McCain takes another hit. POWell!

Overnight in the US, General Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for president. He said:

He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president.

Will this have an effect on the result?


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  1. Honestly, I don’t think this will have a major positive effect (though I would not count out a small one) if circumstances continue as they are.

    On the other hand, should the McCain campaign try to move to national security and/or experience; or international events move the campaign in that direction – it will be a major boost to the Democratic ticket. Joe Biden as VP with an endorsement from Colin Powell pretty much inoculates Barack Obama from “realistic” attacks on his national security capability. Unrealistic ones (based on, say, his middle name) will bring out the base of course, but should have mnimal effect on the independents.

  2. BT

    Yeah – it seems that each plan that McCain has to attack Obama seems to get diluted.

  3. I think Obama was a “shoe in” after the second debate – the last debate put the final nail in Mcain’s political coffin…

    I doubt that Co-lin’s support will change much other than to confirm some votes…

    Biggest problem for Obama will be turnout – getting dem voters to de booths, mon…

  4. I notice that the eminently objective Rush Limbaugh (among others) is trying to blur Powell’s endorsement as being based on race.
    The mental gymnastics are intriguing to behold as those petrified of an Obama victory seek to pander to the lowest common denominator mentality of their “base”.
    Agree that this is highly unlikely to shift independents, in fact such insults to people’s intelligence may push them away.

  5. TB, he seems to be able to pull 100,000 to a recent rally so I believe that people are engaged enough to give a shit this time perhaps?
    Only the apathetic & the rusted ons will miss a chance to punish the Repug’s (McCain by default) for 8 years of Teh Village Idiot & the quagmire it has left their country in on many fronts, home & abroad.

  6. (sorry – but everytime I see quagmire I now go giggidy-giggidy)

  7. Perhaps “moral sewer” is interchangable(?) with “quagmire”.

    What is “giggidy-giggidy” BTW?

  8. joni, min and others.

    An update on Riley (my whiipet). He walked for the first time on friday afternoon was so exciting after two weeks of paralysis. Very unstable and his left legs are not working properly and curl up like a stroke vicitm, but it is a massive imrovement, so thanls to all who have been wishing us well and will keep you updated.

  9. Great news Shane!

  10. Shane – great news!

    HD…. if you’ve ever watched Family Guy you’d know what “giggidy-giggidy” means. hehe

    And in a moment of Tim-ness (we miss him) – back on topic now people.


  11. Thanks guys.

    I always find the US political scene so hard to call. As they do not have compulsory voting and the election is held on a Tuesday many working people do not seem to find the time to vote while covering their 4 jobs of 3 hours each. So always a difficult call. While I want Barack to win I really do not know what the outcome will be.

  12. No surprise. About 98% of black people will be voting for Barack Obama. Yet, ironically they are the ones who are complaining about racism.

    Obama is no Bill Clinton. Clinton is a de-regualtor just like John McCain. Clinton was the one who introduced NAFTA, which McCain supports.

    Obama is more of a extreme leftist. $1 trillion in new spending, more government programs and interventions, sending welfare checks to 45% of the 95% of the people in his tax plan because 45% of those people don’t even get taxed.

    Politicians like Obama are such pimps. They promise to spend a trillion dollars on you, but they don’t tell you that they are using YOUR MONEY!

    Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxism for black people, the foundations of Communism. Even Bill Ayers was an extreme leftist.

    Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

  13. “Obama is more of a extreme leftist”Tina

    You certainly have an interesting interpretation of what constitutes an “EXTREME” leftist.
    No offence but your comment sounds to me like the verbatim response of a lukewarm “rightist”.
    If people get educated before they vote you may run the risk of them discovering the deception & economic burglary indulged in by your favoured side over the last 2 terms.
    Raising the old “communism spectre” (BOO!) is one of the hilarious predictables from the conservatives. FFS, Obama will only end up being another servant of your beloved US Corporatocracy just like the rest of ’em; I dunno why that constitutes the need to tar him as communist (perhaps your definition of communism is as obscure as how you define an “extreme leftist”).

    So I take it you are stating that Powell only endorsed Obama based on racial solidarity then eh? GMAFB!

  14. Tina

    Your current Republican Government is borrowing $500 billion from COMMUNIST China to bail out pure CAPITALIST ideology. How do you like those apples ?

    Unitl Americans stop this reds under the beds nonsense they will continue down a slide to world irrelevance.

    There are other models of democracy than the US pure capitalism model.

  15. Such wonderful news about Riley. Not sure where you are located Shane but is there any chance of taking him for a swim? Support him under the tummy and his legs will paddle as a reflex. Excellent exercise and helpful for self-confidence too.

  16. Hi Min

    It is great news thanks min. I am looking at hydrotherapy at the moment at a dog pool in brisbane. I live on the sunshine coast. How is your pooch ?

  17. Hi Shane,

    Pleased to hear about Riley’s progress, and Min’s idea of swimming sounds like a good one…

  18. Whoops, off topic…would have been severely chastised by Tim D for that one.

    Back on topic. Powell does not assure an Obama win but it helps to consolidate his position. Note how the race card was immediately pulled – that General Powell only endorsed Obama because hey, they’re both black fellas aren’t they. Hence the reason that I was pleased the General Powell was very very specific about his reasons for endorsing Obama, viz needing a generational change and disappointment re McCain being unsure about how to handle the “economic crisis” and bad (naughty-bad) choice of Mrs Palin as a running mate.

    And so we proceed to Tina | October 20, 2008 at 10:28 am And Tina’s 1st comment is that 98% of black people are going to vote for Obama. Tina then makes the odd statement about black people being the ones who complain about ‘racism’. Ohhh, people vote for black people [refer to the above, why General Powell has endorsed Barack’s cos they’re both black fellas].

    Re quote from Tina: but they don’t tell you that they are using YOUR MONEY!

    Ohhh ummm errr…the public are being fooled because when a politician says that they are going to spend money, it’s wait for it…your money. Oh really? Obviously this fact might have gone over the top for some people. I thought that money just landed like manna from heaven.

    And Black Marxism is wrong because……..???? Perhaps Tina feels threatened when a few black families decide to create a neighborhood garden to grow fresh vegetables and distribute these vegetables to charities. OMG Communism and Marxism gone wild!!!!!

  19. Hello Shane. Nanoo aka Keanu is on a downward decline. 2 heart tabs per day but he is enjoying the sunshine and can even make it outside to do his widdles on occasions ;-/. He is being very spoiled; all of his favorites including ice-cream. I shouldn’t imagine that it will be too much longer as the poor old bloke is just a bag of bones. But who knows, he is enjoying life and could kick on for a while yet.

    Well we’re not that far away are we. What about a couple of visits to the doggy pool in Bris viz hydrotherapy (no doubt costing a small fortune) and then you can do the same at the beach. I am thinking of a sling.

    I am going to dob my cousin in here. She is a professional greyhound trainer down in Victoria (Shepparton) and so I phoned her to ask her opinion and she says most definitely hydrotherapy, most definitely not any weight bearing exercise. Bren suggests that you contact the greyhound trainers association for a whippet is of course a mini greyhound.

  20. Hi Min

    Thanks so much for your help and advice. there is a whippet group also in Brisbane so wioll contact them and the greyhound trainers association for further advice.

    The hydrotherapy will no doubt cost so was proposing to go a few times to see and aboserve and learn how to do it properly and also buy one of their floating vests for dogs which keeps them suspended in a pool.

    I would feed Nanoo anything he wanted as well given the circumstances.

  21. Just as an addendum re Tina’s statement: Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxism for black people..

    And the definition of Marxism includes: a belief that capitalism is based on the exploitation[3] of workers by the owners of the means of production..

    Tina: what on earth are you talking about. Are you suggesting that African Americans in the US of A have never ever been exploited as cheap labor? Perhaps you should do a little bit of a read of American History, see especially America-Civil War-Slavery.

    Anyway, must choof. I have a couple of houses to clean and unless I get to the bus stop early then all of the colored seats on the bus with be taken and I’ll have to wait another 1/2 hour for the next bus.

  22. Great topping heading! 😉

  23. Great topping heading!

    ???…chocolate topping? or essence of yoghurt rifle perhaps?

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