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The second POTUS debate is going on at the moment. During the afternoon we can use this thread to post any comments on it. I wonder if Min is watching the debate, and whether she can add some initial thoughts on what is happening for those of us who cannot watch it live.


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  1. Condescending tone from McCain..hehe, it’s not that difficult to fix social security Tom (addressing the moderator).. Hehee….

    McCain is doing the lines but behind each line of course is Why, if you say you’re going to do it in the future what has held the Repulbicans back in the past?

    Obama was a bit fumbly at first but is gaining confidence as he goes along.

  2. Guy Rundle has a live blog at:

    I will be interested to read Rundle’s impressions on Obama’s response to security questions. Supposedly Obama’s weakest suit and McCain’s strongest.

    Obama is doing a great ‘last question’, all about opportunity and hope for the future – have to have the nerve to move in a new direction. Sounds good enough to me.

  3. I’m still a little perplexed about McCain’s ongoing argument: I can be trusted because I’ve always voted against most of the things that my own party were for. I suppose it makes sense…somehow…but only if one’s own party are really really on the nose.

  4. Things going ballistic just about everywhere apparently about McCain refusing to shake Obama’s hand at the end of the debate.

    Did anyone see it, I’m only going on what lots of blogs and forums are reporting?

  5. If that is true, Adrian – that is not going to play well in the media.

  6. If there is any definite pictorial proof of this, then McCain is obviously dead meat. It would be a Latham moment.

  7. Not apparent from what I saw, Adrian, they came together at the end of the debate, but were told to get out of the way of the telescripter (?). It seemed to end on a reasonably friendly note.

  8. Good James, looks like a lot of bloggers getting into a tizzy over nothing.

    It is true that McCain and his wife left immediately whilst Obama and his wife hung around for quite a while bantering with the guests, audience and TV people.

    McCain wanting to spend 2 trillion he hasn’t got to bail out all of America’s bad loans whilst at the same time saying he will cut spending didn’t go down well.

  9. Watched the whole thing live & gotta say I didn’t notice any snub from McCain at the end. What I did see was a doddery old man stumbling over cliches & overusing “my friends”. Charisma-lite.
    To McCain’s credit he didn’t descend to the sort of character assassination that his campaign has indulged in in recent days (& which was widely tipped by the media for the debate).
    Obama is obviously much more eloquent so I didn’t find any of it terribly revelatory.

    No “Latham moment” IMHO. No tangible win for either, lots of bullshit from both; total ignorance of the role of the moderator & prescribed debate rules from both.
    I guess the net result is a loss to McCain because I can’t see that effort arresting a slide or indeed reversing the backwards trend.

    F@ck I hate it when Americans start rambling on about being the “best & the “biggest force for good in the world”, they are so sure of their own virtue: arrogance personified. US exclusivity isn’t gonna drag them out of the chasm that they inhabit.

    So to summarise, Sarah Palin won the debate because she didn’t have to answer any questions.

  10. McCain did at one point refer to Obama snidely as “that one”.

  11. HD… was just gonna post on that too:

    From Huffington (

    “During a discussion about energy, McCain punctuates a contrast with Obama by referring to him as “that one,” while once again not looking in his opponent’s direction (merely jabbing a finger across his chest)”

  12. HD:

    “Sarah Palin won the debate because she didn’t have to answer any questions.”


  13. One thing is for certain. If Obama gets the nod then Presidential oratory will no longer be the cringeworthy murder of English diction that they’ve had representing them for the last 8 years.

    The Village Idiot grows more pathetic with each public appearance. Some of his latest clumsy statements while trying to hose down global economic panic have been pitifully unconvincing in the extreme.
    I almost feel sorry for the piece of shit…on second thoughts.

  14. It does get difficult to tell and how biased the telecasting is however this is what I noticed, that Obama and the gorgeous Michelle (an African-American Jackie?) hung around shaking hands after the debate while McCain was nowhere to be seen.

    This is one thing that I can’t understand – Cindy McCain is a wonderful asset and the importance of the 1st Lady cannot be underestimated yet the Republicans have undermined McCain and his wife by throwing the Palin factor into the ring.

  15. Human Dividend | October 8, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    The Village Idiot grows more pathetic with each public appearance. Some of his latest clumsy statements while trying to hose down global economic panic have been pitifully unconvincing in the extreme.
    I almost feel sorry for the piece of shit…on second thoughts.

    There was a lengthy article on one of the news websites about how when America most needed a real leader in the Whitehouse to calm the panic and put authority into saying the government was doing everything possible to alleviate the panic and nerves, the Whitehouse was empty.

  16. Lots of post debate reactions on HuffPo (predictably scathing of McCain in their bias).
    In the interest of equitable balance I think I’ll check out what Bolt is having to say as he can be relied upon for unbiased, ahem, analysis.

    I find the criticism of McCain’s effort from US conservatives intriguing, if not unexpected, but it’s safe to say that HuffPo are cherrypicking.

  17. We actually saw where Obama offered his hand to McCain and McCain just turned to his wife and she put her hand out to shake Obama,s. Thought it a very despicable thing for him to do.

  18. McCain looks older and more tired each day – I’m not a big fan of Obaman but I think he will learn quickly (hope Bill Clinton advises him apart from his silly dalliances he was a pretty good President)

    Watched the last 15-20 minutes and thought both were long winded but Obama seemed more relaxed.

    Obama by a nose I reckon…

  19. Just watching the replay of the debate – and I just wish that McCain would stop going on and on and one about how he was in the military – we get it!!!!!

  20. I actually thought Clinton was pretty good too, especially with how close he got to sorting out Israel/Palestine. Must remember that it was him that deregulated Fannie Mae (or his party at least) and him that didn’t get OBL when he had the chance. ‘Twas also him that got the legislation passed authorising military action in Iraq to force regime change.
    I don’t blame him really for the other stuff, boy you can’t deny a man a decent blowie in the pressure cooker that is the Oval Office can you? 😉

  21. The “blowie” was never the issue for me. The bold faced lying (about the blowie) to his country (& the world) seriously undermines his credibility in my book. Fidelity & honesty are important, the act itself was just an act though.

    However, compared to the far more dangerous lies espoused, regularly, by his successor I think Bill’s extramarital fellatio pales into mediocrity.

    Still, when one in such a lofty position is caught out in a lie of any kind it doesn’t bode well for their integrity.
    Prior to this election campaign I kind of viewed McCain as a man of reasonable character. I think, in his bid for the throne, he has allowed the seedier, RW elements of his party to soil his reputation. The cynical installation of Bible Spice as his running mate is a prime example.

    I am currently reading “Age of the Warrior” by Robert Fisk. An interesting read for anyone interested in a lateral view of the Middle East & Teh War on Terror.

  22. I honestly don’t know whether Obama is enough to turn the US economy/society around to how it should be. However as the 1st black American President he will be tryin’ bloody hard won’t he.

    McCain will be business as usual.

  23. Yeah, Min! That sums up my take on the debate (and the election race) too!

    No wonder the Yanks don’t bother voting – it just goes on and on and on…at this stage everyone must be simply buggered or just brain dead – let’s go and have a BBQ and see what happens when the 20 people in town vote!

    BTW, Min, I do hope the family refer to your good self as The Minister? (didn’t get a chance to reply on Blogocracy – nice to know tho’) …of course I always remain as The Prime Minister…(…and my better half is The Minister for Finance, War, Water & Entertainment – this is QLD don’t forget)

  24. Hello TB, my crew wouldn’t dare. I’m an ex pollie via the local scene (Victoria). There is only one The Minister, and that is your lovely Mrs.

    We are moving to..wait for it..Banora Point. But not until early next month.

  25. Min,

    I remember you saying you served the people…

    Banora Point! Lovely place…well done! Hope you got a good rate on the mortgage and its variable!

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