What is really important?

I was proof-reading one of the boyf’s essays for university at lunch, and came across this fact:

300 billion USD a year would lift everyone on the planet above the extreme poverty line of $1 a day (UNDP 2005).

And it struck me, we are currently spending trillions on supporting financial institutions that are failing. This morning I posted how we can find money for that and not for climate change, but the quote above highlights completely our misplaced sense of importance. And so I did some research and found this graphic from the UN MDG website.

It shows that for the less than the cost of propping up failed businesses we could lift everyone in the world out of poverty. Now I understand that we need to look after the world economies to be able to help those less fortunate, but it sort of puts it all into some sort of perspective, eh?


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  1. Far more important is the fact that you are proof reading the b/f’s essays during lunch time.

    It’s what we’ve been talking about all these years. Thank you for this. Hugs, Min.

  2. …and our pensioners may be in even deeper trouble than they thought – waiting patiently for assistance in the financial turmoil going on around them…not sure whether our Labor politicians actually understand the Party’s foundation…and original roots…


  3. I agree with Min.

    At the end of the day, it’s how we relate to each other on a on-to-one basis that counts. Despite what happens globally, locally or as directives by our governments.

  4. Whats improtant ?

    Happiness. Id much rather leave this world happy than leave this world wealthy. Much rather have memories of happy times while lying on my deathbed than memeories of how much money I made.

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