Why was Joe the Plumber not invited?

The final US presidential debate has just concluded, and from what I can see on the web, McCain did not get the knockout blow he needed. That butt-kickin’ just didn’t happen.

Anyway – if anyone watched it or has comments put them in here. From some comments on the midweek thread, it seems like a plumber called Joe was more involved in the debate than any other plumber. And that’s gotta be good for his business.

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  1. Obama whipped McCains ars*e!!

    McCain looked like he was going to cry!!

  2. I missed it completely had customers

  3. Most are calling it a tie or slight win to McCain, which is as good as a loss for McCain.

    Intrade is no longer betting on who will win, just on how much Obama will win by.

    Where’s Nemesis, chalks etc, when you need to rub their spray about a McCain landslide in. And all those who said what a great thing Palin would be for the Republican cause, she’s now turned into a major liability (which most of us predicted), turning away even some rusted on Republican supporters.

  4. Adrian,

    You’ve gotta be kidding!! Obama mopped up the floor with McCain!!

    McCain was clearly rattled, nervous and didn’t handle himself well at all.

    In contrast, Obama was calm, confident, articulate and addressed the audience by responding directly to the camera.

    “A slight win to McCain?” I don’t think so…

    “A CNN/Opinion Research poll of people who watched the debate found 58 percent said Obama did the best job while 31 percent said McCain did.”


  5. 58 percent of those polled who watched the debate say Obama is the winner

    Poll: Obama’s favorable rating up to 66 percent, McCain’s down to 49 percent

    80 percent of debate watchers in poll say McCain was more on the attack


  6. Does CNN often put a paragraph like this

    “The post-debate polls do not reflect the views of all Americans. They only represent the views of people who watched the debates.”

    at the end of political stories?

  7. Sans,

    I think because the results are based on a telephone poll of people who watched the debate. Hence it would be correct to have a disclaimer that says “not all Americans”.

  8. I thought that McCain did exceptionally well, which just goes to show how well he would have done without the Republican power brokers shouting in his ear. Imagine if McCain had been allowed to run his own race, set his own agenda and chosen his own Vice President.

    Sadly too little too late, Obama has set the agenda and McCain is saddled with a dolly-girl VP chosen for her ‘presence’ (aka looks) rather than someone (female or male) whose liberal anti-Bush views would have enhanced McCain’s own.

  9. Choke, choke. According to Senator McCain, Palin is a ‘role model for women’. Yup just use ya’ leathers to put me up into the saddle, give me a g’eern and apply lipstick and I’m you’re every dream.

    Come on guys, I’m not bug ugly even to you gay blokes and even as an old lady but I do not expect to be VP of the USA or even expect that I have anything remotely close to the expertise to perform this most import public office.

    I do note that some gay friends are a wee bit reluctant to make comment about Palin. Why is this? Or is this just a coincidence. Thought to mention.

  10. “I do note that some gay friends are a wee bit reluctant to make comment about Palin. Why is this? Or is this just a coincidence. ”

    It’s a good point Min. I suspect it’s largely to do with the fact that her eyes are too close together, or that she’s related to someone that’s disabled.

    It wouldn’t be fair to pick on the disadvantaged….

  11. For those interested here’s the original confrontation with Joe the Plumber and how it came up in the debate – as others here have commented it looks like Obama “wupped” Mcain if this bit is any example…


    BTW, joni, its plumBer – it is a headline – thought I’d mention it as “one of the team”… 😀

    EDITOR REB: Fixed thanks TB!

  12. Anybody know of a link where I can stream the debate? ABC perhaps?

  13. In honesty, why was Ralph Nader not on any of the debates?

  14. HD, you’ll find it on Yousetube..

  15. And I think we now know why Joe the Plumber wasn’t invited to the debate:

    1. He’s not a plummer
    2. He does not earn anywhere close to $250,000
    3. He owes back taxes

    Basically, it seems that McCain’s use of him in the debate has backfired. Nothing is going right for McCain.


  16. Is that Nelson Muntz I hear?

  17. I just saw this on RDS regarding Joe the plumber:

    “He has only been in the spotlight for a few hours but already he has held more press conferences than Sarah Palin”

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