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Here’s your chance to discuss anything that’s on your mind, any topics that we’ve overlooked, or if you just want to offload with your blogocrats family.

Talk about anything you like – except politics.

Speaking of which, Bologocrats is officially one week old (as of Monday). A big thanks to joni for setting up our new home (despite his taste in music) and to everyone for your support and contributions so far.  Keep ’em coming and spread the word!

Gawd, I’m starting to sound like a John McPhilbin ‘acceptance speech!’

While I’m at it, I’d also like to thank Malcolm Turnbull for single-handedly saving the Australian financial system (or at least, that’s what he told me on the radio this morning). And here I was thinking the official cash rate was controlled by the RBA…

UPDATE: No talk of politics is allowed!


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  1. I can’t imagine the horror of having a child, no matter what age, missing overseas or here. However, I’ve watched the family of Britt Lapthorne on TV the last few nights and read the newspaper articles and I can’t help feeling that there is something a little strange about them – something I can’t put my finger on.

    Is the Lapthorne family of some importance in Australia? They seem to have incredible access to the Australian media.

    I’m sorry if this comes across as churlish, I don’t mean it to be.


  2. Bologocrats? Can I have that with tasty cheese on rye?

    Well done on your new blog, fellas.

  3. Building planning approval? No problem, now would you like a shag with that?


  4. Can we keep the tradition and make the Midweek Meltdown/Mayhem politics free?

    I really enjoyed that aspect of Blogocracy.

  5. Sansy,

    I’ve been following the story of Britt too. It all sounds very suss, especially the hostel owner (or was it his mum) trying to send Britt’s passport back To Australia.

    I reckon she’s probably been kidnapped and sold into the sex trade (or maybe I just watch too many movies).

    At any rate, I reckon the hostel owners are somehow involved.

    Can’t imagine the parents are that well-connected though, I think they’re talking about selling the family home to post a reward.

  6. Adrian,

    Your wish is my command.

  7. I’m with Adrian too.

  8. My family refers to me as the Medical Miracle because of the weird and wonderful medical mishaps I have had through my life (including encephalitis which almost killed me and hyperparathyroidism where I was special in having five parathyroids – one right next to my heart). Well, a couple of weeks ago I did a workout at the gym with my personal trainer (as any good gay boy does!), and I ended up with a sore shoulder.

    Anyhoo – yesterday I went to see a physio for the shoulder and it now looks like I will need an operation to correct a labral tear. But I am going to have to wait for an MRI to confirm.

    I looked it up on the web last night and it turns out that the op entails drilling holes in my arm! EEEK! Look up SLAP tear on google.

    Can anyone confirm, but I heard that because the injury occured when I was having a personal training session at the gym, the cost of the operation and recuperation on the personal trainers insurance?

  9. Yeah but you mentioned politics in the article…

    …just kiddin’

  10. Adrian – I beg to differ – Turnbull is not a politician.


  11. And I gotta tell ye, the banner is growing on me… maybe the lower caseing of the B is all that it needs.

  12. True in both posts joni.

    Also maybe take it down a point size, but I don’t like it centred and would prefer it offset left or right just a tad.

    The background definitely does it for me though, the more I look at it the more I like it.

  13. Agreed Adrian – will try that tonight – was going to do it last night but went to an AIA training session.

  14. I’ve been training for A/A for over 30 years.

  15. If there’s no global warming why has there been a in the reserve next to my place annoying the f*ck out me for two weeks now. They only ever come in summer and like the chirp of crickets and cicadas are always a sign that summer is here.

    You see the thing about a Koel (apart from getting other birds to raise its young) is that the male calls out long and loud day and night until a female comes along when it stops calling to mate. Thing is that mating only takes a minute and then the male Koel starts calling out again to attract another female, and it does this all summer long. So unless there is a steady stream of females to shut it up it annoys the f*ck out of you day and night.

    It is good fun to stuff them up though as they respond if you making the same call back at them, and when you have them copying you for a short while just throw in a tune and listen to them go crazy.

  16. By the way that missing word after “has there been a ….” is Koel.

    For some reason I can’t get hrefs to work here. Here is the link I had attached to Koel:


  17. Can we talk about the unsavory behavour of some union officials?

  18. Tom, I don’t see why not….

  19. Go for it Tom. Hubby relates how on one job some official came in and said, How about it!! The blokes just sat there with their arms folded. A true democracy, an official can be as unsavory as he/she likes but they are hamstrung without the people voting Aye or Nay.

  20. I sympathise Adrian. As the weather improves we have a gigantic gum tree at the back of our yard that , late afternoon/evening & early morning, becomes a raucous cacophony of hundreds of corellas. The volume is quite amazing.
    I know it’s not a very neighbourly thing to do but my daughter & I play a game we call “Cocky Botherer”. We wait until darkness falls & the flock have settled down for the night (in silence). We creep out under the tree & with the strategic use of torches & bestial mockery we send the hundreds into the night sky en masse. An incredible sight & sound to behold…not to mention infuriating for those living nearby, hehe.
    The varmints always come back within about ten minutes so I don’t reckon we upset ’em too much.
    Piss funny, the youngster loves it.

    Not as bad as living alongside unsavoury Union Officials I suppose.

  21. The people who deny climate change, or rather, those people who belive that nothing should be done about it, simply amaze me. Maybe they are happy that we live in a smog filled, dirty, stinking planet. Maybe they are happy that we keep polluting (and destroying) this planet because it suits their ideology.

  22. Min – unsavory behavior is not simply getting a group to take pointless, destructive, divisive industrial action. Union officials have all sorts of tricks – secondary boycotts, intimidation. bullying. Most of this isn’t endorsed by their membership.

  23. Tom:

    “Union officials have all sorts of tricks – secondary boycotts, intimidation. bullying.”

    Or is that just a stereotype?

  24. Interesting theory, that humans have ceased to evolve because due to medical intervention that now even the weakest survive. Therefore evolution of the human species will never get any better than it is now, that is with over 90% of babies surviving that we as a species have reached our peak.

    Just because I’ve nothing better to do on a Wednesday arvo and have dinner organised viz Impossible Quiche…

    The best mix genetically (strength, intelligence) is a variety – during the last decade we have seen nations and races intermixing such as could never have happened during the Middle Ages or even the 1950’s. Compare a village where cousins married cousins with a nation such as Australia where we have the pick of the best.

  25. Whoops, I meant the best as in those who choose to procreate and who via either choice or non-choice are able to do so. I think that I should go back to my quiche.

  26. Re Britt Lapthorne. You need to be there. Imagine, your child hasn’t phoned after going to a party. You phone a couple of friends and the friends have all arrived home safely but none know where your child is. Yes sure they were at the party together. Two days pass and still no one has any information.

    You phone the police. It’s now three days and there is the giveaway – no transactions via your child’s account.

  27. Min,

    I agree totally and have been thinking this for years – eye sight is the greatest example where we ‘cure’ it so easily yet keep breeding the defects requiring continual addictions to glasses, eye surgery etc – not good for future medical expenses.

    I look at the movie GATTACA and see the sense in it – mark my words, genetic discrimination will start to occur whether we like it or not.

    There was something I saw or heard the other day blaming the Pill on asthma and other genetic defects because it stuffs up the females sensory organs making her find men who are less genetically compatible (ie different) more attractive – while this is OK while she is on the pill, a lot of women get married and then go off the pill to have kids and that’s when the probs start. I’ll see if I can find the article. I remember reading about this back in Uni as well however it was only referring to ‘attractiveness’ in that earlier study and how women can find their partners less attractive after coming off the pill for the same pheromone reasons – F@#k I remember some random (but interesting) crap

  28. Min:

    “I think I should go back to my quiche”


    I love it the way this blog attracts all the “butch types!”


  29. Dave55:

    “F@#k I remember some random (but interesting) crap”

    Noted. But appreciated nevertheless…..

    Gattaca, one of my favourite futuristic movies. Uma Thurman was steamin’ hot in that movie!! And this is a gay boy talkin’

  30. D55

    Like you my brain is full of useless information – which is why I get asked to go on pub quiz teams. And I realise it is not because of my witty and charming personality.

  31. Speaking if useless information, Channel Ten has just been found guilty of brainwashing us with chuppa chups!


  32. joni
    me too, but the amber nectar of the gods has a habit of blocking some of the useless crap coming out towards the end of the quiz when the big money is up for grabs (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

  33. I reckon that comments on AGW are political and should also be banned on Midweek! 🙂


    Joni, sympathies with yer shoulder – my tale of woe follows:

    When I was seven living in Yorkshire medics decided I should lose my tonsils – and I did – along with five lower front teeth!

    The clever medics then reinserted them to grow back.

    About 40 years later two of them became infected and cost me over $1000 for root canal work. (Endodontist, “…have you ever been in afight…or…a car accident…”

    A few months ago I bit down on a spoon, while eating, that set off an infection in the same two teeth.

    I went to my dentist, who sent me to see the orthodontist who sent me to see the periodontist (bill for all these consultations – $500) no action just discussion.

    Upshot of all this is an $8000 process (no, that is not a typo!) to remove and replace my two teeth with a titanium peg and two bridged teeth.

    Began on Tuesday – I made a good impression on my dentist as she made a good impression of my teeth.

    PS The project will take just over five months. (I’ve requested an LED inside one and a little switch for my pocket so that I can “flash” a smile)

    As I said “sympathy” with your shoulder! – the teeth will come out next week – when the “temporary” plate is delivered to the dentist…ugggg!

  34. The Britt Lapthorne tragedy is mortifying from a parental point of view. I know I’d be frantic in the same position.

    Stranger in a strange land. Horribly I can’t help but think of “Russian Dolls” & that Tarantino film.
    Hope it all ends well for the family but it seems pretty bleak at the moment.

  35. BTW joni, Ad Astra is trying to contact you on the “About” thread re submitting an article.

  36. HD and Ad Astra,

    I have (hopefully) started the process to allow Ad Astra to post threads on blogcrats…


    and TB, thanks for the sympathy. My medical costs were a bit more substantial. Around 50K for the encephalitis and over 20K for the hyperparathyroidism. But it beats the other option hands down.

  37. In fact joni, we would probably all like to know how to submit an article?

    While we’re on the subject could I ask for a big round of applause for joni and reb for setting up our new home – and as far as I’m concerned – its flying, WELL DONE GUYS…

    …and joni you created the web site the banner is yours – I think Adrian’s last suggestion reflected all the changes we’ve discussed … thanks for asking for our input

  38. Re – stuntreb | October 8, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    “Or is that just a stereotype?”

    Of course this is not a stereotype. I’ve always been carefully targeted in my outrage. Some of the prosecution activity by the ABCC is illustrative. It demonstrates the continuing need for strong regulation to eliminate the behavior. In any other field of endeavour it would be regarded as stand over tactics, more suited to Chicago 80 years ago than contemporary Australian behaviour in working relationship in the construction industry.

  39. $70K Joni? Bloody hell!! Hope you have private health care…

    and TB $8000…? Couldn’t you just get ‘falsers’ you know at your age and everything…

    hee hee hee….

  40. Tom,

    well, yes, I remember the waterfront disputes bank in the early nineties, and there were a lot of thugs around.

    You don’t seem to see them much about these days, but then I’ve never really worked in an industry where there’s been a heavy union presence…

  41. Nope – that 70K was out of pocket… various things like drugs, loss of earnings, flights for my father to come to London, MRI’s, you name it.

    The problem with the encephalitis was that I had lots of post-sickness issues – I was a complete mess.

    But I am OK now – except for my shoulder.

    And anyone who wants to post articles just let me know. At this stage I will set up TB to be a contributor.

  42. “You don’t seem to see them much about these days, but then I’ve never really worked in an industry where there’s been a heavy union presence…”badass reb.

    I work in manufacturing, about 700 skilled employees, & we have 100% CFMEU saturation…& not a thug in sight.
    I say it’s no coincidence that we are in the top 10% of wage earners in the country; solidarity. The national secretary has no qualms about making the trip down here for a chat when it’s warranted. Unions can’t perform miracles but they certainly play an important role in keeping the bastards honest. You wouldn’t believe some of the despicable shit that Howards Workplace Authority (or whatever it was called) tried to pull at the last EBA. They virtually vetoed some of the mutual agreements made between the company & the Union/employees because it didn’t gel with the hardline (shiny new at the time) WorkChoices.

    Tom’s stereotypes are old & generic, but never fail to give me a chuckle.

    Soz, probably getting a little too close to politics there.

  43. stuntreb | October 8, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    and TB $8000…? Couldn’t you just get ‘falsers’ you know at your age and everything…

    …and I thought my teeth were rotten! You forget I am still an artiste!

    joni, that won’t mean articles! Bloody hell, mate I’m retired!

  44. haappy midweek all.

    concur with all the comments about the banner – FANTASTIC EFFORT In getting this site where it is in one week, and I notice a lot of people have started wandering in from Blogocracy as well.

    Joni, Lurve the banner!

    Have been in hospital as younger bub caught the viral infection off me but was vomitting a lot and because of his MCAD deficiency it is very dangerous if he is unable to retain any food – His body does not have the enzyme hat converts stored fat into energy.

    I have been to Flinders Hosp before and have always found the staff to be very pleasant and helpful, even in the emergency department and whatever ppl may say, I stick by our medical personnel 100%.

    But, as a breastfeeding mum, I was entitled to meals while I was in hospital so the nurse on call asked if I had any preferences – I told her I was vegetarian – and for 2 days straight, every meal without fail had chicken or fish in it!!

    Everytime the poor girl would call the kitchen and was told they believed chicken was vegetarian!!!!! When she as informed that I did not eat meat or fish or chicken, she said, Oh you mean vegan?!

    I think in this day and age when vegetarianism is not unknown th catering staff of a major hospital should be aware of the difference between vegetarian and vegan, no?!

    Anyway, end of rant, I am glad that what we went there for, viz. Dheer being looked after and getting better, has been accomplished and we are back home, he was discharged earlier today and th little mite seems to be glad to be back home because he has slept from 4.30 pm onwards, and is still asleep!

    hopefully that does not mean a restless night though since I’m going to need my shuteye…

    BTW Joni, we r coming to sydney next week to say a final goodbye to all our friends there before we go to india in december, so if you want to meet somewhere for a drink, send me yr mobile no in email and I will give u a call….

  45. G’day lekhni, saw you name on the front…

    Sorry to hear about your babe, glad to hear he’s getting better – been an awful year for sickness, everywhere, I reckon.

    Enjoy your trip. (Assume you’ll be back…)

  46. HI TB! Thanks for the wishes…

    Yes, the trip to Sydey is aout a week – we are taking our car so it can be as long/short as we want to make it, but Pari goes back to school on the 20th so we’ll be back by then, if possible, via Princess Hwy – the scenic route, with a day in melbourne.

    Since we have a lot of friends in Sydney (we were students there) it will be agood way of saying bye to everyone there before we go back to India – which even if we do come back won;t be until Dheer is preschool age.

  47. Just noticed the amount of typos in the previous post – apologies, this laptop has a weird keyboard…

  48. Re my random memory store stuff from before – here is the story about the problems with the pill and wrong genetic partner:


    Cant find the study from the 90s but haven’t been looking too hard either.

  49. Guys I have a whippet and last friday he had an embolism and was paralysed completely. I rushed him to the vets and he came home yesterday. His front legs now move a bit. he is eating and drinking well and trying desperately to stand up but of course he cannot. His back legs are still not moving at all. The Vet seems to think he will recover although not fully. I am just wondering has anyone else had a dog which has suffered an embolism and if so did they recover. Despite the vets confidence it is distreessing to me to see him in this condition. He is part of my family and I will do everything to keep him as long as he has no pain and a good quality of life.
    I know it is only early days and the vet said it can take weeks to recover so i guess i am just seeking some reassurance from anyone who has had a similar experience.

  50. Shane,

    Ii’m not sure what an embolism is, but if the Vet says he’ll recover, then I’m sure he will.

    I know what you’re going through, we have a dog too. They ARE just like part of the family.

    People without pets don;t understand.

    Anyway, hang in there. If he doesn’t improve I’d suggest PHONING the vet for advice before handing out mor cold hard cash…

    Chin up!


  51. TB Queensland October 8, 2008 at 3:51 pm. Re teeth. If it’s any consolation, I have 2 impacted wisdom teeth and 1 semi impacted. The semi impacted is the real bugger and I have had several trips to the hospital with this one. The other 2: one is upper and rooted into the sinus cavity and the other lies horizontal across the jaw bone. I have been waiting for 4 years for surgery as there are no surgeons around here who ‘do’ public patients. Suffer you suckers.

  52. Thanks Reb

    An embolism is a clot in a major artery which has caused paralysis and can cause stroke. I am staying positive but hate to see him just lay there ad not be able to get up especially since he is a whippet.

  53. Shane | October 9, 2008 at 8:14 am. Don’t worry Shane, whippet will be fine as long as you are there for him. If he can still wander around and he isn’t in pain and he has you to look after him, then of course he has a good time left.

    Our elderly shitzhu had ‘a turn’ 5 months ago. He is looking very raggy and has to be hand-fed with mostly shaved turkey and he also likes cabana and has to be steered the way of the loo ie has to be picked up and taken out into the garden 4 times a day. Either I get off my backside (because I’m the only one home) or he is put down. I think that he is still enjoying life, and in fact has most definitely picked up the last few weeks and has now progressed to enjoying a slow trot in the paddock.

    Shane: I hope that by now whippet has regained a little strength. If not, then some games and some massage and when all else fails a wee dram (a thumble full) of brandy in water. For the dog not for you.

  54. Did someone mention a wee dram?

    Where’s TB? He’s due to open the bar in an hour…

  55. Thanks Min

    He cannot stand up or walk yet, he can only raise his head at this stage. his front legs move but have no strength to lift him at this stage.

    He also has to be carried outside to go to the loo.

    You give me hope that he will recover. If he can recover to stand and walk I will consider that major success in his recovery.

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