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Welcome to weekend wonderland! 

The thread where we can discuss anything we like and catch up over the weekend.

Our thoughts go out to Shane who’s nursing his whippet back to health.  We also welcome our new movie reviewer Kevin, and rumour has it – renowned commentator on all things Iraq war related and financial markets – John McPhilbin will be making an appearance!

Tonight, I’m planning to have a quiet night at home and watch Ironman the movie – just released on DVD, probably over a glass or two of red and a bowl of spag bog!

Today’s music is a favourite contemporary singer of mine, she’s like “Billy Holiday meets the Shirelles”.  Enjoy now before she dies. 

Thanks to everyone for your positive feedback, suggestions and contributions to blogocrats so far. It’s amazing what we’ve all been able to achieve in such a short time.

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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  1. I’ve just received this joke via email, which is so politically incorrect, I just couldn’t help myself from posting it here:

    Two Middle East mothers are sitting in a cafe chatting over a plate of tabouli and a pint of goat’s milk.

    The older of the mothers pulls a bag out of her purse and starts flipping through photos and they start reminiscing.

    ‘This is my oldest son Mohammed. He would be 24 years old now.’

    ‘Yes, I remember him as a baby’ says the other mother cheerfully.

    ‘He’s a martyr now though’ mum confides.

    ‘And this is my second son Kalid. He would be 21’

    ‘Oh, I remember him,’ says the other happily, ‘he had such curly hair when he was born.’

    ‘He’s a martyr too’ says mum quietly.

    ‘And this is my third son. My baby. My beautiful Ahmed. He would be 18 she whispers.’

    ‘Yes’ says the friend enthusiastically, ‘I remember when he first started school’

    ‘He’s a martyr also,’ says mum, with tears in her eyes.

    After a pause and a deep sigh, the second Muslim mother looks wistfully at the photographs and says…

    ‘They blow up so fast, don’t they?’

  2. LMFAO reb!

  3. And we need to laugh when we look at the markets today. The ASX is down 7.6% – yes – you read that correctly.

    DOWN 7.6%

  4. Winehouse (incredibly apt name) is incredibly talented, shame about he self destructive lifestyle. Cat Power is also worth checking out and she’s likely to be around for much longer than Amy (she’s hotter as well!).

  5. I just got pulled over by an RBT unit. It’s happened many times before but today’s the first that I really left with the sh*ts.

    I think it came from having the finger pointed at me followed by a jerk of the thumb and arm pointing me in the direction of the testing area. The officer in a dark uniform with black leather leggings & jacket and leather cap didn’t help (why do officers in cars need leggings, jacket & leather cap – this used to be motorcyle cop gear?).

    Anyway, afterwards I started thinking that the cops had no just cause to pull me over and waste my time – I wasn’t breaking any law. Now RBtesting after committing a traffic offense is a different thing. What happened today is really harassment of innocent citizens going about their business. I would like to know the ratio of tests to actual number of over the limit drivers.

    I think I now dislike RBT as much as I do the harassment of people by drug-sniffing dogs in Oxford Street and other venues and areas. So they catch a few with a joint or two while the dealers continue without hindrance.

    I think both these exercises are resource dependent when those resources could be better used. Like the rarely-policed 40K school zones, the police (and the govt) rely too much on public-relations policing rather than doing the actual work. In my area they park an unmanned police car at the side of the highway outside the local cop shop. I guess they call this visible policing.

  6. Reb, did you get that email I sent yesterday?

    What do you guys think of this article today in the SMH by Tim Duggan?


    I reckon he’s lost the plot. Is he saying people shouldn’t flirt with different aspects of their sexuality if they want to? That if they’re known in public and they’re gay women, they should stay at home? What a dick.

  7. By the way, the standalone version of WordPress has the option to display the identity of the person who writes the post.

    Is that possible with this version? With up and coming submission of articles by various users, it would be nice to know the authors.

  8. Hi Ross

    was it the ‘article’ about Global Warming? If not, then I don’t think so…

  9. What do you mean by the “standalone version”, SB?

    From what I can see, until I buy some credits – I cannot edit the CSS to allow me to show the author of a post (amongst other things).

  10. Nah, twas video of Keith Olbermann talking about Sarah Palin.

    Talk about tearing strips.

  11. Thank you so much for think of me and Riley ( my whippet) I could attach a photo somehow so you all could see him if only I knew how or if someone could guide me.


    While respecting your opinion on RBT. If RBT gets drunk drivers off the streets and higways, that I ,as a non drunk driver utilise then I am all for the inconvenience.

    I think it is a absolute joke the sobriety tests you see US police have to go through to determine if a person is drunk.

    Mind you I still enjoy my wine and liquors.

    Once again this is why I like these blog sites. they are not bitter political sites who acnnot talk about ther things and also be friends and enjoy a laugh and make people smile as well.

  12. “What do you mean by the “standalone version”, SB?”

    Hi Joni,

    The WP version you get from wordpress.org (not the multi-user version here at wordpress.com) and run on a hosting account.

    I would have thought showing the author would have been theme-based but then again I’ve only used the .org version.


  13. Shane,

    I wonder if RBT does get drunks off the roads enough to make a difference ? A driver over 0.05 does not = an accident (or worse).

    I have two friends in the Highway Patrol who give me honest answers when I talk about their job so next time I see them I’ll ask.

    My local HP division has 22 officers on the books but only two available for active duty due to stress and other leave, and other duties. This for one of the most dangerous stretches of road in NSW.

  14. Sans

    I understand your reasoning but when I have been pulled over by an RBT only to see a driver being held because he did blow over the limit I feel relieved that he was caught before he possibly could have caused an accident.

    I agree over .05 does not equal an accident, however I feel more relaxed when drunks and drug addicts are at least warned that RBT is around.

    It is also a fact that alcohol does slow down a persons reaction time. I know it slows me down 🙂

    If we had no RBT there is not even a deterrent in drink or drug driving and people would simply do it all the time.

    Be interesting to hear from your friends and what they think.

  15. Speaking of amusing articles, the following is one that I cut out of the now defunct Adelaide News way back on 17th July 1990.

    Body found bound, knifed.
    Sydney: Police yesterday found the body of missing Chinese businessman Mr Yang Chow Chew, 49, in a lagoon near Picnic Point in Sydney’s south.
    Divers also discovered a knife near the body, which had multiple stab wounds and was tied up with cord. The spokesman said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Chew’s death.

    No suspicious circumstances!!! Maybe it was a brutal suicide.

  16. You’re right, of course, Shane. I’m having a spasm because something was different today: perhaps it was the black uniform (I’m almost ready to trigger Godwin’s Law) and the aggressive manner of the officer.

    I’ve just finished a veg*n ‘bacon’, lettuce, tomato & onion crispy roll and I feel much better. 🙂

  17. Sans

    Maybe the officer was off to a bondage night after he finished work 🙂

    He had no right being aggressive and some of them do no favours to their image thats for sure.

    On the other side of the coin I had an officer pull me over and say good evening sir we are conducting an RBT have you had any alcohol today. to which I replied no. He then said ok sir thatk you for your time you are free to go. Did not even test me. I must have an honest face or he liked me 😉

  18. US Congress approves US$612 billion for Defense budget. The large increase in defence spending, partly for 13,000 additional troops, was passed on the back of George W Bush threatening to veto the bill passing the budget if they did not allow every cent of the increase in defence spending.

    A country going to hell in a basket at a great rate of knots and is up to its eyeballs in ever increasing debt meaning it has to cut health, education, infrastructure and social services, has no hesitation in finding lots of extra money to significantly increase the size of its military.

  19. Sans,

    I got pulled over on Sunday on my way to the pub to watch the Mighty Sea Eagles (Have I mentioned that they thrashed the hapless Storm 😉 ). He say my jersey on the seat and said “oh … you don’t go for Manly do you?” Fortunately he overlooked that and let me go on my way – after breath testing me and checking my licence (all pretty good natured I might add).

    I don’t have a problem with RBTs, as long as they aren’t too officious about it. I think the NSW stats were about 50K tested and only around 100 or so over 0.05 so the catch rate is low but some of those were pretty high. I guess it must be working though because 10 years ago, the catch rate would have been much higher.

  20. “he say my jersey”

    “saw” Dave, “saw”

    Damn beer at pub lunches (and it isn’t even 5 yet TB – although it is somewhere …)!

  21. Dave55 | October 10, 2008 at 1:05 pm

    I got pulled over on Sunday on my way to the pub to watch the Mighty Sea Eagles (Have I mentioned that they thrashed the hapless Storm

    …and so it was that God unleashed his mighty wrath upon the world at the desecration of his favoured sons of the Storm, …and so it was to come to pass that the world saw its mighty financial institutions collapse under the wrath of the almighty, …and a great heat come upon the world frying it like a sunny side up egg upon a rock of a volcano, …and then the greatest pestilence ever to be unleashed was loosed upon the earth as the Howard was resurrected to lead the mighty nation of Australia into abject worker slavery for they had dared to denigrate the favoured sons of God, until they saw the error of their ways and spat upon the spawned sons of Satan, Manly where it was relegated to the bottom of the ladder of life called the League Ladder forever and and a day, …and all was good with the world and it was right.

  22. Adrian,

    You’re in denial aren’t you? Just think, do you really want to be like the posters over at Bolt’s and Ackerman’s blogs lamenting the election result that just couldn’t be! 😉

  23. Now Dave there is a whole mountain of difference between the standard Bolt/Ackerman poster and mine and God’s support of the Storm. Fact is if any other team (except for the Broncos) had beaten the Storm even 80 zip I would have had no problems with it, but the most hated Sydney team does it and all of a sudden New South Welshmen who have bagged Manly all their lives and passed on the hate for Manly to their sons and the sons to their sons are praising Manly on high. Why, because they suddenly like Manly? No only because they hate Melbourne more and mostly because Melbourne is Victorian (and also they are dirty players, but that’s and aside). If it had been a Broncos vs Manly final and the score was the same there would not have a fraction of the hoopla now taking place.


    We wus robbed!!!!

    Bloody Cockroaches!!!!!!

  25. Sorry mate – couldn’t resist a dig. And I’ve always been a Manly fan and it wasn’t genetic because my old man is a Panthers supporter!.

    I agree that a lot of people have dumped on the Storm a bit undeservedly, but there is probably a bit of the old Aussie underdog thing working in Manly’s favour and I don’t think Bellamy and the Storm CEO did the Storm any favours by carrying on like pork chops over the Cam Smith incident. They had a fair point about consistency in charging but fair go – that tackle from Smith was a dead set shocker and Thiaday, had he not had a neck thicker than a Californian Red Wood, could have been seriously injured – IMO, Smith could have been charged with a more serious offence than the one he got and been suspended for longer.

    Put simply, even though people love to hate Manly, given the choice between the two this year, the Storm gave people a reason to hate them more than Manly.

  26. Manly deserved it and the Storm needed the lesson in behaviour. It was their on field behaviour prior to the finals that lost them the finals by such a large margin.

    Methinks Storm won’t be much chop next season but will have to see how the use that season to regroup and change their game play. They have the talent and skills they just have to apply them better without the grubby stuff.

  27. Well guys and Gals I have to see some clients in 15 mins, after all we still have to earn a few dollars to survive.

    Thank you very much to those who have given me comfort over Rileys condition and I will give you all an update next week.

    Have a great weekend everyone and see you all on Monday, for what I think will be another eyepopping ride on olur sharemarket.


  28. Shane, regards to Riley! (Saw our Centrelink f/advisor yesterday in a local shopping centre – advising people – said to him , “I bet your busy, David” – his reply “Its good for some…” (One door closes and another one opens)

    scaper sends his regards to everyone (don’t know why he couldn’t do it) he’s busy till December (maybe he’s testing me?) when he will be back posting.

    scaper seems to be battling a brick wall (or just a lot of thick bricks! 😀 )a bit at the moment so I sent him the following:


    NOTHING IN THE WORLD can take the place of PERSISTENCE

    TALENT WILL NOT nothing is more common than unsuccessful men (sic) with talent

    GENIUS WILL NOT unrewarded genius is almost a proverb

    EDUCATION WILL NOT the world is full of educated derelicts


    The slogan PRESS ON has solved & always will solve the problems of the human race….
    I have no idea where I found it but its been on my computer now for years!

    Very appropriate in these (and coming) trying times, I think!

  29. Thank you TB. Just because scaps has written that he’s too busy, I of course have immediately written to him. The excuse had betta be good.

    My favorite is daughter E’s sign off: If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the precipitate. It took me eons to work out that it was some sort of geeky science thing.
    Giving due regard to the fact that I quit science Yr 8 (as in asap) and I have youngest doing her PhD in molecular bioscience. However, I can crochet and knit and she can’t so nyahhh. However, she can do fire twirling and I can’t.

  30. Min,

    If you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the precipitate.

    I love it.

    The demotivators over at Despair.com are worth checking out as well. This one seems pretty appropriate at the moment:


  31. I’m back folks…regardless of my commitments, it is the best for me.

  32. Welcome back scaper. How’s things?

  33. Dave 55,

    Thanks for the heads up on Cat Power. I haven’t heard of her before but have been listening to some samples over at amazon.com.

    Very, laid back and bluesy. I reckon I’ll drop into JB HIFI on Monday and pick up one of her CDs.

    I see she has quite a few. Any recommendations?


  34. Reb…feeling me out???

    What will Mrs scaper think?

    The climate change forum was most interesting…

  35. Welcome back scaper…..

    I am suffering today after a very very very long lunch yesterday. I think I might be starting a new company with a couple of mates. Very exciting.

  36. Joni,

    Turn your mobile on…I have concerns.

  37. Joni,

    Still suffering? Must’ve been a very long lunch!


    Mrs scaper can rest easy, my interest is purely platonic..


  38. Reb,

    It must have been a bender, I opened up my inbox this morning and got an email from joni in the height of his glory.

    Lesson #1…never enter into a business partnership with friend or relative.

  39. what do ya mean I’m back, scaper, make yer friggin’ mind up! :Roll:

    …and joni, (with all due respect to John Mc) but oh why did you give him the keys to the toy cupboard – his threads all statr with a bleedin’ novel! :O

  40. Reb

    I really like Cat Power’s ‘The Greatest’ – It get’s a pretty good workout on my cd player.

  41. Scaper – I thought that Tony’s post over at GM’s site was complimentary of you self abusing. I notice that he hasn’t posted here yet though.

  42. Thanks Dave,

    The Greatest, was the one I was listening to over at amazon, so reckon that’ll be first cab off the rank..

  43. Dave, that was me posting under my first name…I support George in what he is doing and it would have been remiss of me to not post here and over at Jack’s blog as well.

    It was a lead for someone here to promote this site.

    By the way joni…do you know how many hits this site is getting?

    I’ve had a lot of email traffic from people that don’t post much but were avid readers of Blogocracy and they are impressed with the progress of this site.

  44. Yeah scaper – we are over 7500 hits so far. I have been amazed.

    I am not a well puppy today. My shoulder is sore, my voice is going and I have a bad cold. At least work will make me more miserable.

  45. Scaper –

    D’oh! I’m a bit slow today. I was thinking it was Tony from Sth Yarra.

  46. Only 7500 visitors? I’m surprised, given the outstanding quality of the posts provided by some of us contributors.

  47. Shane,

    How is Riley doing?

  48. Hi Joni

    Thanks for asking about Riley.

    Riley is still pretty much the same he tries desperately to get up but gets up and crashes back down again. No strength in his left side yet. Love him to death so doing all I can. Going to see how he is after 14 days because apparently this is the crutial period as to how well he will recover.

    He is very alert, eating well and drinking well, barking, so keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

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