Marginally Angry

Now this really gets me annoyed at politicians.

A story on the front page of the SMH tells how the Federal Government (specifically Rudd and Swan) told NSW that they would not get any federal money for the North West Metro project because there we no votes in it. This is because the area that is to be covered by the metro does not have any marginal seats!

It does not seem to matter if the project is good for the people of Sydney. It does not seem to matter if the project is good for the environment – by moving cars off the road. All that is important is votes.

We need politicians who – you know – do things for the right reasons, not for votes.


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  1. Joni,

    I’ve lost complete faith in our ‘elected representatives’ to actually deliver anything meaningful for society.

    The fledgling transport infrastructure in NSW is just one example of a State that has a population that’s bursting at the seams in Sydney and greater Sydney, with inadequate, roads, public transport, housing and increasing polarisation of the “haves and have nots” with those on the periphery of society discarded and marginalised.

    All that politicans look for these days is the next “sound bite” media opportunity and to begin every sentence with “the reality is….”

  2. “We need politicians who – you know – do things for the right reasons, not for votes.”

    Don’t hold your breath.

  3. Agree totally Joni. I can’t help but think that there is something more to this though?

  4. Rumour is, that the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane is to raise its toll from $2.90 to $4.00 next year – the bridge has been paid for over and over again – most profits go to a private consortium – capitalist profiteering at its worst. The bridge should belong to the people – tolls should be for upkeep if they are applied.

    Electricity is tipped for a 16% raise next year – Queensland privatised the retailers to create competition and bring down prices last year – prices have only gone one way since – you can guess which…

    This is akin to the banks profiteering and we all know where that has got us…

    A sad reflection on today’s ultra free market society.

    Justice, honour, truth, competence, responsibility, accountability, fairness, morallity, exploitation, care, reasonable – just some of the words that seem to have little or no meaning in today’s society…

  5. “We need politicians who – you know – do things for the right reasons, not for votes.”

    Interesting and unusual idea. Please let us know when you find some, trouble is they’re unlikely to be called “politicians”.

  6. yay! Tom of Melbourne is here!

    Welcome Tom, glad you found us. Although we seldom agree on much, I do value your opinion and perpectives!!

    Hope you feel welcome to comment on the other posts too!


  7. The groundrules were set by the previous government. It worked for them for almost 12 years. Why change now?

  8. “7. Miglo | October 7, 2008 at 12:36 pm”

    Because we can!..and should…

    Welcome, Tom!

  9. Prosperity with Integrity TB!!!

    and virtual *clink* by the way.

    Now I must whisk myself away to make a nice fresh Tasmanian Salmon dish for my loved one, quaffed back with a nice WA classic dry white.

    How’s the Minister doing?

  10. Tasmanian salmon, also doomed according to the CSIRO GW fear piece on the Teev the other night.

  11. Rudd denies the allegation:

    I know that this isn’t definitive on whether or not it happened but he has come out and denied it and something always smelled fishy about the story to me anyway.

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