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A new experiment at a laboratory near Oxford in the UK, hopes to harness nuclear fusion where the amount of power generated is more than the power used to sustain the reaction. The story in full is here at the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

Fusion differs from fission in that it is the combination of atoms to create new ones – which gives off massive amounts of energy, whereas fission is the destruction of atoms to create new ones.

And fusion is actually a green energy source, as the by-product is not radioactive nor does it produce any carbon emissions. If the experiment is successful it could lead to the construction of commercial power stations. IMHO, we (the world) would be far better off if we were to fund research into these sort of projects. From the article it seems that there are a number of projects occurring around the world at the moment, lets hope that one of them is successful.

After all, isn’t it better to create than destroy?

Update: Here is the link to the project’s official page


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  1. OK I’ll bite.
    Many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away…I had a rudimentary understanding of such things through a couple of years of Physics during my time at uni.
    Sounds a bit too good to be true but I’d love for it to work.

    Imagine the profound effect upon the balance of global power & the massive swing away from oil economy etc..

    Is it as wholesome as it sounds? time will tell I guess.

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