Hi everyone,

You may have noticed that I have put up an image of Sydney as the banner image… please bare bear with me as I am trying to get some things sorted out for the blog, and it will take me a while while I sort things out (reb and I do not have an IT dept behind us :-p ).

If anyone has a suggestion for the banner image – put a comment up on here.


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  1. I have absolutely no intention of bareing with you joni. Although with the weather getting warmer…..

    Nope, not Sydney. I’ve there a coupla times tho’.

    Maybe something to do with semi-abstract faces/a collage of bods of different colors and races to promote the idea that the blogocrats are ‘all kinds’ and that everyone is welcome. Just a thought….

  2. Yeah – I know what you mean…. hmmm…. now do I have a photo like that in my collection.

    I do have some from the Apology in Canberra earlier this year – would that be the type of image we’d want?

  3. min…. is the new image a bit better??

  4. I don’t like the city thing either…I know that this might sound biased but a landscape somehow comes to mind…I will be first to admit here that you guys give a stabling influence in my erratic day to day activities…a sort of harmony.

    Failing that…a collage with my so called sexy legs there somewhere.

  5. Like your idea Min.

    I picked up on the rats in Blogocrats and was looking at a rat theme something along the line of Possum’s animal motif.

  6. Oh – and I understand that Sydney was not appropriate – it was just that it was the type of photo that I had on hand that was sort of a panorama image. Anyway – it is now history and will not be seen again.

  7. I like that photo. It conjures up every fitting symbol. A plethora of widely diverse people, a meeting place in the tent and an Australia flag.

  8. If it’s a rat theme … What about a picture of The Rodent in there somewhere. Even if it’s quite small, like the fellow himself. As blogocrats last year we shared the election ride together, an unforgettable experience which saw Rattus and the gang sent packing. Ah, happy days! Maybe the famous Happy Feet shot, in a Blogocracy tradition-way?

  9. Adrian – yeah, I like it too. The flags, the people and the day. So important for our country.

  10. An don’t worry – Happy Feet will be making an appearance here.

  11. I like it…gives a sense of unity.

  12. Looks good Joni..!

  13. G’day all! Just got in.

    Nice to see you here Adrian…

    If the keep the Blogocrats finding us and we’ll be due for a vitual party soon!

    Joni – nice banner. Personally I don’t like the idea of three flags – island – aboriginal and Oz for “one nation” but that’s me and most people don’t have a problem with the “symbolism” – I think it reflects the Blogocrats “open-mindedness”.

    Any chance of making the word “Blogocrats” twice as big? We are “proud” of who we are and it seems a bit lost in the photo…

    I must say that I get the impression that you guys are retaining the Blogocrats atmosphere pretty well!

    What we really need is a right whinger or two to find us and we’re really in business I reckon…

    Congratulations to you and stuntreb!

    BTW I see this is archived in Odds and Sods – very pommie…LOL! A term my old man used to use – although he he did serve in the RN!

  14. Dyslexia corretion: “If the keep the Blogocrats finding us and we’ll be due for a vitual party soon!”

    If the Blogocrats keep finding us like this we’ll be due for a vitual party soon!

  15. corretion:

    Gawd strewth! Correction!

  16. I’m with TB to an extent with the Blogocrats title. Should be white and about half as big again as it is now. Also it needs a better sans-serif font, one that’s a bit different to the standard Arial, Bodoni, Cambria etc.

    Albertus is nice but there are many others.

  17. Hi Min,

    Are you the same Min from the far N Coast of NSW who posted on Blogocracy?

  18. Sans Blog, the one and only Min…or as I think of her…Aunty Min.

  19. Great news. Thanks Scaper.

  20. I will work on the new banner tomorrow.

  21. Jeesus you lot are a hard bunch to please!!

  22. The macabre in me suggests a dog eating a dog.

    …or a Rodent in a rat-trap; eyes bulging in surprise as it is caught (& killed) in the act of slinking off with the cheese.

  23. I don’t think jeesus would like to be on the banner.

  24. Mayhaps tin-tin & his dog eating eachother…or fighting to the death over his bone?

  25. “Mayhaps” you should consider revoking that last post.

    No one messes with my dog’s bone!

  26. Post revoked, bone returned.

  27. Thank you and ‘woof’

  28. I think the title should be bigger – it’s a bit lost in the photo.

    And, if I never see another photograph of John Howard in a bloody track suit, it’ll be way too soon … maybe something symbolic … a before and after shot of a turd being flushed. (Please don’t take that seriously).

  29. Apologies for the delay in replying. Just the usual, a hubby working overtime and a roast in the oven and then a daughter lobbing on the doorstep with a load of washing.

    Yes joni, I think that you have it (just my opinion). The Australian flag, the Aboriginal flag and people of undetermined origins/preferences etc. and all with a very positive image. I like it.

    I agree, the word Blogocrats should be more prominent, with the background just that, the background.
    Not white, that’s too stark..take it down to a friendlier tone.

    Thanks heaps guys. Rather than Aunty Min, I think of myself as cute and spunky Min.

    Wave wave to Sans..yes t’is moi.

    I must admit to not liking a rat or animal theme. Poss of Possum Commitas did it so well in my opinion that anything else would be 2nd rate.

    Must choof as it seems that we have a storm coming in. Min of Billinudgel.

  30. To catch up with scaper. Your sexy legs are not just ‘so called’, they are a fact and I have the photo to prove it.

    For any who might have missed it scaper handed out at the last election resplendent in his worker stubbies. A sight worth noting.

  31. OK – I have put up a possible new banner. I don’t know if I like it with the colour scheme on the blog.

    What do people think?

    Oh – and I am still trying to work out how to get the latest number of comments on each thread listed on the right hand column. As I said – please bear (or bare) with me.

  32. Wow! It’s very in your face!!

    I like the people shot. Is “Blogocrats” maybe a bit on the large side?

  33. Background is about the right transparency but BLOGOCRATS is way too big as stuntreb stated.

  34. Joni,

    The link is up at Jack’s blog over at the Australian so expect more traffic…there is a lot of guys over there that remind me of you guys…my post there says it all.

    I’ve done all I can to get the Blogocrats back together…no doubt you will see new names here in the future…that is a good thing as diversity is the essense of a healthy community.

  35. Scaper – thanks mate – much appreciated.

    And I get the message that the text is too big, but I think the concept is OK…. will work on a new version later.


  36. Yep, joni, just a bit big…but closer and closer : ) Like the shadowed background…I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate all your effort!

  37. Just a personal thing but I would prefer to see the tent in the crop or even enough of it so it can be easily identified as a tent. The tent suggests a place of gathering whereas the scene with just a crowd of people just suggests a crowd of people. Only the Aboriginal flags gives any hint this is something other than a crowd of people say gathering for a concert or sporting event.

  38. Well guys, I think it time to head off…I was going to post tomorrow but time is slipping away.

    I’ll try but the reality is I most probably won’t…so just in case look after yourselves and I will see you all in December…I will be going off line so keep up the good work.

    I will be thinking of you.


  39. Also I think it would be nice if the page is wider.

    Having never used WordPress I’m not certain how much you can do aesthetically but I have created Forums and know with that software you have a lot of leeway in how your site looks and works.

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