Climate of niceness change

It seems that Turnbull is beginning to try and make a deliberate break from the Howard past. In a interview with the Courier-Mail he has said “What the former government failed to recognise was that Kyoto had become a sacramental issue. It had become a very symbolic issue”.

But I thought that policy by symbols was bad?

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  1. Just depends what the symbol re[resents I suppose.

  2. Under the previous government it was the $ symbol.

  3. Yes pity it wasn’t the heart symbol instead

  4. Acknowledging the despicable arrogance of Howard is, IMHO, a substantial step in the right direction…as opposed to a regressive step in the rightwing direction.
    Trouble is, for me at least, after the last decade I have a fair barrier to overcome when a member of the Liar’s Party (yes, I know, St. Kevin lies too) opens their mouth; especially if what comes out of their cavernous misinformation hole is sugary & appealing. I just can’t trust ’em. Too often they’ve displayed a willingness to satisfy an underlying (unpalatable) agenda with their supposed Damascus’ conversion.

    Bottom line, while I agree with the sentiment I simply don’t trust Turncoat…& realistically probably never will.

  5. HD,

    How does one deal with a person with an ego bigger than his bank balance?

    At least the last leader of the coalition was approachable…oh well.

  6. Agree about the last leader. He was approachable like a half-clubbed fur seal. The only member of Howard’s former cabal that I’m ever likely to feel sorry for I’d say; got fed a shitsandwich by his own party for sure.
    Turncoat seems to me to think he is too clever by half. He is trying to “play” the population (as they all seem to, to a degree) & banking on the majority of us being way too dumb to keep up with his omnipotency.

  7. HD,

    Good take mate…this guy must get down from his vision of being the ‘el Presidente’…sometimes one can be so rapt up in oneself that the original intended purpose gets jettisoned to the wayside.

    I’m thinking of another avenue…thanks.

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