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  1. And before any smartalecs make a comment – yes, I am using the prefix “blogo” as much as I can. Just wait until we get a scandal on here, then I am going to call it “blogo-gate”. hehe

  2. I can not sign up as my name already exists and I ain’t going to change it so no photo of me on election day!

  3. Is it possible to have replys to comments instead of creating a new comment. that way all replys will be linked to the one comment.

    EDITOR REB: Do you mean like this? No.

    EDITOR REB: Sorry Shane, I coudn’t resist that…

  4. Unfortunately Shane – we are not that sophisticated here on the blogocrats…

  5. no worries joni still my favourite blog site

  6. I will close this thread for comments now, as I have created it as a page (see the tab beside “about”)

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