Caption Competition

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself….

UPDATE: And the winner is….

Ross Sharp with his squirrell caption!   Congratulations Ross!! You will automatically receive a copy of John McCain’s book “How I learned to distrust competitions that offer free gifts” and you’ll also go in the draw to win our major prize – a luxury weekend escape for two to the exotic suburb of Blacktown”

36 Responses

  1. Go on, pull my finger.

  2. Try toilet paper next time.

  3. Father of Juie B.

  4. I wish I had let one rip before I sat down

  5. I don’t think he is my friend anymore

  6. Reb, what’s the prize?

    EDITOR REB: The glory of winning Miglo, the glory of winning… (no ‘free’ virtual books on this blog)

  7. Be careful, Miglo, with reb the question could be “who is the prize?”

    EDITOR REB: And we both know who that would be..!

  8. I’m yelling you, the aliens WILL be landing in Australia.

  9. Only if you put a condom on it, doc.

  10. My God, he goes on and on and on, as long as a post from John Mc. on the blogocrats.

    (sorry john Mc – could not resist! please don’t be mad)

  11. Typo alert. It was meant to read “telling”, not “yelling”.

  12. “Keep it silent and don’t smirk when he smells it” , “My God!, I think he just let rip himself”, F$*k!, this guy is on a roll…What do I have to do to beat him…shit myself’

  13. Bastard Joni! It’s because I’m straight isn’t it?LOL

  14. Watching the debate now, or rather listening while working and blogging as well.

  15. mmmmmm chocolate

  16. [Falshback]Charlie..echo…delta this is bravo..STOP! Get your head in the game . Nam is dead and gone. That was then this is now! sing something…bomb, bomb, bomb….bomb IRAN, oh take my haaaaaand, you got me rocking and a reeling…Stop! Blue moooon, you left me standing alone..

  17. Miglo. I have it on the best authority that it’s all happening down at South Golden Beach this evening. Lights have been sighted all week and a landing strip prepared.

    Oh dear, it seems that all minds think alike. It’s all to do with a brown finger and an expectant look on JMcC’s face.

    Maybe something along the lines of…Yes please sweetheart. I have this negligee with gorgeous hot pink ostrich feathers. Damn, how long does this meeting have to go for!

  18. Well done…it’s worth repeating: Shane | October 16, 2008 at 5:03 pm
    mmmmmm chocolate. Shane has my vote.

  19. Look at moi! Look at moi!

  20. Thanks for the vote Min.

    Well another day is drawing to a close. I will see all of my friends on blogocrats tomorrow.

  21. “How many laxatives did you think I had this morning?”

  22. bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb,bomb Iran…

  23. Haven’t had a chance to watch the debate yet as I was at work but, just from observing that pic…

    He is definitely having a disjointed flashback, but to when? & how much of it did he gobble up? At least 2 blue penguins, maybe 2 & a half.

  24. You are getting veeeery sleepy………

  25. “Watch me store nuts in my cheeks and make like a squirrel. For my next trick, I bite the black finger. Nom, nom.”

  26. That’s brilliant Ross!


  27. 24. jane | October 17, 2008 at 12:25 am
    You are getting veeeery sleepy………

    Ya beat me to it it, Jane, bloody daylight saving! 😦

  28. That’s beat me to it it it it (new teeth makes me stutter) 🙂

  29. “John McCain sizes up his opponents impressive finger-tackle and realises he may have to go that extra inch or two if he hope to come out on top in the 28th Annual Poughkeepsie Booger-Dredging Tournament”

    EDITOR REB: You’ve already bloody won with your squirrell comment!

  30. Woo-hoo!!! I’m taking the next two days off to celebrate.

  31. Obama: wait bitch i have to take this call

  32. Hexx,

    That was bloody funny!


  33. Hexx…. ROFLMFAO

  34. Hexx

    brilliant throw some more at us

  35. its very hard to give Mccain a second though on the same day. 🙂

  36. Ross Sharp | October 17, 2008 at 9:42 am. Thank you Ross, caption re squirrel and nuts forwarded on to all friends and family.

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