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Looks like things are heating up in the run-up to the US Presidential election.

On Saturday, Sarah Palin intensified the negative attacks begun this weekend on Obama, in which she accused him of being “less than truthful” about his relationship with Bill Ayers, the former member of the 1960s radical group the Weather Underground. On Saturday in Carson (Los Angeles County), the Alaska governor said Obama had been “palling around with terrorists who would target their own country.”

Obama’s team, however, aggressively countered the attack, saying McCain is resorting to “Swiftboat” efforts born of desperation and declining polls.

The Democratic campaign released a new 30 second ad calling McCain “erratic in a crisis, out of touch on the economy,” and charging that he has now engaged in “dishonest, dishonorable assaults on Barack Obama.” Full story here.

While the pundits reckon she performed well during the recent televised debate, you’ve really got to call into question the intellect of someone that considers the USA to be a neighboring country of Afghanistan.

Today’s analysis from Simon Tisdall in London suggests things may be leaning towards Obama. Personally, I’m surprised that the race is so neck-and-neck.

“Four weeks before US presidential and congressional elections, a consensus is emerging among analysts in both main parties that 2008’s tipping point was reached last week – and the Republicans were left up in the air with their legs dangling. ”

“Such predictions are necessarily hedged around with numerous “ifs” and “buts”. But daily tracking polls, nationally averaged polls, surveys in the 10 or so “battleground states”, and internal party polling are all now pointing broadly the same way. On these projections, and barring major surprises, the Democrats will sweep the board in congressional races, gaining six to eight Senate seats and a dozen or more in the House of Representatives.”


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  1. I was wondering when the conservatives would begin full-on smearing. No election would be complete without it.

  2. Let the mud slinging begin.

  3. It didn’t work for Howard the last election, although it worked a treat in the two previous. It’s an odd look for a wholesome hockey mom when she starts slinging mud. Perhaps that’s the ploy, perhaps they think that people will believe her?

  4. Min,

    I too believe that the public have woken up to this mud slinging and like the fact that no president can be in power for more than two terms.

    Could you imagine the difference today if our last leader had to move on after two terms…worth looking at if the constitution is rewritten when and if we become a republic.

  5. I mentioned this on blogocracy (sigh) before the last election. I think that politicians should only be allowed to serve two terms – and then they must move on.

    It would require a change to what we want from our politicians because I think that they would have to move from the “management” role they have at the moment to a more “ideas” role. By this I mean that the public servants would be more in the day to day management of the portfolio – and the politicians would then be more involved the ideas that would help the country.

    PS. Feeling a little human again now, and after doing some housework I will be working on the banner image. I am going to come up with a few options and will then put it to the blogocrats to see which one they would like for the banner.

  6. How wonderful to hear from you scaps. I must admit to being a middly re a republic, that is it’s not an issue that stirs the blood..but on the other hand…

    Our Constitution must be one of the most boring pieces of paper. It’s a boring old contract. You the States pass X number of your powers to a government called Federal while retaining X number powers while The Crown retains X powers via His or Her Majesty as embodied in the Governor General…yawwwnnnn.

    This compares with the American Constitution which was borne of revolution and even the NZ Constitution which was borne of trying to reach a peace via two great nations.

    I think that when the old Queen is looking sickly and we might be faced with the horrible image of Queen Charles and King Camilla, and when the Welsh and the Cornish start talking revolt then we’ll just go along with it.

    But back to topic. Palin should not be where she is. She is dangerous viz her anti almost everything and pro guns/pro invasion stance. I read somewhere in the mainstream press, She is George Bush wearing pumps (for you guys this means low healed shoes).

  7. Nah Min, though I hate to drag a thread on Palin off onto Howard, in the previous elections before the last Howard did not revert to smear but based them almost solely on fear. One before last on fear of interest rates (to be his undoing in the following election) and the ones before that on fear of terrorists and boat people.

    In the last election, when it became obvious the fear on terrorism and the economy no longer held any sway with the electorate, Howard engaged in smear.

    Obama made the point, which the US MSM are picking up on, that a political party in deep trouble with nothing of substance in their kitty to play with will resort to the sort of low desperate tactics now being utilised by the Republicans. It will only get nastier from here on in until the election in four weeks as the US economy continues to head further south (it is now widely accepted the bailout has failed) and the Republicans cannot offer a single credible policy. Only a terrorist attack on the US will give McCain the slightest chance of a win. Palin also said in a running interview when getting off a plane, when questioned on her linking Obama to a terrorist, that it was more than legitimate and from now until the election it was right to find out about every single thing on Obama and make his whole life public. Of course she forgot to mention that it is then just as legitimate for hers and McCain’s entire lives to also be open for minute scrutiny over the next four weeks.

  8. I like the idea of pollies being limited to a number of terms.

    I have a memory I voted for four year terms in NSW (did we even vote on it?) – I now realise what a bad move 4 year fixed terms are.

  9. If she is so stupid that she doesn’t know where Afghanistan is then we should all be concerned about her potential proximity to absolute power. Noone (who finds themself in her current position)is truly that unaware are they? it has got to be a joke doesn’t it?

    Reb, does this mean that he’s been a naughty boy again & he’s doing a little PR work? Bwave Pwince Hawwy.,23599,24457943-38200,00.html

    My hero.

  10. Quote from a US blogsite…

    “What I can’t figure out is how someone can vote for a ticket including Ellie Mae after the mess created by eight years of Jethro.”

    It is ludicrous that the Repugs even stand a slim chance in this election after their recent legacy.

  11. HD:

    No doubt Bwave Pwince Hawwy will be relegated to such arduous tasks such as searching out the best clubs, bars and srtip clubs for the other bwave twoops to wecupewate in after a hard day’s work wootin’ n shootin’

  12. Adrian of Nowra | October 6, 2008 at 4:47 pm With apologies re being slow on getting back to you. Ahh the Evil Twins, smear and fear. Often difficult to be able to tell where one stops and the other one starts.

    Example: you can’t have a fear of ‘the others’ aka boat people unless you smear them..for example they are the sort of people who would throw their babies overboard. Then having established this smear, then one can proceed with the fear that such people are likely to be terrorists.

    Howard did it so well. For example, if he wanted to come down hard on a particular group of people..let’s say unemployed youth then amazingly there would be lots and lots of negative stories running full pelt in the newspapers. Remember the family whose kids refused to get their hair cut or to take out their body piercings in order to get a job. This story ran for weeks and weeks.

    And what about the so called ‘disabled pensioners’ who were ‘caught’ working around their homes. Yet more smear.

    Mind you these examples could indeed have been valid criticisms of these particular people but it was done in such a way as to smear particular groups of people – umemployed youth, the disabled, unwed mothers. Mostly as a prelude to enforce harsher conditions upon these groups of people.

    I think that rather than Smear and Fear being The Evil Twins that they are The Evil Triplets. Let’s not forget the missing one Envy. That a disabled person is better off than me and is handed it all on a platter/that someone on Abstudy gets more than my child…and so forth.


    The rednecks are really feeling free to display their abhorrent ugliness & hatred under the tutelage of Bible Spice. These same xenophobes presumably think that terrorists are “scary”…it beggars belief.

    I realise it’s not PC to discuss it, but Obama is gonna need some pretty good kevlar suits if he makes it to the top.

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