What’s With All The Knives?

What’s happening to our society when a 20 year old can stab her 18 year old sister to death?

MOMENTS after 18-year-old Susan Worrall was stabbed to death in her home her sister allegedly called her mother. Police yesterday took the 20-year-old sister Kathleen into custody and later charged her with murder.  http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24477002-1242,00.html

This is only one, of what seems to be a growing number of stabbings in our communities.

Is it because we got rid of guns that people turn to knives?  Most people didn’t own guns before the gun laws anyway…but it seems that knives rather than “words” or “a good biff” are the weapon of choice…in my day the person who hit the floor first…lost…they got up, shook hands and the winner always bought the next round!

I suspect that they are also the weapon of cowards – avoiding getting hurt themselves – or ignorance – not thinking that “just a knife” can kill – or indifference – most youngsters have had everything “on a plate” not really done it “tough”…everything is easy  (even killing) although with the changes to our society on the horizon many of them are going to get a real taste of the hard life!

What’s even more disturbing than the weapon of choice, is the why

“Weapon of choice”! – this is a couple of sisters having a family barny for goodness sake! – why are so many of our youngsters carrying knives – and using them?

TB Queensland


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  1. TB,

    I’m as baffled as anyone as to how something like this can occur. Especially when you hear about kids in the US walking into a school-yard and mowing everyone down with a shotgun.

    “most youngsters have had everything “on a plate” not really done it “tough”…”

    I’m not really sure I agree with this 100%. I can understand where you’re coming from, but I think kids today face different kinds of pressures than kids growing up in the past.

    Teenagers still face incredible angst and peer group pressure to “fit in” as they did when I was a kid, but I think the influence of the media and the “sexualisation” of “tweens” is far more pervasive today.

    Kids today, I suspect, are far more body-concious, yet at the same time are in the midst of an obesity epidemic due to poor diet and/or lack of exercise. Where are the parents?

    In addition I think parents are increasingly palming off a lot of traditional “parental responsibilities” to schools.

    I think kids are still “doing it tough” it’s just a different kind of “tough” from when you or I were that age.

  2. TB:

    Here’s another one. What on earth is going on with our kids?


  3. TB

    Congrats – excellent post

    I’ve mentioned previous that our obsession with all things economic has come at great expense, in my opinion. Over time there seems to have become a disconnect and it’s our moral values that have suffered.

    I met young Joel Turner about two years ago, and I was struck by his insights – there is hope yet. His song ‘these kids’ is like a cry for help and guidance.

  4. It’s got me…when I was a kid pinballs were the go, now violent computer games are the rage.

    Could this be a connection?

    One more quote to go…it is late because they have to go to church to pray.

    God giveth and scaper taketh!

  5. Joni,

    How do I get a photo up next to my comments?

  6. I still think shows like The Simpsons seen as “just a cartoon” have a greater effect on society than most people realise.

    I’m a big fan of Two & A Half Men – so’s my ten year old g/son and SIX year old sister (he understands far more than she – still) – 7:30 is too early for that show…yep…I said my piece to Mum & Dad.

    I watched Iron Man last night (just released on DVD) and once again torture was the go…have you noticed how TV shows have stepped up torture scenes since the Iraqi War…?

    …and I used to play cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers and “war” and Flash Gordon & the evil Ming after the Saturday Matinee – kids experiment with what they watch on TV, video games and film…

    …and I know the world has changed, moved on, different but is it better or worse than when you were a teenager?

    You know my answer…

  7. “…is it better or worse than when you were a teenager?”

    I think it’s better in some ways, but worse in others.

    Better, in that we are much more tolerant and accepting of diversity today, than say 30 or 40 years ago.

    But worse, in the sense that things that used to connect people together on a societal level are less prevalent these days. It’s appaling for example, that an elderly person can die alone at home and go unnoticed for weeks before being found.

    We’re a much more materialistic society now than when I was a kid.

  8. Oh and excellent post by the way!

  9. “but is it better or worse than when you were a teenager?” TB Queensland.

    I’m really not sure.

    I grew up in the 50/60’s in suburban Ryde (Sydney). And yes, on reflection it was a good time. I won’t say there wasn’t those in our area who tested the limits of acceptable behaviour, but essentially it was pretty much a violence free upbringing. The neighbourhood was close-knit and parents looked after all the kids, not just their own. The major concern for the neighbourhood was crackernight when those less controlled blew our the arses (sorry scaper) of ahlf a dozen letter boxes prior to the community bonfire in the remaining empty blocks.

    The most exciting time was dad’s payday when he would religiously bring home a polywaffle!

    In the teenage years the worst thing I can recall doing is removing, at anothers insistence, a bus stop post. I’ve lived with the guilt all these years.

    Now, I guess I’m really fortunate to have to son’s in their late teens who are very stable and have shown no violent/desrtructive tendencies at all. And they love their computer games and videos.

    I might also add I live on the’leafy’ North Shore of Sydney. I think the occasional trip to the western suburbs of Sydney might offer a reallity check.

    And scaper, I loved the pinnies too. But do you remember those who had ways to get the free games? I would never risk being ‘caught’.
    Btw, I love the direction ‘blogocrats’ is heading. Well done all.

  10. scaper… if you go to wordpress.com, you should be able to upload an image to use for your comments.

  11. You can also go to gravatar.com, scaper.

  12. Thanks guys…but Mr scaper, who could not even use a mouse near on three years ago is battling to get his logo on Word at the moment.

    I get so far and the damn thing seizes up…lost my contents of my inbox on Outlook…off to buy a new tower tomorrow.

    Hi handyrab…my method was to hit it under the right flipper when after the last ball went down…pop.

    Remember the zac machines…five balls at once.

  13. scaper, gee why didn’t i realise that. The blokes I watched just shook the sh8t out of them till the Greek milkbar owner finally banned them…and like most law enforcement…the innocent was banned as well. At least until the next week. Teenagers were, after all, the lifeblood of milkbars in the 60’s.
    One think I did forget to mention was the manny attempts to get a free phone call from public boxes. The ones that had the cradle on the side were the best…whack them 3 times seemed to work.

    Hey guys, possible topic for future. The worst and best things you did in your teenage years. I must read Clive James’ ‘unreliable memoirs’ again, or Hugh Lunn’s ‘Over the top with Jim’.

  14. Gee forgot to edit that one. Can’t stand errors in writing.

  15. Hi everyone,
    I carry knives most days of the week while enjoying scuba. 6 months back i heard some screams of a girl while sitting down after a dive at 11.30 pm i ran over to find this guy cornered by two teens to get his jacket oh it seems teens are scared of rubber(wetsuits) or they thought i was batman less one cape.
    lack of police and a bigger lack of parenting is the prob i see.
    so good kids struggle amoung the larger number of idiots.

    Thanx again Scaper its good to see, read the regular bloggers again. wow Joni has a face (funny how you picture people so diffrently) ..if i put my photo up everyone would just leave the site. 🙂

  16. My reasons for the problems our youth are facing. I know they will be contentous.

    1) Lack of exercise. Exercise is proven to produce happy endorphins which help overcome anxiety and depression. exercise also makes ofr a much better nigths sleep.

    2) Discipline. it no longer exists. No matter what anyone says a sting from a smack is a great deterrent in chidlhood upbringing. Definately not abuse.

    3) Desensitised to Violence. Violence and death are now the norm for TV and Movies. the more the better. Heroes are now killers and solve problems through violence which is far more graphic.

    4) Consequences: There are no consequences or accountablility and if there is it is so minor as to actually result in indifference from the youth.

    Having said that there will always be good and bad and nothing will ever change the truly bad in our society.

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