves pretenders from Carey and Trinity, and the total losers that attended the local public schools.

    Defame the lot of them I say! No exceptions.

    Everyone from the Borondara district, past and present, are tossers. Border control, followed by repatriation of those that have snuck out, would solve the problem! And not a moment too soon either.

    PS – I like the image, though it looks a little too nefarious, even for me.

  41. Hashish smugglers.

  42. haha Tom …. I hoped you did not take offence…

  43. Hi Min, the hubby is playing coy in my opinion…gives you licence to purchase new curtains for your house.

  44. “Wish some more of the old antagonists would show up though, I really want to get into some AGW discussions”

    It’s freezing cold in Sydney today – proof AGW is a religious cult not based on fact.

    Pollytickedoff channeling Carlyle specially for Adrian

  45. Tom of Melbourne | October 22, 2008 at 5:02 pm..and then there were us Tarts from Canterbury Girl’s High. Prior, from Glenferrie Primary then to Stonnington.

  46. Thank you scaper. I gave my sewing machine to youngest (Ezra at UQ) and so if I have new curtains it’s going to have to be a cut and glue job (glue is gooood). Did you get my pic of the house? I think that it has potential to do a value-added sort of thing. I haven’t lived in my own house for 15 years and I must admit, it’s a wee bit scary. Goodness knows how we will be able to pay for it given that hubby has turned 60…just keeping fingers crossed that everything will work out.

  47. CGH – tossettes or tossesses? I’ve never figured out the feminine term for tosser.

  48. Did I just spot Pollytickedoff? Well, well, well! 🙂

  49. Don’t mention age 60, Min. I’ve only got three weeks to go. 😥

  50. Women, Tom, just women

    (now we wait!)

  51. “Did I just spot Pollytickedoff? Well, well, well! ”

    Naaaaaah, ya musta imagined it.

  52. SansB you’ll love it – you don’t change but all yer family and friends think you have just reached a 100 (some good news and some not so good news!)

    Hope you’ve applied for your Seniors Card (you may be pleasantly surprised at some of the discounts available)

  53. TB,

    According to the seniors card site, I have to have reached 60 before applying.

    That card will be of great use on public transport. I will actually be able to go to Sydney and wherever which is out of the budget now because of the high rail costs.

    I just can’t imagine the next decade (gawd help me if it goes as fast as this last one) and the slide into 70 if I ever make it.

  54. Tom of Melbourne | October 22, 2008 at 5:40 pm Speaking as a person of the XX gender. A tosser is a tosser. It’s a generic term just as a sheep is a sheep.

    However hubby just pointed out that if someone is a goose, then it’s a reverse generic term as if you call someone a goose and the person is a bloke, then technically he is not a goose but he is a gander. But who calls anyone a gander?

  55. I like to have a gander at cute guys if that helps?

    and I am off now to the weekly pub-quiz…. I leave you in the hands of the whip-holding reb – so play nicely while I am away.

  56. Min,

    Yes I saw the photo once before my computer deleted my inbox…getting a new tower soon, I just have not ordered yet.

  57. 45. Pollytickedoff | October 22, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    It’s freezing cold in Sydney today – proof AGW is a religious cult not based on fact.

    Pollytickedoff channeling Carlyle specially for Adrian

    Thanks Polly and a good job too, if I didn’t see your alias I would have sworn it was Carlyle.

    Don’t forget this coldest October day in 30 years comes on the back of the second hottest start to Spring ever. (posted more the Climate Change I thread)

    So just what’s up with the weather, hot or cold this isn’t normal and something is causing it?

  58. SansB

    Might only be in Queensland that you can apply a month before you birthday – but I’d give ’em a ring anyway.

    BTW I’m a firm believer in GOG! 😀 😀

    SCAPER – go Dell young man – with three year warranty – service is exceptional – product excellent – look for WEEKLY specials on dell.com.au

  59. Greetings Pollytickedoff!

    You’re just in time for happy hour!


  60. Oh! Oh! “Clink”, sreb, about to por No 2

  61. pour (geese, TB) its pour!!

  62. *clink* TB!

    I’m yet to get started, got friends coming ’round for dinner shortly, so better not start before they arrive..

    Cheap n cheerful dinner – my own spag bog quaffed back with a couple of bottles of Shiraz,

    Oh and some nice herb bread with salad on the side…


  63. “Greetings Pollytickedoff!

    You’re just in time for happy hour!”

    Of course I am. No way I’d miss happy hour. And you guys thought I’d never find where you were hiding 🙂

    PS Adrian those couple of hot days were just an abberration and do not prove the existence of global warming. Wish you climate change religious fanatics would stopt confusing weather and climate.

  64. TB,

    Nice avatar, it looks very similar to the BLF logo.

    I can’t get my new avatar up here…or should I say our?

  65. TB Queensland | October 22, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    SCAPER – go Dell young man – with three year warranty – service is exceptional – product excellent – look for WEEKLY specials on dell.com.au

    …and Dell are currently offering 20% off already very cheap computers because of the tough financial times and falling sales.

    Against advice from so called experts our company switched to Dell, from servers, desktops and laptops. Not one major problem in two years, service has been great and the price could not be beaten.

  66. Yesterday in Sydney an independant service station dropped its petrol price to 94c/l in protest against the two supermarket chains’ involvement in the business.

    Today that servo was visited by three or four petrol inspectors to check the tanks for purity.

    Harrassment through pressure from ‘someone’ or just coincidental?

  67. sreb, sounds yummy, mate!

    The Minister is doing a Fiji Fish dish she learned at the resort in Fiji (lime, coconut cream etc what would I know, I’m the PM)…fish fillets from son’s trip North a coupla months ago – why would anyone want {need} 23 fising rods? Still I eat a lot of really good fresh (frozen this time) fish.

    As fo booze, my mate, (ex contact at BHP Coal – long story) is coming to Brisbane tomorrow with his Minister (from Rocky) – the rule is when we meet we both front with a single malt we haven’t had before (and we have a had a few get togethers!) for some reason both Ministers (sort of) tolerate it – amazing stuff!

    SCAPER – it IS NOT the BLF logo it is the Eureka Flag (they nicked the symbolism) – the first flag of independence (read Republic) in Australia – mine is flown on special occasions eg the Queen’s (no offence to many posters here) Birthday!

    “clink” to all!

  68. Now when you folks want some vegan recipes …

  69. It is annoying that our Eureka flag is used by some of the militant building unions as their symbol. Entirely inappropriate. Should be a law against it.

  70. By the way, this site allows me to post via my mobile. This didn’t seem to work at Blogocracy. It’s great – I’ll post non stop!

    EDITOR REB: May god have mercy on us all.

  71. Bloody hell, Tom, you’re supposed to be … well ,yes, you’re dead right, I totally agree!

    Adrian – re Dell – used ’em for over 15 years in our business (six + over time) now own three desktops, laptop, axim x50. Rest of family own five too! 24 hour service is spot on!

    Anecdote: The Minister’s computer power pack blew – out of warranty – checked internet for replacement prices $40+ – rang Dell for price $12.50! – and – wait for it! – FREE delivery – but it “..may take 10 day Missa TB…” – OK – arrived two days later! 15 minutes and The Minister was back on air! scaper, go Dell young man, go Dell!

  72. Wow, just got my tax return to sign…$12,048 taxable income…I’m rich!!!

  73. Hello Pollytickedoff. Would you believe I was only thinking of you today?

    I’ve been tossing around with the idea of scrapping Miglo and using my real name, like I did almost a year ago. Then I remembered that you said you liked Miglo, so I changed it back.

    And then today you turned up. Is it a coincidence, or have you been scanning my brain?

  74. TB – I don’t wish to be picky, the photo of Jerry is very 1950s and this is appropriate, but I don’t think it portrays the depth of cynicism I need.

    The suggestion by joni is close to the mark, it only fails on the nose picking. After all I have to draw the line somewhere, and good taste is no guide for me.

  75. He’s not nose-picking…. he is just looking for more dirt to put out.

  76. Well that didn’t work. Try this:

  77. Adrian @ 79. That’s technically political. It reminded me of Howard.

    Joni will punish you.

  78. Miglo – lucky for Adrian, I cannot look at the photo (blocked site at work), so he is spared the wrath!

  79. Adrian, re: Comment 78, as usual I agree with every word you write! 🙂

  80. How is a mouse wearing glasses and holding cheese shaped like Australia political. I will admit it has some passing resemblance to a certain former PM and is holding a vote badge, but that’s just coincidental. 😉

    For Tom:

  81. Miglo – lucky for Adrian, I cannot look at the photo (blocked site at work), so he is spared the wrath! (Joni)

    Can I lodge an appeal?

  82. 82. TB Queensland | October 23, 2008 at 9:45 am

    That was my best to date, lucid, succinct and in plain unmistakable white.

  83. Adrian – score one spilt me T!

  84. Tom/Adrian – I like the Ratatouille image.

    Amazing, Tom, here’s Adrian and me trying to find you an avatar and you being picky about the options – sounds more like a Malcolm than a Tom to me!


  85. Adrain – The similarity is remarkable. A portrait. If you could add a fat cigar and some heavy jowls…

    I can’t look at the rest right now. But thanks Adrain and TB. It’s great having you guys looking after my image.

  86. That was my best to date, lucid, succinct and in plain unmistakable white. (Adrian)

    If Sherlock was here I’m sure that he’d find fault with it.

  87. Do you think we could pitch this to TV for a new reality show?

    “Make me an Avatar” or “Ready Steady Click” or “Australian Avatar”… the choices are endless.

  88. Just having a look at Sky News (for want of anything meaningful or even remotely interesting to do..other than ironing and cleaning the mouldy things out of the vegie crisper)…

    Apparently parents in the US are using sniffer dogs in their children’s bedrooms to track drug use.

    I personally would have preferred a smelly-socks sniffer dog or an old-bowl/glass-now-growing-it’s-own-ecosystem under the bed sniffer dog and especially a relevance-sniffer dog eg..I have to watch this movie Encino Man ‘cos it’s historical.

  89. Adrian, I just realised our problem with Tom – what image? He thinks he has an image… 😆

  90. And again from Sky (American version). Loud statement (female American voice): What do you if you want something and you don’t have the money to pay for it!!! [several thoughts filtered through my wee brain, but next best choice…]

    Answer from commentator: There is this amazing thing, something that your parents and grandparents used. It’s called LayAway (Aussie version, putting it on Layby). WOOO, WOW..ya mean if you want something and don’t have ready money that you don’t have to use your Credit Card stated the Commentator. OMGGGGGG. Who would have thought!

    The addendum is that several major American retailers have no plan/intention to reintroduce Layby/Layaway. Well, why should they; credit card debt costs them nothing compared with Layby which requires expense viz staff/storage space and yet more staff.

  91. It gets worse for the Xavier twits. Vic muckup day is today and wasn’t last week (which is why the offending students went back to the school in an attempt to get their books so they could finish the week of schooling.

    The bloke they seriously injured and put into hospital has been bullied by this mob for a couple of years, reason enough to punish them.

    So this was more than schoolboy hijinks.

  92. And I’m still watching Sky News. I am not quite sure what to say about the Dry-Skin-Foot-Scraper Ped thing. Especially when ‘the filings’ in the bottom of the egg shaped thingy are revealed. It’s a wee bit like shaking out a hankie to reveal one’s boogies isn’t it.

    And why do American adverts always state AND I FEEL GREAT!!

    I must admit to feeling a little less great after seeing the pod of foot ‘filings’.

  93. No one should ever excuse bullying, as there is never an excuse.

    But I still think the Xavier story is overblown and sensationalised.

  94. But I still think the Xavier story is overblown and sensationalised

    Agree. And while we are on overblown and sensationalised stories, is anyone else sick of the Brit Lapthorne saga. I don’t mean to sound callous – it is tragic what happened to her (whatever that was) – but it’s not like she is the only missing person case in Australia or around the world. Enough Already.

  95. The Xavier story is certainly overblown. 4 days of headlines? Give me a break! In other news 2 students of (insert govt school here) stole a car and killed an innocent family during a late night drunken joyride………you know the rest.

    The issue of bullying, though, is a big one, and if this finally lifts the lid on that then good. The staff at Xavier know, and have always known, who the bullies are, and who the ringleaders of this horseplay are. They are not stupid. Nor are teachers at other schools, govt and private. Their inability and disinclination to deal with the problem should be what is at issue. There is little difference between what we see here and what happened 20 years ago when I was at school. It has to do with a number of issues. 1. Many teachers enjoy their own popularity and won’t risk it, 2. schools no longer have the authority to deal with difficult students because they don’t have the support of tunnel-visioned parents 3. schools (private) won’t take on powerful parents (on school boards etc).

  96. A few years ago I bumped into a guy who bullied me at school when I was in Yr7 and he was Yr10.

    I am now much bigger than him and went right into his face to confront him. You should have seen him squirm. I just said that “now I am bigger I should kick your arse, but you know what – I am not gonna do anything” and just walked off.

    He just stood there for a few mins and then left the pub.

  97. “And then today you turned up. Is it a coincidence, or have you been scanning my brain?”

    I think that we subconsciously connect when someone is thinking of us. Might be coincidence but how often do hear/say “I was only thinking about you earlier” when hearing from/contacting someone you haven’t spoken to for a while.

    Glad you kept the miglo – don’t think I would have known who you were under your real name and I still like the name 🙂

    And for commentray on non-political issues – How dumb would you have to be to think that employers don’t check ut your Facebook (and similar) pages?

  98. Anyone listening to Question Time today? Interesting to listen to Turnbull evoke the image of the Little Red Book. For those too young, this means..choke, choke Communism.

  99. Min – did you get my email with your potential avatar? Whaydyafink?

  100. Hi Min

    I managed to listen to a bit while out driving around earlier.

    Just wish they would stop harping on about the guarantee and move on.

    Didn’t hear the little red book comment but those days are so gone it shows how little they can drag up to bring the reds under the bed campaign out again.

  101. Hello joni. I emailed this morning. Can you make me about 10 years younger and 10kgs lighter??? Other than that what about the more recent pic up in Cairns with the future inlaws or is this pic too small??

  102. Min,

    I reckon that photo would be too small…the bat and legs is a good indication.

  103. Email me the full version and I will do magic on it for you, min.

  104. I still can not get my new avatar up…when I log in to wordpress it is there.

  105. joni

    I want to have a picture as well, but will do all that when I get back home, will you help me then too please ? A picture of Riley not of my ugly mug 🙂

  106. Scaper – I had the same prob with my new one which I changed last night. I had to redo it this morning.

  107. Shane
    Just let me know when you are ready and I will help you.

    Which image do you want? It is the bat-photo at the moment

  108. OK…. do you have your wordpress account?

    and at the top of the webpage… can you see a grey line with My Account, My dashboard etc?

  109. When I log on the logo is there and I have reloaded the logo twice for no result.

  110. joni,

    Any reason why my Lionel Hutz avatar works when I’m logged in but it reverts back to boring old B&W me when I log out?

  111. Come on Shane just do it. I’m shy too.

    Pollytickedoff | October 23, 2008 at 2:49 pm Just as an addendum. And just how creepy is it that employers bother to check out all of their employee’s Facebook entries?

  112. It’s all go to do with the fact that we have you registered as a non-signed in user and as a signed in user… to make it stay what you want (which I guess is your wordpress photo), just makes sure that you come to the page via the wordpress.com page and signin first.

    I will do a bit of hunting to see if I can find where to “remove” your non-signed in user….

    please be patient – this call is important to us, and the next available joni will deal with your call…

  113. Joni, are there any buttons that we have to press in order to obtain you for the next 24 hour period?

  114. Does this work?

  115. Its just weird that I got my original photo in as my wordpress one and then replaced it with Lionel using WP as well.

    I’ll have a look this evening as well.

  116. MIn

    LOL will change it between my ugly mug and riley and let the bloggers decide which is best. Not scared to put my pic up just scared you will all leave 🙂

  117. Min @ 117… what you mean?

  118. Must choof and get some work done. Am in full on packing mode. One packing box has me intrigued, it reads: 8m Nylon Shoulder Washers.

    I should imagine that Nylon Shoulder Washers are something to do with Farrah Fawcett Majors circa ’80’s power dressing. But 8m? Perhaps she ordered in bulk.

  119. Min, you have to press 6 followed by 9……:)

  120. And joni said at: joni | October 23, 2008 at 3:53 pm…and the next available joni will deal with your call…

    And so I was wondering which buttons to press in order to obtain the next available joni ;-))))

  121. Oh – I see….. just like the psychic network, you do not need to call us, we call you!

  122. just like the psychic network, you do not need to call us, we call you! (Joni).

    I was right! There is some brain scanning going on. I had just blamed the wrong person.

    I’ll test it out: What am I thing right now?

  123. I’m a duck when I post from home, and a dog when I post from work.

    I guess it shows that I work like a dog. No escaping the fact.

  124. Miglo,

    Don’t ask me how I got it sorted out because I don’t know but now I have just one gravatar showing instead of three yesterday.

    I *think* it maybe a matter of making sure you are logged into WordPress.com all the time.

  125. “And just how creepy is it that employers bother to check out all of their employee’s Facebook entries?”

    Min, they put it up there for all to see in this day and age that includes employers. Lets face it most people are more honest about themselves on their Facebook page than they are in any resume.

    If you don’t want your employer to see it then don’t put it there. I don’t have a Facbook page – don’t want the b**** checking what I’m up to in my off hours.

    I also suspect that this bloke might have had a history of sickies after a big night which probably prompted the employer to check his page.

    “I should imagine that Nylon Shoulder Washers are something to do with Farrah Fawcett Majors circa ’80’s power dressing. But 8m? Perhaps she ordered in bulk.’

    Min, seems you have forgotten how wide shoulder pads were back then. 8m? That was the small size 🙂

  126. “I’ll test it out: What am I thing right now?’

    Miglo’s thoughts:-
    Does this brain scanning thing really work. I bet it doesn’t.

  127. Pollytickedoff

    I reckon the guy was dumb enough to have his settings alert his mates (who probably included his boss or at least his workmates) to his change of status.

    He also has his political affiliations stated as being Liberal Party of Australia … I let you all make what you will of that.

  128. In discussions with business friends, it’s quite common now for employers to check MySpace, Facebook, Google etc. for references to job applicants.

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