Crude water

An article this morning in the SMH details how Coca-Cola Amatil will be able to take up to 66 million litres of water from Mangrove Mountain on the NSW central coast. This water will be used to sell to us as bottled water, and is up from the initial allocation of 25 million litres.

Now I am as guilty as anyone of drinking bottled water, but when you read that each bottle takes up to a fifth of a litre of crude oil to produce, and that the water is “identical to tap water” it does make me wonder why I do it. When I am at work I try to use the filtered tap water instead of buying new bottles – which also means that it is cheaper for me.

I guess drinking bottled water from the NSW central coast is a lot better than buying bottled water that has been imported from Italy or France, but shouldn’t we all be trying to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only does it save us money, but can help the planet.


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  1. I love the tap water in my area (Blue Mountains) and when I need bottled water to take anywhere that’s where I get it from.

    There’s something faintly ludicrous about the bottled water fad – sheeple.

  2. “Thereโ€™s something faintly ludicrous about the bottled water fad – sheeple”

    Yeah, pretty odd to buy something that’s “free” from the sky IMHO.
    My trusty rainwater tank is pretty damn handy, just have to pretend the wrigglers aren’t there.

    FMD, if that’s legit about taking 1/5Ltr of oil to produce 1 bottle of h2o (what volume of bottle?) that should be reason enough to put a halt to such unnecessary planetary pillaging.
    Far be it for me to suggest that Coca-Cola Amatil is a ruthless corporate entity trying to corner any market it can oversaturate.

  3. At least if they are only bottling h2o, rather than that fizzy black gutrot that they are famous for, the Catholic Church should be happy.
    Can you imagine how much sperm they could explode with the volume of Coke created by 66million Ltrs of water?!

    Another fine lesson learned from Ross Sharp.

  4. HD


    I saw where you were going with that comment – but it still gave me a belly laugh!


  5. HD…maybe Coke should market a birth control method then.

    I can see the ads now…’bonks go better with Coke.’

  6. Coke Lube???

  7. Cocka Cola?

  8. Have I missed something? How did sperm get into Coca Cola? Perhaps that’s the secret ingredient?

  9. Min, according to Ross, sperm explodes when it comes in contact with Coke…Rice Bubbles comes to mind for some reason.

  10. “Perhaps that’s the secret ingredient”

    *Cough* *cough* *gag* *ahem*

  11. HD: My husband and eldest are very ‘precious’ about drinking our pure/falls from the sky tank water. How ridiculous, to and fro from the supermarket to buy something packaged in plastic. I believe that one should not refill plastic bottles more than 3 times due to contamination due to the plastic breaking down. I don’t have a it somewhere ages ago.

    Re wrigglers: I also read somewhere that during ones lifetime one swallows over 3000 spiders, flies and other assorted small insects. Mostly while you’re asleep.

  12. Ummm, sorry..just wondering how sperm and Coca Cola came to be mixed as ingredients. Did someone start with sperm, obtained by some unnamed method and for some smart-arse reason decided to chuck in a bottle of coke?? Or…probably an even worse scenario, did someone ummm err add their you know what to their bottle of Coke…and the reason that they did this is because…..???

  13. Min,

    From Ross Sharp’s comment in Weekend Talkback:,23599,24440041-401,00.html

  14. Bwahahahaha….um, sorry for derailing the thread.
    Secret ingredient? eeeeww, blech!

    Min, mum & dad always told me the wrigglers were “good for me” so I never gave ’em a second thought. I’ve never come across any reason to believe different.
    Also was lead to believe that rain water off of our galv iron roof contained minerals which were also “good for me”…not too sure of the veracity of that though.

  15. In retrospect the heading of the thread is “CRUDE” Water.

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  20. TB, I failed on the colour thing as well – I gave up. Hopefully joni will do better.

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  21. LOL, epic fail.

  22. Thanks, guys …aaa-nd I’m having trouble including a link – how’s it done here? I’ve just put it in the URL box but nowt ‘appens…

    BTW thanks for the rescue I thought I’d hide away down here and experiment – at least I can italicise and bold now – I’ve given up on the bloody smileys (for the mo anyway)

  23. Re links, I’ve just been copying the whole link & pasting it into the comment window (seems to work)…if there’s a fancier way I’d be keen to learn too.

  24. Thanks HD – just attempted…

    Lost my link altogether..?

  25. That one worked TB!

    As for the substance of the link…I think the greedy Mofo’s have set Pandora’s Box unhinged eh?
    At 33 I have a lot of years ahead of me before retirement so am not too fussed; if I had it all planned out & the rug had just been pulled out from under me (as it seems may be the case for many currently approaching retirement) I would be miiighty pissed off…& helpless.

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  27. HD

    Yep, don’t know what happened before, just lost everything. Lost a few posts over the last few days and was getting pretty frustrated…so thought I’d hide in the backwaters LOL!

    My kids are in their 30’s and know they’ll be OK – their secret (apart from listening to Dad hehe) is to pay off as much mortgage as they can – they’re way in front now plenty of “buffer”. The home is just that a home – not an asset to be gambled…once owned the world is your oyster!

    Dave – as my cousin in Oxford would say – your a little treasure – I will experiment…now!

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  33. “The home is just that a home – not an asset to be gambledโ€ฆonce owned the world is your oyster!”TB

    Sage words TB. My sentiments exactly.

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