Never Mind the Frolykz, here’s Weekend Wonderland

Welcome to the weekend thread!  This is where we catch up on things we may have missed during the week.

And what a week it’s been. As we’ve been following, the share market has been all over the place, rallying today in the wake of severe falls earlier this week.  Nope, hold that thought. It’s just gone down again.

 Prime Minister Rudd is set to deliver another televised address this Sunday evening. This time the focus is on how we can all survive the financial hardship that lies ahead. I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

We’ve also had the third and final US debate with Barack Obama the firm favourite to snatch the Presidentship (is there such a word) in November.   In more important news Madonna has split from her husband, and heir to the Hermes empire has been involved in a ‘drunken-pilot-crotch-grabbing’ incident on an Air France flight.

As they say on SBS, the world is an amazing place!  This week’s music is for Dave55


Which US corporations are the naughtiest?

Project Government on Oversight (POGO) has set up a website, Federal Contractor Misconduct Database, ranking and documenting the number of misconducts by multinational corporations that have been awarded US governmental contracts.

Compiling their results from 1995, the most naughty contractor is none other than Lockheed Martin which chalked up 47 cases in all. These misconducts range from age discrimination to violating nuclear safety regulations. Other military contractors on the list includes Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Haliburton/ KBR and Raytheon. Continue reading

Turmoil-enomics III

Update: the sign has fallen over – just like our market 😦

Yes – another day and another thread for the Mad Market Mayhem that no one seems to be able to predict what can happen. So bring your comments from thread II onto here.

After a dreadful day yesterday on the Australian markets, Wall St overnight was up, and so the prediction (?) is that the Australian markets will also be up. But who knows?

Anyway, I heard a stockbroker on the radio yesterday moaning how his losses on the market are worse than a divorce. He has lost his house, his car and half his money – and he is still married to the b*tch! LOL