Alcohol Truck accident on F3

The F3 out of Sydney today has been closed due to a truck accident, where the truck was carrying alcohol – and I know how disturbing that story is to some of us on here.

Anyway – here is the first photo from the scene.

Oh the humanity!

Oh the humanity!

(sorry – could not resist using the photo – joni)


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  1. Is that a piece of birdshit on your keyboard??

    (inbetween the F1 and F2 keys)

  2. Not my keyboard! I am a mac user.

    (and funny – when I was sent it that was the sort of comment I made too)

  3. Alcohol truck accident on the F3

    Nelson rushes out – “oh the humanity – think of the poor alcopops – what will the kids do?”

  4. LOL

    – and turnbull will claim it was all his work that saved the expensive wine (that wasn’t being carried)

    – and Bob Hawke is rushing to the scene to perform cleanup duties

  5. And in breaking news, Bob is joined by Belinda Neal

  6. Well – she is the local member.

  7. LOL

    Cracked me up Dave55

  8. “Not my keyboard! I am a mac user.”

    Said with all the finesse of the unabashed quintiessential ‘mac user’


  9. Is that a MACK Truck on the keyboard ?

  10. Joni – and she’s been banned from her regular drinking hole.

  11. Joni, the banner looks good by the way…

  12. LOL at both reb (8) and shane (9).

    yeah – i think the banner is going to stay like that.

  13. joni, as a person who hasn’t contributed at all to the banner discussion – I thing you’ve done a bang up job. Well done.

  14. thanks dave – much appreciated.

  15. Joni, could the banner be moved sightly to the right šŸ˜€

    (Its great, mate! woof…just practising my smileys)

    BTW why would I want to start my own blog? Are you giving me a hint?

    …and we don’t spill our alcohol in Queensland we are careful drivers and value all precious calming liquids – I notice not one of the “perpertrators” (?) were nice Queensland people like Kevin – everyone a Mexican or Cockroach!

    …and that birds#ite looks very much like a vol au vont spill to me…reb?

    Shane , I did like the MACK TRUCK very clever! (Queenslander of course you’ll all recollect from the Smart State)

  16. LOL guys, needed that after reading the bailout thread. šŸ™‚

  17. No – TB, the email you got from wordpress is just how it comes to you… once you sign up to wordpress you then get assigned as a contributor to the blogocrats… then you can write your own posts.

    I think you will make a great thread writer.

  18. “that birds#ite looks very much like a vol au vont spill to me”

    I think you could be on to something there TB – a chicken and mushroom one judging by the colour and texture of it.

    Looks like it’s been there for a few days now.

    Which leads me to think that this photo is more about the “mysterious stain” rather than the yellow truck.

    Note how the “mysterious stain” seems to be the main focus of the photographer’s attention – it is the area most illuminated in light.

    Also, observe how the yellow truck has been casually placed in close proximity to the “mysterious stain” thereby providing the viewer with a degree of perspective in terms of the realtive size of the “yellow stain” in comparson to the size of the toy truck.

    Hence, through the process of logical deduction, I conclude that the “mysterious stain” is the thing that is being called into question in this photo – NOT the yellow truck.

    What is the relationship between the “mysterious stain” and the yellow truck? These questions remain un-answered.

    Why yellow? Why a truck? I don’t think I give a …..

    On the other hand…

    The only other rational explanation is that the truck is a real truck, which would mean the keyboard is f**kin’ enormous, not to mention the “mysterious stain”.

  19. AND it would’ve required an aerial photographer – possibly from a low flying helicopter…

  20. Its a yellow truck and yellow is the symbol of nuclear energy and radiation. ( or nukular if you are a Bush supporter).

    I think the truck has crashed and it was carrying nuclear waste and the green stain is the mutant waste waiting to attach itself to an unsuspecting finger.

    Hey we could have a movie rights possibility here if we all put our heads together šŸ™‚

  21. Astute observation there Shane.

    Although my understanding is that nuclear waste is usually ferried through the city (particularly in Sydney) during the middle of the night in a convoy of usually very non-descript trucks.

    If your suspiicions are correct, which may well be the case, it raises more questions than answers.

    What was this truck doing, blatantly advertising that it was carrying nuclear waste, and travelling recklessly over rugged terain that bears a remarkable resemblence to a standard PC (ie not MAC) keyboard?

  22. Oh my deity, what have I started (joni puts his head in his hands).

  23. Also stunreb

    Maybe the MACK truck had been hijacked by MAC terrorists determined to crash and release the toxic substance to the unsuspecting PC keyboard user. Thereby unleashing a virus wiping out the competition by way of a sinister act of biological terrorism throught the fingers of PC users.

    And no I haven’t had a drink. Yet šŸ™‚

  24. You mean its only a TOY TRUCK! WTF!

    Gee, you blokes had me going there…for a while…

  25. PS Thanks for the compliment, joni…will seriously consider it.

  26. TB,

    Please do think about writing something…ANYTHING….

    me and joni both work fulltime so it’s a bit of an effort, today for example, I was flat out (at work, not literally), so the more contributers we can get, the better.

    It also broadens the perspective too, which is how we all learn from each other.

    Seriously, as a retiree, maybe just post something on how easy/difficult it is to surive on the pension and/or your own super…the issues and challenges you face to day-to-day….or whatever….

    It’s ‘exposing’ each other to different people’s experiences that is going to make the blog work at the end of the day.

    Same goes for everyone else…please get involved..

    This is YOUR blog, not mine or joni’s…

    Tb, is the bar open yet..?

  27. I concur with reb, we are just the gatekeepers – we need everyone to contribute to make it work.

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