Psychic Predicts Aliens are coming….Today!

A MASSIVE alien spaceship is to land on Earth TODAY to prove life really is out there, an Aussie psychic insists – and bookies are so worried they stopped taking bets on it happening.

Queensland-based “channeler” Blossom Goodchild says aliens informed her of their plans that a huge intergalactic spaceship will appear over the American desert.
She said they “come in love to help us and our planet move to a new higher vibration of love”.

Well I’m glad they’re keeping someone in the loop. And personally I’m titilated at the prospect of a “higher vibration of love”

Maybe they’re here already.

So fellow blogocrats. Have you every been to see a psychic? If so, how was it? 

Better still, tell us about your alien encounter…..


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  1. Never been probed personally…I guess that’s a good thing(?) but I’m open minded about such violations of my integrity.

    As far as aliens go, well I suppose I am more inclined to accept the possibility (given our own “human” existence in this lonely void) that they may be out there somewhere; than to presume that a magical wizard lives in the sky & watches over me until the day my flesh will be seared from my heathen bones in the pits of his fallen angel.

    Being a terrible cynic I have zero tolerance for psychics & other snake oil merchants.
    Just this weekend I (after much argument & against my better judgement) paid $200 for my lovelly wife to be hypnotised so that she’d stop smoking. My first reaction was that hypnotism is a gigantic crock of shit & it wouldn’t work; unsurprisingly I was correct. She was smoking within 3 hrs of being hypnotised. The dead give away was when the charlatans tried to sell everyone slimfast at the end of the session. Not a happy evening in my house.
    She seemed to think that their claims of “no cravings” etc were initially credible; ain’t reality a bitch? No magic bullets, never have been.

    I believe the individual is the only person truly in control (some more than others) of their mind. The only way that hypnotism etc. is gonna work is if you allow it to. ie. if you actually WANT to quit smoking.

    Still, some people seem to get off on being conned.

  2. I remember once buying a book on hypnosis as I was younger then and looking for a solution to my aggressiveness.

    I read it and trought I would give it a go in front of my mirror…I call it hypnobation.

    Anyway, the next thing I knew I came to with bloody knuckles and a shattered mirror…imagine the damage that I would have done on a hypnotist?

    I think I’ll make an appointment…LOL!

  3. Damn, they told me to keep it a secret !!!

  4. LOL shane!

    Mayhaps my otherworldy avatar will now work?

  5. I am soooooo resisting some comment about visitors from the 7th planet from the sun. :-p

  6. and HD – yep – the avatar is working now. Cool.

  7. Ta for the help & patience joni.

    This dalek ain’t very net savvy.

  8. I think Julie Bishop is living proof that aliens walk unnoticed amongst us.

  9. Yeah reb, she’s like one of those reptiles from “V”…the ones that eat rats & pull off their skin to reveal the lizard underneath.

    Not sure what species of Alien Jabba is but Joe Hockey is one of them.
    Phillip Ruddock is definitely an incarnation of Dr. Who’s Davros.
    Queen Alexander Downer is like the obscene Baron Harkonnen from Dune.
    Christopher Pyne is one of those impotent, spindly, glowing green things from Coccoon.

  10. “This dalek ain’t very net savvy”

    And here I was all this time thinking you were Davros…

  11. F**k me…!

    We both thought of Davros at the same time!!

    Off to watch Kerry and the 7.30 report…

    Catch you later…

  12. scaper, ever thought of buying a pinball machine. Could be the answer. They were, rather hypnotic.

  13. My mother used to hate being labeled psychic by family and friends but her uncanny knack to pick up on certain things used to freak all of us out.

    Anyway reb, I spoke to your dearly departed granny and she filled me in what happened when you were very young

  14. So, just in case the Giant Alien Spacecraft doesn’t land on Earth today & I have to fixate upon something else for a while…

    …does anyone know when this is coming on TV?

    …might be worth a look judging by the squeamishness of Uncle Andy’s ghouls.

    BTW, if a Gigantic Alien Saceship lands & rather than coming in “love & peace” prefers to vapourise hordes of humans then the Middle of America is a fine place to begin.

  15. They are coming for John Howard – the saviour of the universe.

  16. roflmao miglo, of course! that’s it.

  17. Perhaps they’re concerned about their investments?

  18. John, I think WE are their investments.

  19. To spread that much love around there going to need a second ship of LSD.

    Shit loads of sun tan lotion comes to mind.

    When they meet Piers Ackerman they will give up on us and leave or destroy us

    This psychic has been binge drinking

  20. Hexx…. you see, now you have me thinking. I cannot remember seeing Jabba the Hut and Piers in the same room together?hmmmm.

  21. Update

    IT HAS LANDED !!!!!! Glory to the univers allelujah allelujah, praise the beings from other planets. Damn they are shooting at us the bastards.


    Correction it was a plane carrying Sarah Palin on a moose hunt.

    Thats even scarier.

  22. Joni you are very smart to pick up on that, i watched star wars for years and never caught on. I guess because jabba always looked much cleaner in his appearance.

  23. Hi Hexx,

    Glad to see you contributing over here.

  24. Hexx @ 5:18

    Hehe, according to the profile next to Jabba’s picture on his illustrious blogsite he enjoys “a range of activities”. I’ve often wondered if this was shorthand for…

    …cruising the desert wasteland of Tatooine on his sailbarge.
    …throwing his blog minions into the Sarlacc Pit.
    …having quiche with Greedo Howard.

    His uncleanliness has developed over years of obsession with the Heiner AffairTM.

  25. Hey scaper :), I thanked you for the email in the knives blog but thats on the second page now. Hows the work treating you?

    Human Dividend
    lol, The heiner affair. He would shrivel up and turn brown if he dropped that subject

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