Banner V3

Here is the next version of the banner… comments?

I have now:

– centred the text
– change the background image to include more people

On changing the width, from what I can see – the themes that allow customisation of the banner do not allow wider columns, but I am still looking.


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  1. My roommate has suggested that the wording should be centered.

  2. I liked the longer shot of the crowd better, that shot you have loses something in the close up.

    BLOGOCRATS should be indented to the right a bit, it doesn’t work being on the left edge of the picture.

    Not sure on the font either.

    As I said in the other thread I think the page should be wider and that would work better with the banner as well. The short width constrains what you can do at the moment.

  3. Adrian, yeah – I am looking at getting the page wider, I am learning all the time here.

    Will also go back to the other font, and will put in some embossing too.

  4. You’re doing a great job in a short time joni, really. As I stated I have set up Forums and I got nowhere near as operational in the time you have.

    The site will evolve and eventually take on its own character and that is exactly what you want. At Blogocracry the layout was News Ltd bog standard with Tim being allowed a few tweaks but I think Tim instilled the character. Here you are free to evolve your own and it will come.

  5. agree with wot Adrian said about the pic, font and positioning.

    Gettin’ there joni, gettin there..


  6. Joni, try Arial Black simple but just a bit different (and I prefer the lower case version).

    Agree with Adrian (and reb) on indent (left or right) but that’s only ’cause its considered blase to centre text headings – personal choice really..

    I did like the flags concept on the original photo.

    Point size looks good though.

    Really shaping up – and you’ll never get everyone to agree, anyway – LOL!

  7. Don’t capitalise the B so making it all lower case.

    Move the title to the left but still indented from the left edge. In fact it might even look better if it’s taken off the centreline and moved slight up or down, probably better below centreline.

    Take it down a point size or two.

    Flatten the embossing slightly so the text is not as rounded.

    The background is good and looks dramatic, as though something of importance is happening.

    I wish I could do some work on the banner for you but have just got back to the company HQ after two weeks out of office and my desk is piled high.

  8. Adrian, will work on the suggestions tonight.

  9. No advice on banner here, but a suggestion on new topics. How do I find who wrote the topic? Thanks.

  10. Hi Gravel,

    Everyone is invited to contribute new topics, if you have a suggestion or would like to write one, just post a note here, and either Joni or me will get back to you…


  11. Gravel,

    Unfortunately – the blog template we are using at the moment does not show the author of the posts. Reb and myself will try to put our name at the end of the threads that we create.

  12. Thanks joni, and no thanks stuntreb, I love reading but don’t have anything I could possibly contribute, you probably won’t hear from me again. 🙂

  13. no probs Gravel, but please feel welcome to submit comments…

  14. Gravel,

    Understand – but please do come and comment when you can. The more input we have from people the more we all learn and grow. This is why we are blogocrats – we want the interaction between people.

  15. Hell’s bells I’m so pleased that I don’t have you blokes helping me cook tonight’s dinner! However…having said that..agree with Adrian of Nowra, the longer shot was better. I also like a little more ooph re color or else it looks like a ‘stationery background’. Blogocrats have oomph. Otherwise, the name excellent, text and format of the name excellent, position excellent.

  16. joni can you please post the full pic of the crowd you have somewhere where I can upload it. The highest resolution you have please.

    Let me play around and see what I can come up with. I’ll have to do it in between road and business trips over the next few weeks but would like to try some things.

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