Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland

Welcome to the weekend thread!  This is where we catch up on things we may have missed during the week.

And what a week it’s been. As we’ve been following, the share market has been all over the place, rallying today in the wake of severe falls earlier this week.  Nope, hold that thought. It’s just gone down again.

 Prime Minister Rudd is set to deliver another televised address this Sunday evening. This time the focus is on how we can all survive the financial hardship that lies ahead. I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

We’ve also had the third and final US debate with Barack Obama the firm favourite to snatch the Presidentship (is there such a word) in November.   In more important news Madonna has split from her husband, and heir to the Hermes empire has been involved in a ‘drunken-pilot-crotch-grabbing’ incident on an Air France flight.

As they say on SBS, the world is an amazing place!  This week’s music is for Dave55


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  1. Well I am off to Coonabarabran for a week. My mother lives down there and our business also has clients down there. A good drive from the Sunshine Coast takes around 9 hours

  2. Shane – I used to live in Coona – not a bad place to grow up actually. Make sure you get out to the Warrumbungles – the wildflowers should be fantastic at the moment.

  3. Dave

    When did you live in Coona Dave ?. I was born and bred there and so was my business partner.

  4. Shane – 84-88, Primary school only.

  5. This week’s music is for Dave55 🙂

    What did you think of the CD?

  6. Ch9 (or is it Ch7?) has been promo’ing Rudd’s address as ‘an audience with the Prime Minister’.

    Is he now King Kevin, Head of State?

    Of course, it should be interpreted as an ‘audience asking the PM questions’, but the promo sounds so wrong.

  7. Dave,

    Just picked it up at JB Hi-FI today at lunchtime..!

    I couldn’t find it the other day, so I asked the shop assistant today who directed me to the “alternative” section.

    “Oh” I remarked “She’s alternative” while at the same time thinking “this gives me an enormous amount of street cred just being seen in the alternative section, never mind buying an alternative CD!”

    Meanwhile The Stooges are in the mainstream pop section…go figure…

  8. Our PM sure likes the spotlight…pastry comes to mind.

    I will not be watching.

  9. Me neither scaper, while I like the man you can always have too much of a good thing. My weekends are for relaxing.

  10. I find the PM to be not the right man to lead…Gillard and Tanner would be the best combo in my opinion.

    Tanner is the best person for the Treasury portfolio.

  11. I think Kevin is fine as a leader, we all have our faults but you can be overdosed on anyone. I wouldn’t want to listen to Julia for more than a few hours either even though I think she is a good orator.

    Even Gone With the Wind had in interval.

  12. Here is some fine soul from 1973 – Enjoy.

  13. I’ll put it this way…if a captain of a cricket team does all the batting and bowling he shows no confidence in his players.

  14. To me AC/DC was no more after Bon Scott died.

    Here’s a vid of Bon from his pre-AC/DC days with the Valentines:

  15. Love that song sans, but I could never wear those flares and haircuts again.

  16. I’ll put it this way…if a captain of a cricket team does all the batting and bowling he shows no confidence in his players. (Scaper).

    That’s actually true. In one series in Australia Bradman was criticised for bowling himself too much. The criticism, of course, came from the other bowlers who were overlooked and yet were picked in the team to bowl.

    I don’t think anybody ever criticised Bradman for batting too much though.

    Bradman was born in Cootamundra, where I spent a bit of my youth and played a bit of cricket. I tell people that there must be something about Cootamundra that turns them into exceptional cricketers, and I back up that claim by boasting that between Bradman and me we have a batting average of just under 100.

    That stuns them, but I don’t think that they know that Bradman’s average alone was just under 100. My average was – and I’m ashamed to say it – was nought.

    But at least I got out swinging.

  17. Just on Bradman, when I was listening to ABC702 yesterday they were giving the address for ABC Radio and the PO Box number is 9994 – which is in honour of Bradman’s final everage: 99.94

    I like that.

  18. joni – my PO Box number is 78, that’s in honour of my IQ.

  19. I don’t have a box 🙂

  20. “But at least I got out swinging”

    Half yer luck, Miglo..

  21. Right – that’s it – I’m off to Ryan’s Bar to sit in the sun, drink some cold beer and watch the cricket.

    And I leave you with my favourite joke: a baby seal walks into a club.

    Bye for now.

  22. Ma-ate! I don’t want to be the blog spellcheck? BUT!

    …while I don’t dislike “Frollick” the correct spelling is “Frolic”

  23. In my first match we were 5/9 when I went to the crease. I hit everything they threw at me but still managed an unlucky duck. It baffles me to this day how the ump heard the snick as the ball went through to the keeper. 6/9.

    What really pissed me off was having to applaud the opposition’s opener when his century came up – after a misfield from me.

    At least I timed the ball a bit better in the second innings. But I still got out for a duck.

    We were well and truly flogged that day, despite our 10th wicket partnership of 37 in an innings score of 65.

  24. TB,

    I noticed that too and can understand lick but dare I ask…what is a frol???

  25. My PO Box number is 78, that’s in honour of my IQ. (Tom).

    I thought it might have been your age.

  26. Latest Morgan Face to Face. Labor/Liberal TPP the same (not good for the LIbs) but poor Malcolm, in the preferred PM stakes Rudd up from 55 to 62.5 and Malcolm down 30 to 24. He’s heading into Nelson territory and only has himself to blame with his lousy performances over the last few weeks during this economic crisis.

  27. That’s great news for everyone Adrian. It seems that most people continue to prefer bile to venom.

    Let’s rejoice!!

  28. 24. scaper… | October 17, 2008 at 3:31 pm
    TB,I noticed that too and can understand lick but dare I ask…what is a frol???

    scaper, don’t show your ignorance, its obviously a gay troll! 🙂

    …OR, a troll – wif miffing front teef (eg I’m a big bad froll …)

  29. TB,

    I was leaning towards a female troll…and a pretty one at that.

  30. frolics…? frollicks…??

    who cares?

    And to all of youse that accuse me of being ignorant and apathetic all I can say in my defence is that I don’t know and I don’t care!

  31. Fair enough Reb…speaking of pretty licks our nineteenth wedding anniversary is coming up.

    I reckon we’ll do the Hilton yet again but the twentieth will have to be something special.

    Apart from the relatives there is only two people we still know from the reception party…the rest are scattered all over the the country and world and we have lost contact.

    At times I ponder what their lives are now and if they realised their aspirations.

  32. Just a quick clock-in as youngest is coming down from Bris.

    Would you believe that I set fire to the kitchen curtains. I thought to pop some nice oil into the oil burner. I popped on Wicked Little Town (Hedwig version)..the kids sent me the music. If anyone can explain it, very much appreciated. Next moment, bye bye curtains.’s all cleaned up. Am hoping that hubby will not notice that the kitchen curtains are missing.

    Failing a mateus, I am about to crack open a moselle. And bugger, I have this really cute little mouse doing it’s death throws in the middle of the kitchen. And so much for Friday arvo….

  33. Nah! Min, its so much for Friday Frollicks!

    BTW Would you believe that I set fire to the kitchen curtains I trust no-one is hurt? If not… 😀 😀 😀 😀

  34. As for Frolics what can you expect from a Taswegian

    “We in Tathmania…” 🙂 😦

  35. Min, you should be able to lodge an insurance claim for the curtains.

    My better half left for Adelaide yesterday. So far I’m having a great time. In the 24 hours since she left I’ve:

    Not bothered to put the toaster away.
    Left crumbs high a low in the kitchen.
    Haven’t bothered to clean the oil on the stove left by my sizzling steak.
    Failed to stack the dishwasher.
    Gave the dogs two cans instead of one.
    Smoked a cigar under the pagola.
    Left dirty clothes all over the bedroom.
    Let the dogs sleep on my wife’s pillows.
    Passed wind all night without having to blame the dogs.
    Risked death by wiping my dirty hands on her favourite towel (which I’m forbidden to even go near).
    Spilt tea on the carpet in the computer room.
    Put my feet up on the leather couch.
    And managed to get to work on time (we work together).

    I think I deserve a drink.

  36. Miglo,

    Wow, you did all that?

    I might send Mrs scaper to a health farm for a week under the guise of a prize and the pet bird, dastardly dog, Rory the carnivorous possum and I could sloth out.

    We would get the cleaning contractors in to clean the place before she returned…that is a plan.

  37. 27. Tom of Melbourne | October 17, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Then the bile must have been rising in Malcolm’s stomach this afternoon as Rudd was praised for decisiveness and leadership by business leader after business leader. Howard would have paid an arm and leg to get the sound bites of the leaders from business praising the leader of the country.

    Venom is deadly and incapacitates whilst bile just makes you feel nauseous. I think at the moment the nation is preferring bile over venom by a country mile. By inference are you also dropping back to the old Australian people are stupid because they are supporting a Rudd government but would instantly become intelligent if they support the Coalition opposition, even though that opposition is proving to be anything but intelligent and coherent?

  38. Scaper, I must have been well and truly out of my mind when I promised, in her absence, to build a small enclosure for the dogs, trim every one of our 7000 bushes, clean out the garage, wash the car, and – keep the house tidy.

    Even now as I type I am trying to conjure up credible excuses as to why not one of these tasks could be completed.

    We are voting in the ACT tomorrow. Perhaps I can say that there was a long line-up at the polling booth.

    And did somebody say that the cricket was on?

  39. PS. I’ll go out swinging.

  40. TB:

    “As for Frolics what can you expect from a Taswegian”

    And I thought your teeth were rotten!

  41. Pyromaniac Min,

    The kitchen curtains?

    Lucky you didn’t burn the house down!

  42. Reb

    Could you tell your mum to stop hassling me to give her driving lessons, she’s a maniac.

  43. Oh very funny McP…very funny….

  44. 41. stuntreb | October 17, 2008 at 8:05 pm

    I’ve never understood the penchant for people (mainly female putting on my chauvinistic hat) to hang flammable material in a kitchen. One of the first things I did when moving into the townhouse I bought was take down the lovely lace curtains from the kitchen windows.

  45. Aido,

    I think it was a 60’s or 70’s thing.

    Back then nobody wok-fried anything. It was all just boiled to death, hence less likely to cause a fire.

    That’s my reasoning anyway….

  46. Shouldn’t that be pyrominiac?

  47. “Let the dogs sleep on my wife’s pillows.
    Passed wind all night without having to blame the dogs.”Miglo

    My 15yo Jack Russell’s breath smells like rotten-arse (my wife’s description) & gets me in trouble fairly often. The dog has been around longer than the wife & daughter & has rotten teeth, uuuugh!!! Worth more to me than 100 men though.

    Good evening all. That hitclock has gone boonta today eh?

    No work now ’til arvo shift Sunday & the weather down here is gonna be exquisite. Must be due to Global Exquisitisationalism(?).

    Glad to see Talcum Nostrils is building momentum for the next election; even with Pious Rudd giving us his best “I am a robot” impersonations every second night of the week on his Prime Ministerial Interruptions. Kneel of Sydney should be really proud. The great man himself, Malcolm Turnbull has smote us with his omnipotence on our lowly blogsite. I reckon that all of the extra hits are the Liar’s Party trolls voyeuristically waiting for a chance to pounce. I love it when they go all out to patronise everyone left of Idi Amin.

    Badass reb, can we have Slayer next week & dedicate it to my beloved scullion? coz she really hates Slayer.

    PS. Slayer means you’ll get less hits too….or maybe more if the fundies take exception to it.

  48. Adrian, the most interesting point here is that while I chose the words ”bile” and “venom” deliberately to draw a distinction, you obviously consider anyone that reads this to be so unintelligent that they require you to point out this subtlety to them.

    You need simple answers, and like to see the world in black & white, good & evil, left & right etc. Me? I’m just comfortable in as a died in the wool cynic – about politics generally, and career politicians specifically.

    I don’t think the Australian electorate is unintelligent, though I recall that you have in the past suggested that they have fallen for successive political tricks, thereby implying a lack of unintelligence

  49. I mean implying a lack of intelligence. ops

  50. “The Rudd Government this week “dealt” with the gravest “global financial crisis” since the Great Depression of the 1930s by ignoring Parliament.”

    This is quite an interesting article by Alan Ramsey in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

    Extreme times coming to a TV near you

  51. 48. My god Tom just how far off the mark you are.

    In Tim’s blog it was I who often accused the wingnuts of stating everything in black and white, good and evil, left and right.

    That’s great news for everyone Adrian. It seems that most people continue to prefer bile to venom.

    That is your one simple and plain paragraph statement in relation to a post I made on a recent poll showing most people overwhelmingly still preferring Rudd to Turnbull.

    I utilised your use of bile and venom to draw a differentiation of the two leaders and maybe how the people are perceiving them, which it seems the polls are bearing out. They are willing to put up with a bit of bile but cannot stand the venom.

    Now you are trying to infer I am stupid and there was some subtly in your meaning the entire population of Australia could understand but I can’t.

    You recall wrong, I have never stated the electorate lacked intelligence, in fact the opposite, and if you go back through the blogs you will see it’s overwhelmingly the wingnuts who have accused Australian voters of being stupid. My point was not on the previous government’s “tricks” but their play on people’s genuine fears with greed thrown in. I have lost count of the amount of times I have stated the Coalition underestimated the intelligence of the average Australian voter, but they certainly know their fears and desires.

    If I have read your “subtly” wrong then I apologise but I’m confused about your recent cynicism of the political process and politicians in general. As far back as I can recall from the first post I read of yours in Tim’s Blog, the comments have almost exclusively been against one organisation and one side of politics. But if I have been reading you wrong all this time then I’ll apologise for that and try not to judge you in black and white terms from now on.

    Back to the politics.

  52. 50. Sans Blog | October 18, 2008 at 7:26 am

    Not really, it’s just a spray with little substance as far as I can see. The previous government did much the same with their “emergency” measures, and in this case the opposition stated from the outset the Rudd package had their full support, so I don’t understand what Ramsey is waffling on about.

    If Rudd had gone through all the parliamentary and review processes (and don’t forget the amount of the handout was within a range given on advice as was where the money should be targeted) then he would have been accused of doing nothing and not acting quickly enough by Ramsey. This is another case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t, and Ramsey doesn’t go on to say this measure has been almost universally accepted as the right thing at the right time.

  53. Sans Blog,

    I believe that article is pretty spot on and the tactic of instilling fear does not sit well with me.

    This is similar to the CC issue…I was going to write a post on the CC forum that I attended but did not have the time.

    As you might have noticed I have commented that I don’t like the way this government has been prosecuting the case which I believe to be divisive and the turnout at the forum was less than fifty people!

    The forum was held by Graham Perrett, member for Moreton who I had a conversation with concerning GSC prior…apparently there is interest from the government and I will be meeting with him in early November to discuss the MDS and a few other issues.

    There was an incident there of a greenie going off because Garrett gave Gunns an extension for approval…there is method to this madness…no bank will be giving Gunns the loan they need to construct the mill and by going through the process it ensures no litigation when all fails…a prudent move by the government in my opinion.

    Professor Clive Wild from Griffith University was the guest expert and I hit him with a barrage of questions that he was not prepared for and had him flustered.

    The CO2 concentration in the atmosphere was 274ppm pre the industrial age and last year was 388ppm, apparently the target is 400ppm???

    I believe that if CO2 is the culprit in this CC then we should be reducing the concentration from its present level…anything less is just a waste of time.

  54. Adrian,

    I couldn’t help but laugh at Talcum’s recent ‘stunt’ of strolling through North Sydney bemoaning the perils of struggling small business and in particular, some bloke who owned a shoe shop.

    Since when have the Liberals ever been concerned about small business, he then proceeded to crap on about how ‘the ruddster’ is only concerned about the welfare of ‘big business’ as he’s been hanging out with banks lately.

    It would be comical if it wasn’t for the fact that he was trying be quite serious…!

  55. Human Dividend:

    “Badass reb, can we have Slayer next week & dedicate it to my beloved scullion?”

    I don’t see why not. Will I find them in the ‘Christian Folk music” section?

  56. I’ve found Sparta over at Jack’s blog and gave him the lead here…that is if Jack lets my blatent comment through.

  57. 53. scaper

    How is it instilling fear to tell things as they really are?

    Rudd has been accused of this from the very moment he got elected by the opposition. “He sells down the economy”, “He doesn’t tell people how good they have it because of the previous government”, and so on.

    Yet again another case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If he had been like the previous government and wrapped all bad economic news in rose coloured glasses whilst instilling fear on terrorists in leaky wooden boats invading Australia, Rudd would be accused of being dishonest.

    The opposition have changed their position on this every second day. One minute they have a go at Rudd for not being forthright and telling the people about the state of economic play, and then they have a go at his government for instilling fear because they tell the people what’s happening.

    So what should he do, continue to tell it like it is or tell everyone it’s all rosy and they’ve never had it so good?

    Yet at the Business Council’s luncheon the other day the business leaders came out saying Rudd gave them confidence and they felt he was on top of the situation doing the right things and making the right noises. So just what is it, is he fear mongering or is he gilding the lily, because it certainly seems to be one or the other depending on whose making the commentary?

  58. Adrian,

    I am sticking to my opinion that the government is not prosecuting their case well on this and the opposition is not helping with the shit they are going on with either.

    It seems to be business as usual out there and the panic is coming from the people who have overextended themselves.

    Apart of the one off payment to pensioners I reckon this use of the surplus stinks!

  59. 54. scaper

    Yeah that was cringe worthy stuff. Here was Turnbull saying that Rudd should spend the rest of the surplus on small businesses who have missed out on the emergency money to prop up the economy, yet a lot of the 10.4 billion will end up in the hands of small business, a point conveniently overlooked by Turnbull. This is one of the opposition’s main tactics, find special interest groups like pensioners, small business etc and make a big point out of how hard done by they are, then insist the government spend billions on helping them because they would if they were in power. Most know the moment they have the purse strings they would do nothing of the sort and go back to their old wasteful ways of throwing money at the top end of town, big business and at the greatest voting demographic blocks at election times.

    Neil keeps accusing Labor of robbing the surplus and pissing the money up against the wall, but from the day Rudd was sworn in the Liberals have been demanding the government spend that surplus and a lot more to boot. Their tactic has been transparent from the start.

    So are the opposition also wrong, as so far they have demanded far more spending from the surplus than the government has been willing to accommodate, and they have insisted the government go into debt by forking out for all the schemes the opposition have come up with?

  60. 58. scaper

    In some things on this I can only but agree with you scaper, but on others I think you have it wrong and are taking too much from the media like Ramsey. And the old blame the people for over extending is also too pat an excuse without looking at the underlying reasons the world went into such huge debt, and normally intelligent and financially astute people were willing to go into so much hock.

    Start looking into how this emergency package came about, find out exactly where the 10.4 billion figure came from and find out why those particular areas were chosen to be targeted. Most of the fine details aren’t out there yet but a story is starting to emerge, and honestly most of what Rudd’s doing makes sense, even the housing component which I initially jumped on from a great height. But I still think some of it could be better aimed at more public housing and other infrastructure.

    I’ll hit you with this hypothetical.

    As the leader of a small nation you are hit with a sudden global financial crisis that is going to impact your country hard because of its small size. You are told on advice from Treasury, Finance and other economic institutions that the areas and people that will be hurt the most are low income, pensioners, carers, etc. but worst off will be unemployment, which will suddenly rise adversely affecting the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time, and snowball across you economy, including drastically affecting your government’s revenue.

    What do you do?

    The advice is that there is basically only one area that can create short to medium term sustained employment quickly enough and which includes the greatest amount of people and tradesmen. All other major infrastructure and employment instruments will take too long to get through the approval processes and have too long a lead time to be effective along with most being too specialist to include a wide variety of trades. That one area of employment is housing construction, and in fact it was used by the previous government for this same reason, to quickly create employment and pump money into the economy. The downside is that in the long term house and construction prices must go up.

    So do you try some other employment instrument and risk it taking too long to bite, or do you go with the most expedient solution knowing its longer term draw backs?

    This is why the opposition are so persistent in demanding the government release the reports which led them to take the action they have. I am absolutely certain those reports will show a future of high unemployment if nothing is done and Turnbull would like nothing better than to beat the government over the head with that piece of data.

  61. My 59. should have been a reply to stuntreb, sorry scaper for the confusion.

  62. Adrian (and stuntreb),

    It’s comments like that from Turnbull that makes me wonder whether he really understands economics at all – it is one thing to be involved in asset management and funds trading but quite a different thing to understand how an economy operates in practice. Even the shop keepers must have been thinking that he had no idea.

  63. “I am absolutely certain those reports will show a future of high unemployment if nothing is done and Turnbull would like nothing better than to beat the government over the head with that piece of data”

    Yeah totally agree Adrian, however I think people see through Bishop’s and Turnbull’s constant demands to see the data as just playing politics.

    I am sure that (as you say) the Libs would just use this to beat the government about the head, but I think Australians are intelligent enough (I hope!) to recognise that our current situation is largely due to global events and not something that the government has any control over.

    And as you point out, the difference with Rudd’s approach is that he has avoided Howard’s tactic of creating some ‘diversion’ like playing the rascism card – to take people’s attention away from the economy.

    If Howard was still in power we’d be witnessing some furore over gay marriage, a terrorism threat (a new friddge magnet?), illegal immigrants destroying the fabric of society or some other such nonsense.

  64. Adrian,

    In addition to what you say at 60, if house prices drop dramatically and more people become unemployed their chances of paying off mortgages diminishes. If this results in foreclosures and house prices slump, banks are left with bad debts and people are forced to declare bankruptcy. The artificial bubble created in the housing market gives those people forced to sell a buffer against bankruptcy by allowing them to utilise what equity they do have in their houses and also prevents banks from having to cover their own loans used to finance the mortgages.

    If steel prices drop back as a result of the global slow down, house prices will fall and there will be a drop in all housing costs over all but hopefully by that time, the worst of the global recession is past us and our economy can handle a loss of value in housing assets – at the moment, it can’t and this is one of the prime reasons why the US enonomy is in such shape – massive defaults on housing that isn’t worth as much as was paid for it. We don’t want that here and that’s why the boost to FHOG is smart.

  65. Good point Dave. So the prime pumping of billions into housing in one hit is serving double purpose, employment across the greatest area of the country involving the most amount of people, and its preventing the housing meltdown that happened in the US.

    The more you look at the Rudd package the more it makes sense and is the right thing, which is why you can understand big business, business groups and most economists and economic institutions have generally praised it.

    How it all wrings out in the wash in 18 to 24 months time will be the real test for both the package and Rudd, plus Rudd will have a lot more decisive moments coming up as well. I think this is what is irking the wingnuts the most, Rudd in a time of real need did something decisive when it matters and that action has been almost universally lauded. This proves Rudd can take critical action when its needed and all the guff about his inaction and committees is just that, guff.

  66. It’s Chuck Berry’s birthday today. The man is now 82 and still gigs regularly. I watched the movie, ‘Hail, Hail, Rock n Roll’ last night (made on his 60th birthday with Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Etta James and more). Well worth your time with 4 hours of extras as well as the movie.

  67. Happy Birthday Chuck!

    Did anyone get my not so subtle “sex pistols” analogy?

  68. Yep, that’s the scene…I could just imagine el presidente doing a few lines of that stuff before he speaks to the media…LOL!

  69. Chuck Berry’s birthday and Levi Stubbs dies.

  70. Adrian, my recollection is that I’ve always provided commentary about the ALP and the disproportionate and unhealthy influence of affiliated unions.

    I don’t think I’ve voiced support for the conservatives. Quite the contrary, I’ve never voted for them.

    There are plenty of predictable, politically correct types around. Not enough cynicism. Your comments about Rudd being decisive, compared to Turnbull are lacking in cynicism, less hero worship please.

  71. Stuntred wrote:

    If Howard was still in power we’d be witnessing some furore over gay marriage, a terrorism threat (a new friddge magnet?), illegal immigrants destroying the fabric of society or some other such nonsense.

    Yes indeed … and don’t forget those EVIL union bosses!!!

  72. BOO!

  73. HISS…

  74. Yep…the footy season is over.

  75. 5.00pm…The bar is open!

  76. I am off to a boys night of poker tonight – so will leave the bar closed for another couple of hours.

    But have one for me reb.

  77. Don’t mind if I do.

  78. That I shall do Joni…

    HD what can I offer you? beer? wine? gin n tonic…?

  79. That’s all the excuse I need to open one of my 1998 Wynns Coonawarra Cab Savs. Sorry HD – couldn’t wait for you to visit Canberra.

  80. damn you guys…. I am still an hour away from my first beer/wine/spirit etc

  81. An hour away! I’ll be on my second bottle by then.

  82. I’m on to my second glass of WA sem sav blanc.

    Just had entree – smoked tassie salmon with garlic aeoli, coriander, fresh ginger and Tetsuya dressing.

    YUM! If I don’t mind saying so myself!


  83. “HD what can I offer you? beer? wine? gin n tonic…?”reb

    You’ll have to excuse me but I’ve been helping myself to the fridge. The weather here commanded it. Hic.

    “Sorry HD – couldn’t wait for you to visit Canberra.”miglo

    Mmmm, yum. I don’t think I’m in a good state to savour it right now though. The taste buds are kinda tranquilised already, if you know what I mean.
    Ironically, today the Coonawarra Food & Wine Festival is on but my cohabitator only let on at midday, damn. She went last year, I was on shift unfortunately, & had a ball…until the poison took its toll. Next year hopefully.
    Too good to share with the dogs, even if they are sleeping on taboo pillows.

    Hope everybodies infirmed pets are doing OK, BTW.

  84. “Hope everybodies infirmed pets are doing OK, BTW”

    Second that. It’s Min’s I’m worried about. Sounds like the poor thing’s on its way out. (the dog that is, not Min)

    I wonder how Riley’s doing to..

  85. Hmmm, the MA15+ warning on the complete SouthPark collection I got today involves crude humour. Exxxxcellent.

  86. crude humour? HD have you seen Team America?

  87. HD,

    My sister has a son called Kyal… and the “bitch” song from South Park comes in very useful. LOL

  88. Canberra is holding a food and wine festival this weekend too, but Canberra is no Coonawarra. Most of the reds from over here aren’t even good enough to marinate the chops in for the barbie. It’s amazing how some makers can charge $45 for a bottle of crap.

    Canberrans went to the polls today. Hopefully I’ll be celebrating a return of Government.

  89. WT “clink” to all!

  90. Mr TB right on cue!

    *clink* sir.

  91. Speaking of dogs . . . I went to the club earlier and forgot to let the dogs outside first. Came home to a great big steaming turd on the rug in the TV room. Unlike the rest of the house, I thought it’d be wise to clean that one up immediately rather than leaving it for the wife upon her return Tuesday night.

    And I thought I was being kind in giving them two cans of food last night instead of one. Tonight they are on rations.

  92. “crude humour? HD have you seen Team America?”reb

    Durka, durka yes! You may have also noticed that I enjoy dirt being kicked in the face of the “American Institution” so Team America works for me in so many ways.

    “My sister has a son called Kyal… and the “bitch” song from South Park comes in very useful. LOL”joni

    One thing I really love about SouthPark (apart from their absolute irreverence & willingness to attack all sacred cows) is the insanely spazzed out but catchy songs.
    Highlights that come to mind are “Uncle F@cker” & some of the stuff by Russell Crowe Fightin’ round the World. OMG Tugger’s shot ‘imself. 417 episodes at my fingertips, the cesspool that is my brain may overflow long before I get to the end of season 4 methinks.

    WTF “clink” TB!

  93. Just checked the news before I checked blogocrats and read the following:

    Nicolas Sarkozy (French President) heads to the president’s Camp David retreat along with European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso and armed with a mandate from his EU colleagues to push for a top-to-bottom revamp of the world’s financial system.

    But the White House has preemptively declared that the talks will yield no new policy proposals, nor a date or location for a world leaders summit that the French leader hopes will generate sweeping reforms.

    More and more it becomes clear that Bush is just a puppet for big business – the financial system HAS to change – the evidence is in that it doesn’t work!

    If the USA doesn’t want to play then they should be left to sulk on the sidelines – they ruined the last game and the game before that and the game before that ad infinitum, enough should be enough – it has to end, we need a balance between a controlled free market and social justice.

    Why does 20% of the world always want to screw the rest of us? Life is for living not bloody worrying about money all the time…

    …time for another WT (s#it that last one went quickly!)

  94. My sympathies Miglo.

    I hope it was a “solid one” and not one of those runny numbers. They can be a bugger to clean off the carpet/rug.

    Anyway relax, pull up a chair and pour yourself another glass of that fine red.

  95. Yeah TB.

    I heard Bush saying the bailout was to preserve capitalism not replace it, or something like that.

    Puppet of Big Business? Abso-bloody-lutely…!

  96. ” thought it’d be wise to clean that one up immediately rather than leaving it for the wife upon her return Tuesday night.

    And I thought I was being kind in giving them two cans of food last night instead of one. Tonight they are on rations.”miglo

    ROFLMAO. Yeah they’re handy for that eh?
    Kobba did number 1 in the bathroom while we were in Mt.Gambier this morning. I wish she would be like the cats & go in the toiletbowl, but at 15 I don’t think it’s something she’s about to learn. One of the cats also loves to drink from the toiletbowl so it’s a bit of a double-edged sword for him.

  97. Thanks reb It was actually worse than it sounded. The guilty one had decided to do a bit of wiping, as there is evidence that she walked along the passage-way with her bum scraping along the floor. It’s sort of like a winding snail trail through the passage way, except it’s not snail muck: it’s dog turd.

  98. oh it appears my tiny glass is empty. Nurse…!!!

  99. Miglo, oh, that’s shite! (literally).

  100. “If the USA doesn’t want to play then they should be left to sulk on the sidelines -“TB

    But, but, but TB! they’re Team America dude!!! They take the lead & we’re all supposed to follow like good little lemmings. One day, if you nuzzle the crotch of the US ardently enough, you too could be in the running for the William Kristol Award, or be an honoured guest of the American Enterprise Institute.

    They really hate it when “Old Europe” doesn’t fall into line & instead start to act independently.
    Sarkozy is proving quite the centre of attention at the moment. Personally I would have preferred a socialist Royale victory to the RW Sarkozy.

  101. So this is what is frolykzes?

  102. oh it appears my tiny glass is empty. Nurse…!!!

    Get a bigger glass. Better still, get two bigger glasses.

    Damn. I wish these dogs wouldn’t stare at me. They look kinda hungry. I’ll go outside and sneak in another cigar and let them bark at the neighbours.

  103. Tom of Melbourne | October 18, 2008 at 2:36 pm

    ….less hero worship please.

    Again reading what is not there and missing the mark by a long way.

    It appears I have you wrong (except for you obsessiveness against workers unions) and I know you definitely have me wrong.

  104. a cigar?

    I used to smoke wee willems!!

  105. “…time for another WT (s#it that last one went quickly!)”TB

    Mmmmm, WT, gobble, gobble, gobble…”Not the latest thang, the genuiiine thang”.

    Deadly poison, my poison of choice, I can’t fathom how it gets classified as an “alcopop”; what an insult to its’ undeniable potency!
    Costly as hell now too.

  106. Half Corona.

  107. “I’ll go outside and sneak in another cigar and let them bark at the neighbours.”miglo

    A variation on “Cocky Botherer”.

  108. HD, do you really think I would drink bloody alcopops?

    I drink WT and soda (two ice cubes, thanks) mixed by, Moi.

    Clubs and pubs amuse me ’cause when I order WT & soda they invariably pour me a WT & Coke – when I say, “no” – would you believe the X&Y brigade “insist” that I ordered Coke – I may be a “baby boomer” but that makes me smart not dumb – I’ve been drinking WT & soda for nigh on thirty years – never touch Coke (I prefer Pepsi anyway).

    “costly as hell now too” – buy bulk my man, buy bulk! (case on special at Dan Murphy’s, or, my son’s wholesaler $32!)

  109. …and BTW what are you talking about Adrian, we’re just having a quiet drink and you go ballistic at poor old, Tom (hehe, poor old Tom indeed!)

  110. I reckon I understand Tom a lot better in recent days. A bit of fleshing out of where he is coming from has put his message in perspective for me.
    I’ve always related to his observation that he comes here to expound rather than trouble friends & family (who if they’re like mine don’t give two squirts o’ piss about politics)…I’m sorta in the same boat on that front.
    I find him concise & a lateral opinion in many instances, if a little rabid about my beloved CFMEU at times.

  111. aah a half corona…!

    I’ve been there too. as well as the long corona’s…

  112. costly as hell now too” – buy bulk my man, buy bulk! (case on special at Dan Murphy’s, or, my son’s wholesaler $32!)

    Didn’t mean to mislead – $32 a bottle! x12 is (you bloody work it out!)

  113. The Minister informs me we have – “visitors” – visitors on Saturday night at 6:35 (its Queensland – real time – OK!) ! WTF!

    One consolation – can have a couple more WT’s “officially” – 🙂

    Enjoy the soiree, gents, and others, if reading!

  114. “case on special at Dan Murphy’s,”TB

    Here in the deep south we’ve never heard of Dan Murphy.

    We have to loot our WT from passing wagontrains.

  115. My 18yo son was coming for a visit last weekend and so I thought I would buy him some beer. Now I don’t drink beer and haven’t for many years (a schooner was a dollar or so last time, I think) so I don’t know much about it.

    Anyway, I saw the six pack of Corona in the fridge at the bottleshop and thought now that’s a fancy brand – probably ’cause I’d seen it in a movie.

    Son took one look at it and said no way, it’s a chick’s drink. Next time Toohey’s Dry please, Dad.

    And to think a couple of years ago his favourite drink was Cottee’s Coola Cordial.

  116. Woohoo!!!
    I won – I won!!!!

  117. Won what???

  118. I won at poker.

  119. What a great image Barry O’Farrell is giving – crowing over the by-election win (and swings) with a bottle of beer.


  120. bologocrats – check out our new caption competition!

  121. LOL – Malcolm on Insiders railing about Rudd treating parliament with contempt. Pot! Black! Kettle!

  122. Turnbull on Insiders at the moment.

    Usual stuff, saying the opposite of what he did a week ago and claiming the kudos for everything the government is doing or is planning to do that is getting praise and blaming them for anything and everything bad that hasn’t happened yet but might happen.

    Give him one though in that the rumoured large tax cuts the government are going to give next year as a longer term stimulus was an opposition idea. Though they wanted them in a different context. I wonder if Turnbull will take the blame if the tax cuts increase inflation, nah of course not.

    Can’t watch too much of Insiders this time as they have Tim Blair on, and whilst I can sit through Bolt quite easily, just tolerate Milne and Shanahan, torture myself sitting through Ackerman, Tim Blair is immediate change channel territory.

  123. Did he have ajax in his nostrils?

  124. Might have as he was all open collared casual like and ranting.

  125. Sounds like Chinese ajax cut with melomine.

  126. I have a real problem with Malcolm in that he says an awful lot but makes little sense. It doesn’t help that he changes his stance every second day and at the drop of a hat reverses his position on things he previously said were bedrock and important. And it appears he hasn’t a clue he’s doing this.

    He really needs to stand back and look at all his interviews over the last year or two and see just where he’s screwing it as he’s shooting himself in the foot in being a credible opposition leader let alone as a plausible alternate government leader.

    It’s no wonder he’s PPM stakes are heading towards Nelson territory.

  127. Adrian…I agree, he’s on the don’t waste my time list and is giving ajax a bad name.

  128. Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman, Tim Blair, what’s with all the right-wingnuts on The Insiders?

    I hope the changes announced by the government last week put a broom through the ABC Board and sweep out all the Liberal Party plants. This Howardisation of the national broadcaster is really unhealthy.

  129. It’s always like that, Caney. They have the token Fairfax journalist but the programme should be retitled ‘Sunday with News Limited’ brought to you by Rupert Murdoch.

    The same thing is happening with ABC radio where journalists asked for daily comments are quite often now from the News Ltd stable.

  130. Yeah, that’s why I hardly watch “Incisors”.

    Pity though, I missed Talcum though this morning.

  131. It’s crazy, Sans. What this country (any country for that matter) needs is media diversity. Here we had Howard changing the media cross-ownership laws to actually stifle diversity. And the incursion of Murdoch hacks into the ABC (which, as a national broadcaster, we should expect to be independent and offer an alternative) is another symptom of the whitewashing that is occurring.

    … Or is that greywashing … everything cast the same shade of grey.

  132. What’s really amusing is the tendency for the Right to clamour about this perceived “leftist media bias”, particularly on the ABC, SBS etc..
    FFS, the only one missing from Insiders is Frau Albrechtsen (but maybe she’s just in the wings? given her Howardian installation on the ABC board). Seriously, could you get a MORE conservative biased gaggle than the regulars on Insiders?
    So cringeworthy in fact that often Bolt comes across like a moderate when seated alongside the likes of Ackerman or Blair.

    Funny too how quick the RW drones turn on their own if they ever suggest a deviation from the path of staunch belligerence that Piers etc. seem to favour.

    I guess it’s all relative to your ideology how you interpret media bias. The government should never be in a position to stack public broadcasters in an ideological fashion. Similarly, the skewed views enhanced by monopolys such as Uncle Rupert’s aren’t healthy for genuine democracy either; I am beginning to wonder if GENUINE DEMOCRACY actually exists.

  133. Pity though, I missed Talcum though this morning. (Stuntreb).

    Reb, you can download it from iTunes tomorrow. You don’t need an iPod as you can listen to it on your PC.

    I did say “listen” as it’s audio only. You don’t get to see the boofheads. It makes it easier to tolerate.

    Can you imagine how hard it would be to stare at Pie-ears Ackerman on a Sunday morning?

  134. “the only one missing from Insiders is Frau Albrechtsen”

    As a board member she probably can’t appear although she’s probably champing at the bit.

    Has anybody ever seen anyone other than a right-winger (including Gerard Henderson etc.) sit in the single lounge chair opposite Cassidy? I know I haven’t.

  135. They do make a token effort at balance by including what they consider middle of the roads in the centre seat, George Megologenis is often there, and an occasional wanna be lefty like Annabel Crabb in the left seat stifling Ackerman or Bolt.

    When they do get a good balance (and it’s inevitably when George and Annabel are there) and Paul Kelly makes at least a half hearted attempt to not show bias in his reports on the government, then The Insiders can be a good show. It is one of the few that will show all sides of the political coin.

    But yes on the whole it is a very thinly disguised Murdoch spokes piece for the right instigated by a heavily stacked right wing board instilled by Howard.

  136. I don’t know about the lounge but George Megalogenis has appeared on that show.

    I believe he’s centrist so I suppose that does not count.

  137. “The Insiders can be a good show.”Adrian

    I agree, although I haven’t watched for a while. Barry & George are always good…but not what I’d call particularly “leftist”. Rather they seem to be deliberately impartial (a good thing IMHO), something which can certainly not be said for the dingbat rep’s.

    I guess by my earlier comment I was more alluding to the ratio of RW to LW & the everpresent RW drone tendency to label anything the ABC does as leftwardly biased.
    & yes, sometimes Kelly can surprise me by taking an objective POV, but not often.
    Let’s face it, does anyone think that many fellow citizens could care less about who/what is on Insiders? meaning that those interested enough to watch (very few I imagine) would generally already be ideologically biased one way or the other prior to viewing.

  138. The only time I find ‘Insiders’ watchable is when David Marr is on it (same goes for Q&A).

    Today was the first day I’ve turned it on since Blair’s first appearance which was enough to ruin my Sunday.

  139. Sans the moment I saw Blair I changed channels and had the ABC on PiP waiting for the Turnbull interview. I always try to listen to all political interviews, I listened to Jenny Macklin’s earlier on Nine’s Sunday show. The only exception was John Howard, though I would at least make an attempt it was just too hard to sit through his deception and disingenuousness.

  140. The only exception was John Howard

    . . . and Costello, and Abbott, and Hockey, and Downer, and . . .

  141. Just watched the (quite extensive) highlights of Insiders on ABCNow. If you haven’t already I recommend downloading it. Not having seen a live Insiders, I suspect the highlights may not show the full panel discussions. Given the ‘talent’, maybe a good thing.

  142. No strangely Miglo I would listen to interviews with them. You can only gain insight and judge policies from what pollies say about them and now they come across in interviews, though the days of hard hitting political interviews are well and truly gone.

    For instance Costello was very enlightening in interviews and the many hints on Howard stuffing things up were there, like the time he had a go at Howard’s wasteful spending.

    Downer could be a waste of air time but even he gave a away a lot of insight. For instance it was what he would not say in interviews about AWB that told the truth about his involvement in AWB.

  143. Wasn’t Jack the Insider on that show the other week?

    He’s definately not a right or left person.

  144. The country’s best cartoonist, Bill Leak has been seriously injured in a fall (ABC News). He has alway been my the first thing I view at the Australian. Gee, I wish him well.

  145. According to Jack, he remains positive that Bill will make a full recovery.

  146. Am trying to catch up..oh b#m it seems that I missed out on all the fun and interesting comments. Ahh well have had a great weekend with youngest (the one at uni at UQ)..she who can talk the leg off a wooden chair. (takes after hubby’s mother ;))

    Re the curtains. I have this really nice oil burner which sits on the window sill and as I had run out of oil burner oil thought that eucalyptus oil would be nice. It would seem that eucalyptus oil has a far lower combusion temperature..or what ever it it burst into flames therefore setting fire to the kitchen curtains. Do not try this at home!

    Elderly shitzhu is choofing along. 3 heart meds a day. Poor old bloke, just a bag of bones. He is almost 14yrs and a shitzhu’s life span is 11-13yrs and so he’s had a good innings.

    Hubby is yet to mention that the kitchen curtains are missing. Perhaps he thinks that I have packed them?

  147. scaper. I hope Jack is right. Bill Leak appears a decent human being. His social/polical commentary is first class. Who can forget his 15 rounds in the lead up to the last election.

  148. Hi Min,

    When’s the big move?

    That swimming pool looks inviting…needs to be christened…

    Let me relate my experience last Friday night.

    Mrs scaper came home after drinks at the office…her driving 800 metres pissed is another issue…anyway she had been mixing her wines…three she reckons??? So when at home she hit that wine, Mateus or mate us…then she got on scapette’s and my case about being grubs!

    I took scapette into the office and showed her the post here somewhere about sending Mrs scaper to a health spa so we could sloth out.

    We pissed ourselves laughing and Mrs scaper was fast asnore by 7:50.

    Scapette is just like me…watch out Australia!

  149. handyrab | October 19, 2008 at 3:25 pm I likewise plead guilty to having to check Bill Leak’s cartoon each and every morning. Click onto the Australian, click onto Opinion, click onto Bill’s cartoon. Just love his sense of irony…when other sections of the media were trying to cast Rudd as the d’vil, Bleak cast him as Tin Tin. When Rudd was being uppity Bleak emphasised the pointy chin and gave him Whitlamesque eyebrows.

    Thank you scaper for the update.

  150. Scaper, where’s that health spa? The wife comes home in a couple of days and I’m living in fear.

    I made a token effort at doing some tidying up: I took the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and replaced them with grotty, unrinsed ones.

    Now I am exhausted.

    I should pour a wine, go outside and puff on a half corona while I look – from a distance – at the shrubs I promised to trim. That should build up enough strength for me to at least put the toaster away.

    Someone once told me that a good tradesman always takes his time.

  151. Hi scaper…

    Hello darls, was beginning to wonder where you had got to. You are obviously v.v annoyed with Mrs scaper especially for having driven the car after having drinkies after work.

    However, and I say this as a friend that it isn’t good that you encourage the scaperette to ridicule her mother (We pissed ourselves laughing..)

    Just putting on my hat as an educational psychologist I would say that one of the worst things that you can do for your daughter is to encourage her to laugh at her mother (and I mean it..and no matter what).

    If you feel like a chin-wag, you know my address.

  152. Just putting on my hat as an educational psychologist I would say that one of the worst things that you can do for your daughter is to encourage her to laugh at her mother (and I mean it..and no matter what).

    I second that.

  153. Miglo,

    Don’t fret mate…look, it’s a game that people play…the lady will come home to what she expects…a kind of justification on her part in the great Miglo scheme of things.

    Just smile and say you missed her, that is the tactic and just throw the toaster in the bin and say it does not work…I would reveal more here but that is secret mans business.

  154. We weren’t laughing at Mrs scaper…more that we were pegged and the timing was exquisite.

  155. Miglo, you’re blessed with two days. I suffer the same every day.
    Clean up the cooking utensills from the previous night, get the dinner ready, empty the dishwasher, get the clothes off the line and make the bed when needed.
    But I won’t do the gardening! Enjoy your cigar, have a wine and take your time. Your ‘time’ will come soon. And, don’t put the toaster away – it’ll prove your human.

  156. Just smile and say you missed her, that is the tactic and just throw the toaster in the bin and say it does not work…I would reveal more here but that is secret mans business.


    Might have the throw the keyboard away too. Just sprayed it with coffee.

  157. Geez, don’t say you missed her. You’ll never get another chance to do secret men’s business. Toasters are cheap. A touch of freedom is not.

  158. A glass of wine, a cigar, and contemplate putting the toaster away.

    I like your style Miglo.

    Similarly, I like to think of myself as an “ideas man”..

    I can identify a problem…

    “That toaster needs to be put away..”

    A solution with a ‘can do’ attitude:

    “I can do that”.

    But then take some considered thought as to how that could best achieved over a given period of time.

    It’s important not to rush into these things…

  159. handyrab,

    It is not the toaster that is cheap, it is the fact that the precedent is set for a shopping expedition.

    When the pretties set out on the quest they encounter obstacles…shoes, clothes and in the extreme…botox!

  160. I think I’ve found some soulmates this weekend.

  161. President Kevin is due to give his address to the nation in one hour.

    I’ve got a chilled bottle of sem sav blanc standing by.

    Drinking by Kev’s quips:

    “Well guess what…” – take a sip

    “The reality is…” – take a sip

    “Working families” – take a sip

  162. scaper, is botox the stuff you mix with hot water and watch your lips swell up?

  163. Oh, sorry. That’s bonox.

  164. 161 – stuntreb

    If you take a sip that often, you’re in for a big hangover tomorrow.

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