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Part of the family

In all of the doom and gloom of the blog lately and with Riley and Ke-anu-tu-ati being a bit poorly at the moment, I thought that we could have a thread on our pets – both past and present. And Min and Shane can put the updates on the blogopets into this thread.

Of course, the official animal of the blogocrats is the octopus. Is this a photo of reb and his pet?

So let’s reminisce about our pets.

Growing up, my family had dogs and cats, birds and fish – and a few red-belly black snakes in the back yard.


33 Responses

  1. Our honeymoon snap!

  2. I reckon octopuses would make great pets – they are incredibly intelligent – if only they didn’t prefer the water – makes it a bit difficult to get that rush of affection when they meet you at the door when you get home (unless – like Homer’s fantasy – you live under the sea).

    I must say, I’m looking forward to next week when we get to give back to my fiancee’s mother her two dogs that we have been minding while we have been OS. Our little dog just isn’t the same when we have other dogs around. That and they have been F’n annoying at times and aren’t house trained like our little one.

  3. So which one is, sreb?

    EDITOR REB: Very funny…..*Hmmph!*

  4. Update on Riley. ( will talk about previous pets soon have to have a cuppa first)

    I had to leave him at home on his own yesterday for the first time since his embolism. As you know he has been improving somewhat. Well when I arrived home yesterday afternoon he was not in his doona on the floor but rather laying on the lounge all sprawled out. As if to say, well while you were away iv’e made myself comfortable, watched the telly, had a few wines and found a much more comfortbale place to sleep. I am expecting a large hpone bill as he may have called his canine friends as well 🙂

    The fantastic thing is he would have had to jumo up on the lounge himself. He is actually walking now albeit still quite wobbly.

    Min : Your reply said no exercise under his own weight, so what do you suggest as he is now getting active under his own steam and I do not want to compromise his recovery. However am very excited that he is taking his own weight. Do you think it is ok for him to take his own weight. I dont want to tie him down as his muscles will lose strength from inactivity.

  5. Shane, that’s great news about Riley..

  6. Shane – you could send us a photo montage of the “Life of Riley” and we could put it up here.

  7. joni i would be happy to do that once I am back home, operating from a different computer while down in Coonabarabran for the week. Of course will need assistance in how to do it as am not Bill Gates, yet 🙂

  8. Thanks reb

  9. Hello Shane: Apparently the go (in consultation with my cuz the greyhound trainer down in Victoria). It can be very exciting when you see them get their legs, but to avoid the natural (human) reaction to throw a ball, tug ‘o’war. Calm human = calm doggie.

    That is, if he feels able to walk then let him and cuddles all ’round but as above no rough and tumble for the next couple of weeks.

  10. Thanks Min, because you are right all i want to do is play and rough him up and have him tug at his toys. So will keep him as quiet as possible. I will keep calm, well about Riley anyway.

  11. What does amaze me is how photogenic the hound breed are. They always look beautiful in photos and seem to be smiling all the time. I do not have a photo of Riley where he does not look happy.

  12. Well, in honour of this thread (great idea BTW!) I’ve changed my avatar temporarily; it’s not displaying yet but will soon I hope.
    The pic is my mate Rassmussen having a good natured chomp of my hand.
    Given some of the stupider comments I’ve posted about bothering cockys & throwing eggs at cows (all true BTW) I thought I’d better make it clear that I am actually a huge fan of all living things….ummmm, except snakes since I was bitten by a brown bastard at age 17.
    I’ve always had pets & to me they are more valued than most human life on the planet. They don’t judge & are always happy to see me without fail! When I get home from work I am instantly accosted by Kobba the Jack Russell, Rassmussen & Toddles the cat (the missus named him Toddles but I reckon that’s a super-lame name for such a tough cat so I call him Midnight Baalbek). They are my buddies & bring me tremendous pleasure. Nothing is more relaxing than having one, or two or three up on my lap for a pat (except when I’m trying to type, like right now!).
    This love of animals I see reflected in my daughter, who fawns over them, & it makes me proud. I think people who have such a nature are commonly more in touch with their humanity & have a genuine appreciation for “life” as a whole.

    Man, I could crap on for days about the triumphs & tragedies of our pets over the years.

  13. Yay, I think the avatar has changed now?

  14. I give up, how do I do an avatar?

  15. I want to know that too Min.

  16. Min et al,

    If you go to wordpress.com, you can set yourself up as a user – and you can upload an image to use as an avatar. Then when you post a comment, your pretty image (or in my case scary image) will appear.

  17. Min, you need to create a wordpress account & then you’ll be able to upload an avatar as part of your profile. It’s free & was relatively easy for this technology philistine!
    When you’ve uploaded & cropped your pic you need to “update profile” at the bottom of the page for the avatar to take effect.
    Also, I initially had trouble cropping until I shrunk the pic I was uploading to a suitable size.

    Here’s the link to wordpress…


  18. And there are some websites that will allow you to shrink a photo for use as an avatar… I think if you google “avatar free crop” you get some sites to use.

  19. Just a bit further – if anyone has any questions on wordpress or the blog, I might setup a FAQ thread to contain everything in one place…. whadyallfink?

  20. Good idea joni..

  21. Seconded.

  22. Aye

  23. The ‘eyes’ have it…!

  24. Re Ke-anu-tu-ati – he is still choofin’ and in fact enjoyed a largish platter of home made corned beef last night and left overs for lunch. 6 small meals a day.

    If one looks at doggy’s name it’s Keanu-to-a-tee. Eldest daughter (the owner) was/is a big Keanu Reeves fan.

    Poor old bloke, ah well, it’s been a good innings.

  25. Min, so that’d make him a Dogstar!


  26. I detest cruelty to animals.


    Give me two minutes in a room with them…people like these bastards makes my blood boil.

    The poor dog was most probably a kid’s pet…two years is too soft for their crime!

  27. I don’t particularly like pets. Then along the way I managed to become the carer of several. I am thinking of Jackson. His former owner was a young gay bloke by the name of Peter. The condo allowed pets to 40kgs and rotties grow somewhat bigger. Anyway Jack (a male entire) came to our house beautifully trained. My nickname was Gentleman Jack.

    Jack was son Jared’s dog and a more loyal companion you cannot imagine. Jared joined the Navy and his last words before father took son to the airport was: Jack, Look after Mum while I’m away.

    Now Jack was never particularly keen on me but from that day on Jack slept outside my bedroom door. It was as if he had been listening to what Jared was saying and it was Yes Boss, will do.

    Jack was diagnosed with cancer age 15yrs. Our most wonderful vet kept Jack going to give us enough time for Jared to get home to say Goodbye. Jared had 2 tours to the Gulf and 2 tours to East Timor including shore patrol. Two days after Jared was able to make it back home during which time Jared slept on the floor with Jack, Jack quietly closed his eyes. I have a flower garden of cottage garden plants called Jack’s Garden.

    What a bunch of sooks hey…

  28. My new photo is my dog. She loves me to pieces.

  29. It didn’t work. Duck still the one.

  30. I forgot to press “Update Profile”. I should now be a cute little dog.

  31. Looks like I’m stuck with the duck.

  32. Just wait a little bit Miglo – it will get updated soon.

  33. What the hell’s going on here? The images just changed into a dog after I clicked the refresh button.

    And I’ve just spent the last 5 minutes telling eveybody I’m a duck.

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