Beer and Wine Goggles at Google

I reckon that a few of us on here might have a need for this.

Google Mail to prevent drunken emails


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  1. Were du I sine up?


  2. Gold – can we build it into the Blog as well?

  3. D55… No way – the drunked posts are fun to try and work out what the writer was trying to say.

  4. joni – Briannie’s comments?

  5. No way, D55, Briannie relied on much more serious drugs to get that level of bizzareness.

  6. Two posts from me starting with “no way” – oh dear.

  7. I reckon that a few of us on here might have a need for this.

    Just name me one!

  8. You for a bloody start TB!

  9. I’ve just done my last nightshift & will stay up all day to do the 180degree turnaround so I can get back into synch with a normal sleeping pattern on days off. So basically, at the moment, ALL of your comments look drunken through my goggles.

    The actual drunkeness will have to wait until this arvo though.

  10. sreb, sreb, sreb, cut me to the quick – just prove that I have ever posted while drunk (’cause even I can’t tell the difference!) 😀

  11. TB – I’ll confess that I’ve been guilty of it 😦

  12. TB

    I think it was the time when you were trying to convince us that XXXX was an acceptable beer.

  13. Dave55,

    I’ll confess that I consider it almost compulsory!!

    (It helps in trying to relate to Briannie…)

  14. Drunken posting is fun but often regretable in hindsight.
    I think it depends upon how seriously you take yourself.

  15. I think it depends upon how seriously you take yourself.Human Dividend | October 8, 2008 at 10:07 am



  16. On that note TB, the clock has struck 2:30 & the first bottle just lost its cap…& most of its contents.
    Wild Turkey doesn’t help with coherence but it sure takes away the pain that you’d otherwise feel if you stagger into the doorframe without it.

  17. HD

    … or when the floor hits you on its way up.

  18. LOL, yeah just after the cats dare me to race ’em down the hallway.

  19. The bar is never opened until 5:00 pm (unless we have guests then wine or beer may be served with lunch or “nibblies”)

    Rule we made when running our business (from home) too easy to hit the plonk early otherwise!

    Christ! Another friggin’ hour! …and I’ve trimmed trees, whippersnipped the edges and mowed the lawn … no rest (or WT) for the weary…perhaps Daylight Saving has some advantages here in QLD I haven’t investigated yet?

  20. It’s always after 5 somewhere TB. 5.24 here in the Southern States

  21. 5 o’clock is a relative measurement when you’re a shift worker TB.

    I never hook into the piss if I’m on shift, just so happens I have 4 days off.

  22. Just poured my WT & soda and a Trilogy (bubbly) for The Minister…Y’know Dave , I’d forgotten that “quick retort” – how true!

    My sympathies HD I worked permanent night shift for 12 months as the Shift Superintendent at a well known steel reinforcement and mesh co. I used to dread after midnight and grabbed more than one of my blokes out of the jaws of a machine!

    Between 3 and 5 was the worst just before dawn (always reminded me of my Army days and Stand To!).

    Played havoc with our social life (…and my digestion, I just remembered – only slept about four hours a day) bloody awful it was – part of my “management development”.

  23. Yeah TB it sux for sure, but the money is very hard to ignore.

    I actually don’t mind (kinda) what I’m doing now. For my entire working life (13 years) I’ve only ever done permanent Nightshift.
    18 months ago I started a new job & it’s a rotating 5 shift roster…Nights, Days (which I’d never done before…I like!) & afternoons. So now I only do 6 N/S per month & either get 10 or 4 days off at the end of each round. It pays well & it’s do-able.
    I guess that also illustrates why I viewed WorkChoices as such a potent threat to my lifestyle. No f@ckin’ way would I do N/S without sufficient compensation.

    You’re right about it messing with your social life too, & it ain’t pretty on your circadian rythms.

  24. You’re right about it messing with your social life too, & it ain’t pretty on your circadian rythms.,/i>

    I hope your management rotate the shifts in the right direction – most of them don’t understand how the circadian cycle works and have you going backwards.

    The Russians did a lot of research in the late ’70’s ’80’s on shift work very interesting stuff (relationship stress, personality changes etc)

    I understand the compensation angle…we used to work three permanent shifts with (from memory) afternoon 20% loading, n/s 30% loading – I always argued for loading the times instead of the pay – and rotating shifts of course…

    FYI James Hardie moved away from 12 hour shifts about four years ago they dropped the nightshift (back to two 8 hour shifts) and increased productivity…some minesites on 12 hour nightshifts allow 20 minute power naps (really indicates a problem, I reckon)

  25. TB and HD,

    Thought you may find these interesting – studies comparing fatigue in night mining shift workers to corresponding impairment of blood alcohol concentrations:


  26. Thanx dave55 & TB.
    Appreciate the info.

    Mum, being a GP, is always on at me about the perils of shiftwork. I seem to recall her showing me data about how N/S actually shortens your average lifespan. Can’t remember precisely what the % difference was but it was food for thought.

    Despite all of this, $45 an hour is a bit hard to pass on so I’ll probably be doing it until I am a carcass.
    Noone ever wins, noone finally loses…except the dead.
    Under the sun they rot together in absolute biological equality.

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