Maybe Malcolm was in the sun too long

In this years budget, the government introduced a means test for the solar panel rebate scheme, where the $8000 rebate was limited to a $100,000 means test.

Turnbull at the time went into a sunspot-like meltdown, and in a speech at the National Press Club on the 21st May he said:

By imposing a $100,000 means test, Labor has ensured the vast majority of people who can afford to buy solar panels are deprived of the subsidy. Needless to say, demand has collapsed and the Australian solar industry fears it will collapse as well.

Note how he says it has collapsed? I know I was not taught grammar at school (and maybe we need to have a thread about that too), but isn’t the word “has” in past tense?

But was there a collapse? A story in the SMH today says:

High demand has meant that approval for rebates takes two months as bureaucrats in the Environment Department find themselves swamped by applications.

This is the problem that Malcolm is going to have. He makes these grandiose statements, and goes on about how no one listens to him – but in reality, is seems that he just likes to be in the media. And they say that Rudd is a media tart?

The same article actually goes on to say that the solar industry actually wants to scrap the rebate and wants the government to introduce a feed-in tariff scheme where “people receive for the electricity generated by their solar panels”.

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