Roger Moore…the worst James Bond?

According to Sir Roger Moore, he’s 80 now you know, he considers himself to be the worst Bond:

“I’m the worst Bond, according to the internet. Generally hated. I was too funny, too light. Didn’t take it seriously enough.” He seems quite proud of this. “Well, I mean, this is a man who is supposed to be a spy. And yet he turns up in bars and hotels around the world, and everyone says, ‘Ah, Mr Bond, we’ve been expecting you.’ ” Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

Personally I think he’s being a bit too harsh on himself. Obviously he hasn’t seen George Lazenby in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service!”

Of course, Sean Connery was the best Bond, although I must confess Daniel Craig is giving him a close run for his money. 

So who can remember the best Bond line….?

And yes “I expect you to talk!”


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  1. I just read that Moore piece, and chuckled all the way through it. Good on him. I think he has a very good sense of himself which is so refreshing from the usual actor-wankery we hear from self-absorbed dingbats like Russell Crowe.

    I thought Timothy Dalton was pretty good, Connery was the best, but Craig’s portrayal is a complete reinvention of the character and a damn fine one too.

  2. Agreed Ross.

    “They all agreed: acute appendicitis – and by the way, you’re a little gay.”



  3. Best Bond – Connery without doubt

    Best line “My name’s Pussy, Pussy Galore”

  4. TB:

    Best line “My name’s Pussy, Pussy Galore”

    To which Bond replied:

    “I must be dreaming..”

  5. Roger Moore, I’m blonde James Blonde. Roger just transferred his The Saint persona to Bond. If you can get hold of any ancient episodes of The Saint then you will see what I mean. Good bloke Roger.

  6. Min,

    I used to love watching The Saint when I was a kid…loved the way the furniture broke up on impact in the fight scenes.

    Have you people noticed the demise of good old fashioned Australian comedy over the last decade or so…the ones that made us laugh at ourselves?

    All I see these days is cheesey standup comedians and a show or two produced by the ABC.

    A shame really as we all could do with a good laugh in the age of seriousness.

  7. I grew up with the Roger Moore James Bond, and so for me, he is the best (and I know most disagree). But Daniel Craig is fantastic as the new Bond.

  8. Min

    I liked Roger as The Saint (The Minister “really” liked him!) and he did try to transplant TS to JB just didn’t work. (…and i think Roger is a bit affected…

    Pierce Brosnan was pretty good and this latest JB coming soon looks pretty good!

    Saw the first JB when I was 14 at Bondi Beach Theatre Dr No (1962) . We were living in Brissy then but had come down for a wedding and no kids were invited – lucky me!

  9. “I’m Plenty o’Toole”

    Bond: “Named after your father perhaps?”

  10. I loved Sir Roger Moore as Bond! Bless him, he’s so kindhearted… He worked with PETA on our foie gras campaign and even narrated a video for us. Aaaand if you fancy winning his new autobiography, signed postcard and special ‘My Word Is My Bond’ badge check out the URL above, or below, or wherever it gets put… He donated them to us to give away 🙂


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