Open Society – Reforming Global Capitalism

Given the level of concern about the current global crisis I think it appropriate to open up on the subject with reference to a man who, most would think the last person given his great success in exploiting the system for significant financial gain in the past, would understand the failings of global capitalism and the areas most needing urgent reform.

Financier, George Soros has expressed his concerns about the inadequacies of global capitalism and the tendency toward increased deregulation having an increasingly adverse effect on our ability to maintain our democratic values. In his book Open Society: Reforming The Global Capitalist System, Soros writes:

“Capitalism and democracy do not necessarily go hand in hand. There is some correlation: rising standards of living and the formation of the middle class tend to generate pressure for freedom and democracy: they aslo tend to support greater political stability. But the connection is far from automatic. Repressive regimes do not relax their grip on power willingly, and they are often aided and abetted by business interest, both foreign and domestic. We can see this in other countries, particularly where natural resources such as oil and diamonds are at stake. Perhaps the greatest threat to freedom and democracy in the world today comes from the unholy alliances between government and businesses.

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What’s With All The Knives?

What’s happening to our society when a 20 year old can stab her 18 year old sister to death?

MOMENTS after 18-year-old Susan Worrall was stabbed to death in her home her sister allegedly called her mother. Police yesterday took the 20-year-old sister Kathleen into custody and later charged her with murder.,23599,24477002-1242,00.html

This is only one, of what seems to be a growing number of stabbings in our communities.

Is it because we got rid of guns that people turn to knives?  Most people didn’t own guns before the gun laws anyway…but it seems that knives rather than “words” or “a good biff” are the weapon of choice…in my day the person who hit the floor first…lost…they got up, shook hands and the winner always bought the next round!

I suspect that they are also the weapon of cowards – avoiding getting hurt themselves – or ignorance – not thinking that “just a knife” can kill – or indifference – most youngsters have had everything “on a plate” not really done it “tough”…everything is easy  (even killing) although with the changes to our society on the horizon many of them are going to get a real taste of the hard life!

What’s even more disturbing than the weapon of choice, is the why

“Weapon of choice”! – this is a couple of sisters having a family barny for goodness sake! – why are so many of our youngsters carrying knives – and using them?

TB Queensland