Your Rudd, my Rudd, our Rudd. Rudd TV

Our quasi-president seems to be all over TV at the moment, re-assuring us, calming us. He made his big statement to the nation last week (which Malcolm quickly covered) and then last night on C7 he had a “town hall” debate – just like in the US debates but without anyone else. I wonder if Malcolm has sent Rudd another note to complain.

Anyway – I missed the debate – still a bit sick and was dozing on the couch – so what did the blogocrats think of the debate, and does anyone have any predictions on when Turnbull will have his version of the show?


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  1. I didn’t see the debate either, so interested in others comments

  2. I didn’t see the deb(acle)ate either. But , owing to Rudd’s captivating charm & rambunctiously electrifying persona I’m sure it was rivetting viewing.
    Engaging delivery is not his strongpoint.

  3. HD…. and he licks his lips too often.

  4. HD – LOL

    Alas, I can’t shed any light on the debate either.

    As for Humbull’s response, I would lover to see him try – his interview with Fran Kelly this morning was a cak – he told us all how good and important and educating his television spot last week was and how it avoided panicking the mobs. If there is something humorous coming out of this financial meltdown, it’s watching Humbull telling us how important he is.

  5. “…and he licks his lips too often”

    Please get a photo and have a caption competition!

  6. Yep, if Rudd is our quasi-president then Talcum Turncoat is certainly our quasi-emperor in exile.
    He’ll keep chipping away because he knows that one day his ardent peasants wil recognise the undiluted quality of his blue blood & exalt him to the throne of his birthright. Or not?
    While acknowledging my bias in coming to this conclusion I believe that Humbull’s sheen is already fading & perhaps he won’t even make it to the next election…the one he states that he will win. Much water under the bridge to come first however.

    To me he appears to simply dribble shit, yummy.
    Christopher Pyne for Emperor! I love his perm.

  7. I use to think Howard was a boring speaker, and I think Rudd is too – he speaks in cliches and I HATE the way he seems to talk down to us. He sounds like my old Sunday School too, too much.

  8. “Please get a photo and have a caption competition”Tom

    A fine idea!

  9. Of course should have read above, “He sounds like my old Sunday School teacher too, too much.

  10. Capt’n Rudd She’s Going To Blow!

    That housing bubble’s raising it’s ugly head again.

    On July 30 Hans Redeker, head of foreign exchange strategy at BNP Paribas, Europe’s biggest investment bank, predicted: “The Aussie is going down, big time.”

    “Australia has a fiscal surplus, but that does not offer as much protection as people think. If the Government boosts spending further, the current account deficit will spiral out of control”

    October 2008: two weeks ago Redeker repeated his claim that abundant foreign money had been available to Australia and too much of it had been spent on real estate, creating a speculative bubble: “The easy money went straight into real estate c Australia will now have to generate 4 per cent of GDP to meet payments to foreign holders of its assets. This is twice as high as the burden faced by the US.”
    After the Australian Reserve Bank slashed key interest rates by 1 per cent, Redeker also told London’s Telegraph that he was concerned about what the Australian Government may do: “Yes, Australia has a fiscal surplus, but that does not offer as much protection as people think. If the Government boosts spending further, the current account deficit will spiral out of control.”
    And what has the Rudd Government just done? Boost spending.

  11. I tried to find a licking lips and came across the one where’s he’s eating his own ear wax (well, better than someone else’s, I guess) in Parliament.

    So many picks of Rudd have him touching the corner of his glasses which is another annoying habit of his (of course, I can criticise him ’cause I don’t have a single annoying habit 🙂 ).

  12. (I can’t believe the mistakes in my last comments here – definitely going to wait until I cool down from mowing the lawn before posting again.)

  13. Didn’t lick his lips once from what I saw.

    Fairly bland piece of TV, but Kevin’s delivery was better than his norm so I think he’s learning.

    If you wanted to be reassured then he reassured.
    If you wanted to find out if the government was doing stuff, then he said the government was doing stuff.
    If you wanted to be informed then you would have come away uninformed.

  14. Adrian

    If you wanted to be informed then you would have come away uninformed.

    That’s OK – we’ve got Malcolm for that 😉

  15. It was pretty ordinary viewing..

    Agree with Adrian’s summary.

    He carefully tip-toed around directly answering the question about what data are the government’s actions based on.

    And of course he received populist applause whenever referring to greedy bankers etc..

    It was like he was preaching to pre-schoolers, which wasn’t aided by David Koche, who basically has all the intellect of a pre-schooler.

    Actually the whole thing was f**kin crap!

  16. But then again we are talking about Channel 7…!!!!

  17. Thanks for the review Adrian, one of the benefits to Rudd’s deadpan is that it generally avoids overplay & theatrics (I’m sure many disagree?).

    “But then again we are talking about Channel 7…!!!!”stuntreb

    Apart from not knowing that it was on (which effectively renders my next point moot) the fact that it was on CH7 is a prime reason for me not watching.
    Kochie is a spanner!

  18. Guys I disagree

    I like Kochie, he was telling the Reserve Bank it had gone too far ages ago. He has also been advising to steer clear of shares for many months before the current freefall.

    He may have his faults but he was more on the ball then any of the others and for that he earns my respect.

  19. What’s happened to Koche? When he was the finance reporter he was quite sensible and sounded like he knew stuff – now, it’s like he has had all his intelligence sucked out due to sitting next to Mel on comfy couches under the watchful gaze of Ch7 lights, cameras, breakfast TV watchers and of course, the gawkers in Martin Place hoping to catch a glimpse of some pop starlet plugging her new album or tour. Maybe we can pose it as a question for “where are they now” – Kochies Credibility (I know, I know – back to the topic)

  20. Fair enough Shane, but I don’t think that the whole “Sunrise plasticity” adds much credibility to a political position. Too sugaryfeelgoodfauxcivility for my cynical eyes.

  21. I see your point HD but I much prefer sugaryfeelgood in the morning with a touch of reality thrown in than the Today Show where Karl attacks only one side of politics.

    Sugaryfeelgood makes me happy rather than head off for the day miserable and gloomy. The whole world is not an ulcer.

  22. Honestly, David Koche is an absolute moron.

    I never watch Sunrise now. haven’t for years. The last time I was just turned off by the way in which ‘Kochie and Mel just sit around going “Aw Wow!” to any f**kin obtuse iota of information.

    Someone found the neighbour’s cat up a tree “Aw, Wow!”

    Here’s a scone with 2 rasins in it “Aw, Wow!”

    I used to have an IQ “Aw, wow!”

    Honestly, it’s such “dumbed down” TV that I don’t think it could get any more ridiculous…

    EDITOR REB: Stick to the topic please, you moron!

  23. oooo – self abuse reb….. nice!

  24. See as we don’t have a finance thread up for today – this looked like the best spot to dump a rant about this article from news: First home buyers cautious despite boost to grant,25479,24522192-5013951,00.html

    FFS – it was only announced last week – did they expect all first home buyers to have suddenly gone out and recklessly bought up a place without having done building inspections, contract reviews etc. This has to be close to the dumbest reporting I’ve ever read.

    The anecdote they draw upon is from a woman who sold her house last week (a week before going to auction) for $100K less than she originally wanted – well how TF was the first home buyers grant supposed to fix that when she probably accepted the amount prior to the announcement – sheesh.

  25. I meant “seeing as we don’t” 😦

    …and I lumped myself under the category of ‘we’ because it feels that way, not because I want the power to put up posts – I can’t even motivate myself to post on my own site which, BTW, is looking pretty but has zero substance so I am keeping it under wraps until the motivation kicks in).

  26. Keeping this thread on the topic of pollies and TV, Today lost me ages ago when under good mate Liebman they turned into the John Howard Show. For heaven’s sake in one Today interview Howard was on over two ad breaks, and there wasn’t anything of great political importance happening at the time.

    Then Today committed the greatest sin of all and tried to be Sunrise Lite and their ratings plummeted. I never watched Sunrise and liked the fact I could turn to Today for some real news before I went to work. Now I turn on ABC local radio.

    One of the ratings agencies does 15 minute ratings blocks and it was telling that even at the height of his popularity whenever Howard appeared on Today (which was a lot) Today’s ratings plunged for the 15 minute block he was on. People don’t like long stints of pollies on TV, Rudd’s performance last night came 6th for the night I believe. A world wide financial crisis and the PM answering important questions from the nation yet Dancing With The Stars got more viewers.

  27. “A world wide financial crisis and the PM answering important questions from the nation yet Dancing With The Stars got more viewers.”

    I think that says a lot about the Australian psyche, don’t you think?

  28. Good on ’em. Politics is important but politicians aren’t celebrities. Just rule the country and stay out of the news as much as possible and as much as the rabid media allows you to. They day you don’t hear much about politics is the day you know the country is being run well and everything is going along swimmingly.

  29. Agree Adrian

    Problem these days is that all politicians are so short term focused they need to tell us how great they and their policies are or how bad their opponent is.

    I wish the US could do a bit of that and spend the campaign money on the country. God forbid the day we have those type of campaigns. What a waste of money.

  30. I could not be bothered to watch the PM…if Tanner was on I would watch because he has a better understanding of economics.

    In fact he should be the Treasurer instead of Finance Minister….one day he will, I believe.

  31. Leave Kochie alone. He’s a Port Adelaide supporter so that makes him a very intelligent, insightful person.

    Like me.

  32. Miglo

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re partial to the odd cigar and glass of wine and come ’round there and slap you personally myself!!

  33. Stuntreb

    I thought you were coming around anyway ’cause you’re also partial to the odd cigar and a glass of wine.

    Just for the occasion I’ll ignore the fact that you lack my intellect.

  34. Leave Kochie alone. He’s a Port Adelaide supporter so that makes him a very intelligent, insightful person.
    Miglo | October 20, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Is that so??? I remember back when Labor was in power and home loan interest rates were around 18%. They had been high for a long time. Koch comes out and says that people should get fixed interest rate loans as it gives some certainty. Well I had some friends who took his advice.

    They went and converted their 18% home loans into cheap fixed interest rates loans at 15.5%. Well lo and behold within about 12 months they had dropped to 12%.

    I will not tell you want my friends thought of Koch

  35. Neil

    I have been in the finance industry for almost 30 years and fixed rates DO give certainty. No one can predict what is going to happen, economists get it wrong all the time. Petrol $200 a barrel by xmas, rates to 10% by end of the year. Now rates to be 0% by 2010. You take a risk if you fix and that can be good or bad for the customer or the bank the risk is equal for the loan.

    Fixed rates give certainty in repayment and people at times look for that stability over a period of time. EG they have just had a new baby and need guarantee in their repyaments for a few years, they are NOT a product where you think you can beat the market, you may you may not.

  36. They went and converted their 18% home loans into cheap fixed interest rates loans at 15.5%. Well lo and behold within about 12 months they had dropped to 12%. Neil of Sydney

    Strange friends, Neil, but then its always nice to blame someone else for your stupidity…Kochie told me to do it, duh, FFS!

    …BTW wouldn’t Koch have still been in high school or at uni…when the rates were 18% – 18 years ago?

  37. Well I watched Sunrise this morning just to see whether Kochie’s commentary had improved since I last viewed.

    They were talking about different brands of baked beens, or something of similar national importance…

    Then it went on to televisions..

    MEL: “Did you know that Sony actually made this Akai TV?”

    KOCHIE: “Really? Aw wow…!!”

    Yeah, like “Aw Wow”. I switched back to Channel Nine…

    *rolls eyes*

  38. “Leave Kochie alone. He’s a Port Adelaide supporter so that makes him a very intelligent, insightful person.”miglo

    I knew that there was something else about Kochie that rubbed me the wrong way! Thanks for filling in that blank miglo.
    Gotta say I’m not surprised, it explains his obvious subhuman tendencies. Now that I think about it, he has the same haircut as the supreme choker Warren Tredrea.

    Your own superior intellect is not related to your Power abberation. More likely your genius stems from the hospital you were born in. hehe.

    Sorry, I tried not to drench it with too much anti-Port hatred. I do have a slight prejudice against them….I blame my father who is a staunch Sturt supporter.

    Kochie is a flogger.

  39. I like Kochie and Sunrise, it makes for a happy start to my day rather than all economic problems like today. It is also blatently obvious that Karl is one sided in his political opinion which grates with me. I see Kochie give it to both sides.

    I must be the odd one out, but hey someone has to be and it may as well be me.

    Actually im not the odd one out Sunrise has won its ratings every single day for the last 4 1/2 years so maybe people are looking to light wake up entertainment rather than economics at 6am in the morning. I know I am the day is long enough when you deal with finance in your own business.

  40. Fair enough shane…

  41. I can pretty much take or leave Kochie Shane, even though I’m not a fan, I don’t watch him anyway…or Sunrise for that matter. If he rows anyone elses boat that is fine & so be it.

    Port Adelaide on the other hand…

  42. LOL Human

    He doesn’t row my boat, I actually find Mel the one who makes me laugh in the mornings. When she loses it and can’t stop laughing. When others laugh it is contagious to me and I smile and laugh too making me feel good for the day.

    I can’t comment on Port Adelaide

  43. I can’t comment on Port Adelaide…

    There are commonly 2 schools of thought on Port…

    Miglo’s on one hand, & mine on the other…hehe.

  44. …BTW wouldn’t Koch have still been in high school or at uni…when the rates were 18% – 18 years ago?
    TB Queensland | October 21, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Well I had a look at Wikipedia and it says he was born in 1956. This means 18 years ago he would have been approx. 34 years of age. Highly unlikely he would still be at high school at this age…

    This means TB you are WRONG AGAIN!!!

  45. This means TB you are WRONG AGAIN!!!

    Oh! Dear. There goes my infallibility…and you obviously get so much pleasure out it…

    By the way it was a question, not a statement, Neil, and you did research it, well done! 🙂

    Kochie, holds his age well for 52, don’t you think…

  46. It’s the makeup TB, the makeup….

  47. TB,

    I heard that you thought you were wrong once but were actually mistaken in that thought 😉

  48. I am wrong 50% of the time, The 50% of the time I am wrong is when I am wrong. 🙂

  49. This means TB you are WRONG AGAIN!!!

    How sad that a person devotes their time to proving others wrong.

    Speaking of sad – HD, what went wrong in your life? Given that we were both born in the hospital that produces intellectual giants, somewhere you took the wrong path.

  50. Gee, it’s a bit quiet here today.

    It looks like this water allocation buy back scheme has not been thought out too well.

    This scheme could essentially gut a lot of communities that need primary production to be viable.,25197,24527731-11949,00.html

    Here’s another example.,25197,24527733-11949,00.html

    A big chunk of our manufacturing industry is gone and now our rural industry is being reduced and communities will fold and move to the coast.

    How will we feed ourselves in the future…eat rats???

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  62. It’s like this TB, when I grab the bull by the horns I do not let go…it gets my places.

  63. And how the hell I do that???

    I’ll try again tonight as I’ve wasted enough of my time on this when I should be putting together a presentation on the subject I posted earlier.

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  65. He sounds like my old Sunday School too, too much.
    Sans Blog | October 20, 2008 at 10:52 am

    You went to Sunday School???

    Does this mean that you once went to Church????

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