Murder? What Murder?

What if you were with your family playing cricket on the beach and you saw some blokes nicking booze out of your esky,  would you:

a) Just laugh it off and ignore it?

b) Tell your family and get someone to call the police?

c) Take care of it yourself and chase then off?

Well Bill Rowe chose answer (C).  Grandfather and father of five, Bill, who was playing cricket with his family last year in December on a beach in WA.  Told the thieves to buggar off!

It then turned ugly as the thieves recruited mates (25 of ’em!) who “pelted the family with beer bottles, rocks and sticks”.  During the attack Bill Rowe was hit in the head with a cricket bat, fell and  hit his head on a roadway and died – his soon to be son-in-law was slashed with a broken beer bottle and his jaw and collar bones broken.,23599,22974815-2,00.html

Police eventually charged a man with murder.

Yesterday the murder charges were changed because a forensic pathologist determined that the blow from the cricket bat was not the only factor that led to Bill Rowe’s death.,23599,24505935-29277,00.html

I bet that if the thieves hadn’t been around, Bill would  be here today!  That would be enough “factor” for me!

If theft leads to death then it could be manslaughter (unplanned) but if a gang of thugs is organised to attack a family having a day out at the beach,  then that’s  planned and organised  to cause harm. 

If that results in any death then that should be a pretty clear case of murder.  The police obviously thought so…

The actions of the gang caused the death of Bill Rowe – had they not stolen his beer, had he not been hit with his own cricket bat he would be alive today!  

What’s happened to our justice sytem over the last 50 years?  It almost encourages criminal behaviour!

Sarah Palin’s Oval Office

An interactive Palin link thanks to Amira Al Hussaini of Voices without Votes:

It is supposed to be updated everyday until the election. Just click around the image. My favorite is the waste paper bin.

Kevin Rennie

Original post at Labor View from Bayside.

Caption Competition

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself….

UPDATE: And the winner is….

Ross Sharp with his squirrell caption!   Congratulations Ross!! You will automatically receive a copy of John McCain’s book “How I learned to distrust competitions that offer free gifts” and you’ll also go in the draw to win our major prize – a luxury weekend escape for two to the exotic suburb of Blacktown”

Why was Joe the Plumber not invited?

The final US presidential debate has just concluded, and from what I can see on the web, McCain did not get the knockout blow he needed. That butt-kickin’ just didn’t happen.

Anyway – if anyone watched it or has comments put them in here. From some comments on the midweek thread, it seems like a plumber called Joe was more involved in the debate than any other plumber. And that’s gotta be good for his business.


The Washington Post is reporting what some of us have believed all along – that the Bush Administration not only tolerated their people to torture – but they actively went out of their way to explicitly endorse torture.

The article says that the CIA (and in particular George Tenet) wanted a “paper trail” to protect itself from future questions over torture – and to tie the authorisation to the Bush administration.

One key part of the article is how the Justice Dept says that “…it doesn’t need to be in writing”. Make of that what you will.

All I know is that torture in all cases is wrong and should be condemned.