Weekend Talkback

I was trying, somewhat desperately I might add, to come up with a witty alternative name to Tim’s “Weekend Talkback” but for the life of me I can’t. Must be because it’s Friday. It’s been a hectic week, endless meetings; the worst kind – conference calls – with about 14 people who can’t agree about anything.

Anyway, enough about me. Howabout we offload whatever’s on your mind and discuss things that have happened during the course of the week? How’s your Super holding up? Will it be Barack or McCain? Are french fries really ‘frenched’ or ‘julienned’?

Maybe Joni can drop in a music clip (being much more IT literate than me!)  As long as it’s not “Cracklin’ bloody Rose!’

Oh, and another reminder that everyone is invited to contribute Posts (topics for discussion) so don’t be shy – just let us know…

And I rise to the challenge – joni


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  1. You could call it “Friday Long Lunch and Recovery” – it’s at least consistent with a lot of the Weekend Talkback conversations (that Bazza used to hound me about!)

    Oh – and GO MANLY

  2. Bugger – didn’t work – damn yanky spelling of colour:

    Try again:


  3. Hmmm, Still didn’t work … so … TB how do you add Maroon colour to text?

  4. I’ve just read that pouring Coca-Cola on sperm makes it explode …


    I wonder if Piers Akerman’s folks were in the soft-drink business in the old days before he was born? That would explain a few things.

    And it’s Patriot Fries, by the way. As for how my “super” is holding up, it’s like my underpants … threadbare and only just keeping things in. Occasionally playing peek-a-boos.

    Did you know that Neil Diamond was once touted for the role of Travis Bickle in “Taxi Driver”? It’s true. Although it’s just a false and nasty rumour that Barry Manilow’s nose was in the running for Jodie Foster’s part.

  5. Dave, this should work but I notice the web may have some limitations with HTML code…here goes…

    [color=maroon][b]GO BRONCOS![/b][/color]

    Couldn’t bring mys elf to “Go” either team – at this stage i would prefer to see Storm “lose” because of the Brisbane game – any other year I would barrack for any team out of Sydney. (Old habits die hard!)

    As for super, luckily The Minister and I shifted into Cap Guaranteed in early March and then into cash in April…however, me two new teeth are gonna cost me almost $8000!!!! Boom! Boom!

    Did anyone read the last post on Blogocracy – seems ABBA got in the last word in more ways than one! LOL! He certainly sounded like a bitchy old woman in his posts! Must look out for his next non de plume. I often wondered about Germaine too…

  6. …and what happened to all those funny little icons?

  7. GO MANLY!


  8. Damn – got the icon but the colour doesn’t seem to work. Just do a normal smiley face etc. testing roll eyes …. 🙄

  9. I use to call my weekend blogpost ‘Weekend Warbles’. The blog was called Mountain Murmurs so I thought it kind of sounded OK and they went together.

    However, after reading that para back it now looks kind of silly.

  10. Which of you blokes/gals are in charge of the little smiley things and cute icons. Not that I’m saying that I will use any of them..just wanted to know where to find them.

    Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Hubby and I have a house…traa daaa. Settlement is early November which fits in with the birth of 1st grandie up in Cairns late Nov/early Dec.

    It would seem that Tim couldn’t think of anything whitty either, and hence the label Talkback. But then who can be whitty by the end of the week, certain not me.

  11. Dave, obviously limited HTML (will work on it though)

    Congrats on the house, Min (pretty quick considering your concern a couple of weeks ago!)

    I’ve gotta ask – which side of the border?

    BTW I meant the icons alongside our names (well mine was pretty ordinary actually) but they’ve all gone (on my computer anyway) and like Min, I’d like to know about the smileys…

  12. Hi guys

    Decided to take the day off because it was scapette’s last day of school holidays.

    Took her to Indooroopilly to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua…the landscaper got the girl, then to Toowong and told her boss that we were taking Mrs scaper for a long lunch in the tower.

    Now that I have reduced my staff by 80% there is no pressure on my to feed them and their families…the good ones have been farmed out to good employers and I sacked the rest!

    Over the last month before the downsizing I had one of my trucks damaged, a mobile phone stolen, several power tools broken or stolen and a clown that is trying to recover money owed ($200) through a collection agency.

    This agency rang me yesterday demanding the money…I said to take action if they are brave enough because the clown was employed as a subcontractor on his own wishes and his work was defective and another thing…he invoiced me as Domestic Landscaping…shit, I’ve only got all my signs on the trucks that indicate my business name.

    Here’s the twist…the cretin used Domestic Landscaping as a reference when I interviewed him…unbelievable!!!

    I didn’t realise how many tools that I had…enough to run four sites and the underhouse is packed with them and the vehicles…I’ll hold onto them as when this financial crisis blows over I might just go big again.

    The funny thing is that after reviewing profits over the last two jobs the turnover has decreased by 50% but the profit margin has doubled.

  13. Min,

    To get an avatar go to


  14. Dave 55:

    “Go Manly!”

    Look, I’m trying be as ‘butch’ as possible but if that’s not good enough…….

  15. Min

    Congratulations on the house purchase. How exciting!

    You accomplished that endeavour remarkably quickly.

    Are you going to have a house warming? I could whip up my famous vol au vents, and maybe a prawn cocktail or two!

  16. “I’ve just read that pouring Coca-Cola on sperm makes it explode”

    That’s remarkable Ross Sharp. The things you come up with.

    You learn something new everyday as they say.

    Begs the question though, who thought of the idea in the first place and what, exactly, were they trying to achieve?

    Extraordinary the things, some people get up to!!!

  17. G’day scaper, seems you got rid of 20% of your worst tools LOL!

  18. Stuntreb @ 14

    LOL – I’ll pay that.

    Min and TB – most of the emoticons that worked onblogocracy work here – just go to Jack Marx or one of those and check out what the code is when you click on the emoticon and then use it here.

    :vampire: :red: :cheese: ;-P

  19. Who’s moderating this blog???

    There is a couple of tossers having a real go at each other at the Brethren thread.

    Sheesh…and I said that blogging was going to the next level???

  20. or not 😦

  21. TB Queensland Just the NSW side of the border, but if we went north then anything that we could afford would have been around the Tugun area and in the direct flight path of the Coolangatta airport.

    It’s been over 15 years since we’ve had a home of our own and with hubby now 60 and 1/2, it’s now or never. It’s meant cashing in all of our super, ah well… Just going to have to work until we drop.

  22. stuntreb | October 3, 2008 at 3:10 pm Thank you so much stuntreb. Yes please…I would love a vol au vent or several and even better a prawn cocktail. Must go, am making Chicken A La King for dinner. And it’s true… I am so sick of eating a particular variety of cuisine which relies heaviy on the same ol’ herbs and spices, I thought bugger it, I’m doing a golden oldie.

  23. “Who’s moderating this blog?”

    Effed if I know scaper. I’m just here for ‘happy hour’

    *Virtual clink* fellow imbibers!

    But thanks for getting the post count up on the EB thread!

  24. Min,

    Chicken A La King you say?

    Well, that’s a new one for me. Come on spill the beans. Divulge the recipe please…!

  25. And Jeezus joni – “Sweet effing Caroline…!!!”

    Is it just me, or does Neil Diamond resemble some ageing 70’s porn star…..?

    Perhaps that’s part of the appeal for young Joni…*Cough* *Cough* *Ahem*

    Now I must dash off to make some simmered pork number with pesto mash!

    Yes, we’re very multicultural in this household.

    My father wouuld be ashamed – mixing that Italian shite with good ole mash potatoes!

    “Dinnae gee us any a’ that Italian shite – ‘patsa’ – those Tally bastards didnnae know whose side they wer’ an in ra war.”

    He would say…..

  26. Reb

    I will show you how to put up the youtube links…

    Just back from a funeral (which was very touching) and now the boyf is dragging me to the gym for some cardio. On the way home I hope I can talk him into a nice dinner somewhere. Been a tough week!

  27. I notice Jobby peeked in on the Midweek Mayhem thread.
    People seem to be finding their way here.
    Glad I’m not the only metalhead in the room.
    Have a good weeked all.

  28. Hey Joni and Reb (and the rest of the old regulars – big shout out to HD),

    It’s only been a few days, but I’ve missed you guys more than I thought I would.

    I’ll be in Sydney for a little while, and keen as hell to catch up if you’re free.

    I’m playing in Newtown tomorrow; gimme a shoutout if you’re free and I’ll try and hook up with you all. I got a stack of cash and a hotel booked in the heart of depravity.

    Much love – Jobby.

  29. Joby,

    Newtown? My old stomping ground. I used to live down off King Street near St Peters.

    But living in Tassie now, so a bit of a geographical obstacle to catch up. Though I must admit that stack of coke *cough*, sorry ‘cash’ and hotel in the heart of depravity sounds tempting!

  30. A few months ago my partner in crime here at blogocrats (stuntreb) had an exciting episode in his car.

    Well – yesterday afternoon it was my turn. But being a slightly more reserved individual – mine was a slow motion ding in almost static traffic. Not much damage to either car – but I am sure glad that I ticked the waiver reduction for the rental car. That means the excess will probably only being 350 as opposed to 3000.


  31. Some weekend thoughts…

    1. If time doesn’t wait for you, don’t worry! Just remove the damn battery from the clock and Enjoy life!

    2. Expecting the world to treat u fairly coz u r a good person is like expecting the lion not to attack u coz u r a vegetarian. Think about it.

    3. Beauty isn’t measured by outer appearance and what clothes we wear, but what we are inside. So, try going out without clothes tomorrow and see the admiration!

    4. Don’t walk as if you rule the world, walk as if you don’t care who rules the world! That’s called Attitude…! Keep on rocking!

    5. Every lady hopes that her daughter will marry a better man than she did and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did!!!

    6. He was a good man. He never smoked, drank & had no affair. When he died, the insurance company refused the claim. They said, he who never lived, cannot die!

    7. A man threw his wife in a pond of Crocodiles? He’s now being harassed by the Animal Rights Activists for being cruel to the Crocodiles!

    8. So many options for suicide: Poison, sleeping pills, hanging, jumping from a building, lying on train tracks, but we chose Marriage, slow & sure!

    9. All desirable things in life are either illegal, banned, expensive or married to someone else!

  32. Min,

    Many congrats on the new house! Now u will be closer to both sibs and more importantly the “interest” – in india, the grandchildren are called the “interest” because one always loves the interest earned more than the actual capital…..

    Not too long to go now.

  33. Joni,

    Let me guess, Sydney traffic?

    Lucky your only out of pocket $350. $3000 is a painful prospect.

    The main thing is you’re okay.

  34. Seeing these pics of Princess Mary I am forced to think – why do we build up our icons so much and then feel bad when those idols smash?


    And on another train of thought altogether, is anyne else annoyed by the Irwin franchise of Bindi/Terry/and now apparently the baby??

  35. Joni,

    Hope you are ok and the only place it hurts is the piece of cow skin in your hip pocket….

    and the prolific”ness” of my posts this morning is because for once I am awake and BOTH the terrors are asleep…… OH JOY!!

  36. Good news in the latest Morgan poll. Labor’s two-party lead is up to 57.5-42.5 from 55.5-44.5 in Brendan Nelson’s last poll.

    Looks like the Turnbull “bounce” might have been a dead-catter!


    PS: Regards to all. Great to see you again. Let’s hope more and more of the Blogocracy community find their way here after being scattered to the winds by the blog’s closure.

  37. Caney, glad to see you made it.

  38. Lekhni,

    I reckon those pics of Princess Mary in that “Mars Atttacks” outfit is just a PR exercise to try to give her an ounce of credibility.

    Apparantly in Denmark she’s getting a lot of bad press as a snob and freeloader.

    I bumped into her a couple of times in Hobart when she was here last month. Once in art gallery at Salamanca, and another time when she walked past me down at the waterfront with the paparazzi and bodyguards.

    She has her head so far up her own ar*se I’m suprised she can stand up straight. Fredrik on the other hand seemed quite “normal”

    As for Bindi Irwin, if I saw her on the street, I’d have to strangle her…!!

  39. Hi Scaper, thanks for the lead. Good to see you and the other Blogocrats again. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for other “lost souls” and show them the way here. 🙂

  40. Welcome Caney – spread the word to anyone else you find out there that is a homeless blogocrat.

    And Caney, I have not emailed Tim, just gonna give him some time.

    Oh – I was just watching Friends (hey – I am gay you know!) and is it just me or is Sarah Palin just an Alaskan version of Rachel?

    Hair? Tick
    Clothes? Tick
    Voice? Tick
    Not qualified to be VP? Tick

  41. The Biden-Palin debate was a passionless, soul-less affair, IMO. I would have thought that with so much at stake they’d have put a little oomph into their efforts. Sadly, it seemed flat and not very entertaining. Yawn!

  42. Hi Joni, thanks for the welcome (and for setting up the blog). Will do!

  43. Frederick would be used to the limelight, having grown up in its glare. Mary, not so. Maybe she will learn to take it in her stride. Can’t be an easy adjustment to make, the glamour of suddenly being a Princess notwithstanding.

  44. Caney, George deserves the credit for letting the lead slip through as he is very strict over there.

    I support what George will achieve.

    An example of how blogs should not go is at the brethren thread here…play the subject, not the man.

  45. Scaper, I will be staying well and truly out of any personal shit. I agree: it’s about the issues, nothing else!

  46. Caney,

    I think Mary’s settled rather nicely into the life of luxury and having more or less anything she wants.

    It’s the hard yakka that she’s not accustomed to. (She’s from Taroona you know, the Hobart eqivalent of Woolhara).

    Hence the need for the PR pics of her picking up litter in a space suit.

    In much the same way as the PR machine hopped into action to save Party Boy Prince Harry’s reputation with pics of him in “the war zone” declaring to the media “Oh you’ve found me! How could this be!”

    Make no mistake, it’s a creafully orchestrated machine.

  47. On Tuesday night I’m attending one of those government climate change forums.

    I will be covering the development of the MDS utilised as a water transfer network, the need for native rehabilitation in the mix, encouraging new technologies to set up manufacturing in Australia but not GSC.

    I would like to hear your opinions on these subjects to perhaps broaden my platform before I put it together.

  48. I just put up a new thread for us to reply to scaper’s request.

  49. ….because for once I am awake BOTH the terrors are asleep…… OH JOY!! lekhni | October 4, 2008 at 10:03 am

    So hubby is still working away? As in you are minus one of the terrible trio???

    And Re Princess Mary…I personally don’t care 2 hoots about Princess Mary as she isn’t trying to influence the political process. She is Princess for life and there is nothing to be gained..so just let her do her thing and if she does some good well, good luck to her.

  50. “And on another train of thought altogether, is anyne else annoyed by the Irwin franchise of Bindi/Terry/and now apparently the baby??”

    Gotta put up my hand to agree with that; I’m not a fan of such inertia. Subtle child exploitation?

    Didn’t know about the polling Caney, interesting! How much poor polling do ya reckon it will take before the lurkers in the shadows (stage Rightwing) will begin undermining Talcum nostrils?
    Hard to feel sorry for him seeing as how he conducted the same sort of whiteanting on Brenda for the duration; karmic retribution?
    As pathetic as Brenda sometimes seemed I would trust him more than a smarmy snake like Turncoat Talcum nostrils.
    The poor polling is a little unexpected though & while it may amount to zilch it will be a curious phenomena to observe.
    Tend to agree that the VP debate was a bit of a fizzer too.

    Not a believer in the virtue of royalty so I concur with the disparaging remarks about the “princess” & “Harry”.

    Sounds like a big night ahead Jobby! Nothing I’d like better than to go see some heavy shit & then retire to a den of depravity (sounds like a Pantera Vulgar Video) but seeing as how I’m on Nightshift & at the bottom of SA I don’t reckon I can opt in. Enjoy!

  51. I was reading in the Courier Mail this morning an article by John Hartigan, the boss of News Limited, that the government is stifling freedom of information.

    Around July last year I was censored and blocked at The Australian and the only blog that let me through at one point was Meganomics…I wrote then to the now PM and he assured me the culture of cover ups and suppression of free speech would end if he won government.

    Well, it apparently has got worse under his tenure, which started when the PM dictated that every government departmental report has to be cleared through his office before being released to the media.

    This makes me feel uneasy and distrustful of any report released knowing that could have been doctored by the PM’s office!

    Here’s what the PM wrote…
    If Federal Labor wins the forthcoming election we will move to:

    * Legislate for proper freedom of information laws that enable
    Australians to access appropriate information about government

    * Provide shield laws for journalists protecting confidential
    sources and genuine protection for whistle blowers

    * Review laws to decriminalise reporting of matters of public
    interest, ie whistleblowers legislation

    I propose to forward a copy of your correspondence to my colleague
    Senator Joe Ludwig MP, the Shadow Attorney General for his



    And what about the one to remove discrimination against same-sex couples. Howard promised to do it, then backed off, Rudd promised to do it, yet here we are still waiting.

    Surely it can’t be that difficult?

  53. Can’t say I’m going to shed a tear with the news that OJ Simpson looks like he’s going to serve time…


  54. If there’s one thing lacking from blogs whether they are WordPress or any other type, it’s that handy little button that forums have ‘View New Posts Since Last Visit’.

    It’s just so difficult to come back and read on from where you left off in each topic.

  55. Stuntreb, yep…it seems the parties have just changed the benches in parliament but the script remains the same.

    I’m still waiting for this new leadership thing to kick in…I suppose we will have to wait for that committee report…meanwhile Rome burns!

  56. scaper,

    I’m also gobsmacked that Wayne Swan and Julia Gillard are defending the Banks’ position NOT to pass on the much anticipated RBA interest rate cut to borrowers should they decide not to do so..

    That smacks of liberal – speak to me..

    Weren’t Labor meant to be the party of the peoples and not Big Business???

  57. Caney | October 4, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Good news in the latest Morgan poll. Labor’s two-party lead is up to 57.5-42.5 from 55.5-44.5 in Brendan Nelson’s last poll.

    Can’t find it now but there is an article and graph showing polling going back for 20 years. It clearly shows Rudd is having an unprecedented long and substantial honeymoon, which Turnbull hasn’t dented as was expected of him.

    These figures for Rudd are unrealistic, unsustainable and will come down to more realistic levels some time in the near future. But I don’t think Turnbull is the one to do this though. Having once been very impressed by this man I am now anything but. He has turned out to be a very poor political performer, an opportunist and populist in the worst mould and is not a leader.

  58. 56, stuntreb.

    I also initially had your reaction to the government sticking up for the banks but when you look into it the government is doing the right thing for the long run.

    scaper and other wingnuts love to have a go at the government for “doing nothing”, yet time and time again this government has done things, like the very timely and well worked out $4 billion injection of funds that was planned two months ago.

    I suppose the wingnuts want us to go back to knee jerk, overnight and very flawed policy implementation that Howard engaged in and which cost this country billions in wasted money. Just how much better off we would be now if Howard had listened to the early warnings from all sides and had carefully planned instead of waiting for disasters to hit and then throw billions at them in election years.

    Yeah scaper let’s go back to those wonderful days.

  59. Caney,

    Do the Liberals have anyone else but Turnbull?

    Surely they wouldn’t consider handing the reigns over to Avuncular, ‘Eyes’ Bishop, The Mad Monk, or Queen Alexandra?

    Me thinks they are bereft of talent and are lost in the seas of insignificance.

    But to his defence “Talcum” Turnbull once lived in an apartment you know, a rented one at that, surely that must give him some cred amongst normal folk?

  60. Adrian,

    I don’t buy this ‘long run’ argument. What does it actually mean?

    One one hand the (Australian) Banks are saying that they are not over-exposed to the US credit crisis, but then say that they have to raise interest rates irrespective of the RBA because of the rising costs of borrowing. And are now saying they’re not going to pass on the forthcoming full rate cut by the RBA.

    Meanwhile they continue to rake in billions in profits.

    On another note, do you think we have seen the worst of the meltown or do you think there is more to come?

  61. Wingnut eh…is that the best abuse that you can throw at me???

    One question pal…if there is four billion thrown into the lending market and the banks have made five billion in profit in the last quarter…then why should the banks not pass on the official cut in interest rates???

    If the banks are free to do what they like, why waste my taxes supporting the RBA?

    I voted for this mob to roll their sleeves up and correct the wrongs that have occured during the last government’s tenure…I was misled!

    Even the union movement, the people that paid for most of the campaign are disgusted.

    The sooner the PM gets rolled from within and it will happen, the better!

  62. Yes Stuntreb the law/s pertaining to same sex couples are that difficult. For example (imaginary person), say if you previously had an opposite sex relationship resulting in 2 children still in their teens. You then have a same sex relationship and want all your worldly goods left to your partner. How should all this be dividied up?? Who has priority? Who is next of kin?

    Also…There has been no decision by the banks as the RBA doesn’t even meet until Tuesday. But it is much mooted by all leading economists that banks will not hand down the full %.

    However, it is a fair-enough point. Banks are very quick on the trigger to pop up interest rate rises but are very slow to bring these rates down and when they do it’s in an iffy manner..such as put down the rate for home loans but maintain the same rate or even put it up for credit cards.

    There is a base root cause of the problems. I think that a good description is at: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24442946-7583,00.html

    Was it only a few short months ago that we were being fed lies about ‘wealth creation’…. Was it even fewer months ago that journos in the mainstream press (backed up by Turnbull..who knows maybe even paid by him) were condemning Swan for ‘talking down’ the economy. Guess what, Swan was right and Turnbull was wrong.

  63. Adrian of Nowra, I saw a graph at Oz Politics, sorry but I don’t know how to do links.

    (There you go joni, I did add my 2 cents worth) 🙂

  64. 61. scaper.

    Nah I think I was saying scaper and wingnuts, attempting to put you in a class of your own apart from wingnuts. I know you bend it both ways.

  65. Fair enough Adrian.

  66. Min | October 5, 2008 at 11:20 am

    Was it only a few short months ago that we were being fed lies about ‘wealth creation’…. Was it even fewer months ago that journos in the mainstream press (backed up by Turnbull..who knows maybe even paid by him) were condemning Swan for ‘talking down’ the economy. Guess what, Swan was right and Turnbull was wrong.

    And that is not the only time Swan has been right and the opposition wrong. Though he bumbles and mumbles along Swan is better than the opposition credits him which makes them think he is an easy target. But look how quickly he humbled Turnbull as shadow treasurer after Wayne had a less than good start in the new government, and now look how quickly he has cowed Julie Bishop, all whilst seemingly bumbling along and supposedly being clueless about the economy.

  67. One question pal…if there is four billion thrown into the lending market and the banks have made five billion in profit in the last quarter…then why should the banks not pass on the official cut in interest rates???

    John Mac would be able to answer this better but the 4 billion wasn’t given to the banks and wasn’t a bailout. I heard the full story and history of it on a motorbike trip between Syd-Melb but most of it went over my head.

    And just what do you want them to do scaper? You are being very unreasonable in expecting things that were stuffed up over 12 years to be instantly fixed in 12 months. The infrastructure fix alone will take over a decade as will fixing the skills neglect.

    Also this government doesn’t make a song and dance about everything they do, which I guess many aren’t used to after 12 years of Howard beating his chest on every little positive whether it was factual, an exaggeration or just something he made up. Rudd is deliberately going out of his way to be the most boring and out of your face government we have ever seen. Because of this the only attack the right wing media, commentators and opposition can make is the government is doing nothing except form committees. I say thank god for the slow long term committee approach as you can see in the US exactly what happens with knee jerk, no planning, populist and let the government make uninformed decisions approach, an approach that Howard was aping.

  68. Funny thing about Turnbull is the fallacy that he is a self made man.

    Nothing to do with marrying into money…an old school chum is very close and Turnbull is in to his sister in law…in a big way if you know what I mean.

    Silk covered plastic sheets are the linen of necessity in that household…a few tidbits on the man.

  69. http://www.wefeelfine.org/

    Incredible site humanising the net.

  70. Adrian at number 57

    Can’t find it now but there is an article and graph showing polling going back for 20 years. It clearly shows Rudd is having an unprecedented long and substantial honeymoon.

    Bryan Palmer’s OzPolitics blog (he’s recently resumed activity) has put up a graph showing this information.


    PS: Good to see you’ve made it here!

  71. The Liberals have a plethora of talent – some of the best minds..but bugger it they’re all small L liberals. Turnbull could have been one but he sold his soul to the devil and everyone knows it. He won’t last past the next election..when the Libs lose, Turnbull will go and go quickly. Perhaps Brough might have another try at a Federal seat?

    Just a note: but how come there was so little comment about Mal Brough and the ‘highly successful’ intervention viz Brough then losing his seat? That is, why weren’t the people of his electorate suitably impressed?

  72. PS Adrian

    Possum has one at Pollytics too. (Look for the Pollytrack, I think it’s called – on the right hand panel.) Can’t post the URL to the particular graph because I’m having trouble accessing his site right now.


  73. Stuntreb at 59

    They must be truly desperate. I’m lovin’ it! How long has Spinbull been in Parliament? It’s only a handful of years. If Labor tried propelling someone so inexperienced into the leadership, the Liberals would be all over them like a rash. I think Labor should make an issue of his political inexperience.

    Also, Liberals don’t like losers (or so the story goes, though the make an exception for Howard). What’s with them anointing the guy who lost the Republic referendum?

  74. LOL, that’s what happens when I post before reading the previous message list.

  75. Good to find the place Caney. Needs a bit of dressing up now and an identity. Blogocrats is a great title but we need a banner.

    Joni/Reb can we modify this place to dress it up?

  76. I think I’ll go and find Carlyle and Sherlock and get them here.

    Oh no…the only place that they frequented apart from Tim’s is BOLT’S BLOG!!!

    There are a few interesting commenters over there…amongst the fifteen hundred posts a day…and I don’t give a fluk about the water restrictions, I’m going to take as long as I want to cleanse myself in the shower after the experience!

  77. 76 Adrian – yes – I am working on tarting up the blog a bit.

  78. Good stuff joni. Will be worth it as news gets around and hopefully we get some new posters along with the old crowd.

    scaper, how about Briannie, chalks, Nemesis… nah stick to Carlyle and Sherlock, they made a lot of sense.

    Sandy was also good.

  79. Quote from SMH “She’s succeeded in life with strength while retaining her femininity. But she doesn’t trade on her challenges in life or on her femininity,” Bishop said. (Julia Bishop)

    “She’s not manufactured – she’s a take-me-for-who-I-am person.”

    Gillard chose not to comment about her personal opinion of Palin.

    Errkkle..she (Palin) hasn’t traded in her femininity. Ya’mean she can wiggle with the best of ’em. Unbelieveable..there are many women who do not try to trade in on the fact that they are of the female gender or do so with some style. Example: compare Palin and Bishop who are both Ms Wiggle Bums with say Penny Wong, Justine Elliot, Jenny Macklin (a stayer if there ever was one) and even Hiliary Clinton. Females and clever but none are wiggle bums.

    Contra to Julia Bishop, of course Palin is ‘manufactured’. And why does Bishop keep mentioning the word ‘femininity’. Sure, I’ve been there and done that but I don’t think that it should earn me a guernsey to the White House.

    Palin was cloistered away prior to the VP debate. Now if my supporters had suggested this to me, I would have said Sorry blokes, I’m back to the farm. If I’m not good enough, then I shouldn’t be here. However, Palin went along with the ‘manufacturing’, hence one of the reasons that I don’t trust her.

  80. WorkChoices is not dead

    Even after being voted out for IR extremism, the Liberals hold firm to a SerfChoices ideology …


    The Australian, 3 October 2008:

    [The Coalition’s federal industrial relations spokesman Michael Keenan] … said the Liberal Party still had a “philosophical position” on workplace relations but “obviously we are also not going to argue with the Australian people about what they told us in 2007”.

    (my emphasis)

    Coalition = WorkChoices Forever

  81. Adrian,

    Don’t worry…I always wonder why why Tim let some of those peoples posts through…I suppose he was under constraints.

    I’m sure the guys who run this show will not be so kind…I stopped blogging for a while because of the constant attacks on something that a lot of people believe in…if you people knew how much I’ve put into GSC you would freak…my accountant does every year.

  82. Min,
    Re Palin and feminity, I feel tat any woman worth her salt should not need to tout the feminine card if their inherent abilities are sound.

    Considering the Republicans needed to sho a “modern” face to counter the racial vote for Obama, they went for a woman. And it says a lot about the Republican mindset that their choie of “ideal” woman who would be president is not a progressive thinker but one who stands for anything anti feminist – abortion, sex edcation, gun control an issue which is pro women Palin is anti.

    So in short the Republicans have just told America that the woman who is happy in the kitchen (read – will listen to the MAN president and do what she’s told) is the Ideal American Woman.

  83. scaper,

    Tim was good. I think he handled the trolls better than just about anyone else around and he did it without blanket banning or censorship. Says a lot about the man.

    Afraid that it’s only a matter of time before they or those like them make an appearance here. Hope Joni/Reb realise this. Methinks laid back and jovial Reb will not be that tolerant and the ever sensible, patient and intelligent joni might be become a little less patient. The joys of running a blog, but it would be a boring world indeed if all were like Rudd.


    There was an interview the other day with someone in the opposition (it could have been Turnbull) where they were asked several times about WorkChoices and the next election. They refused point blank to rule out WorkChoices but they called it IR reform. They made it quite plain that no matter what IR policy Rudd had in place they would be implementing their own IR agenda.

    Perfect ammo for Rudd in the next election campaign.

  84. Adrian and scaper,

    Yeah – I am waiting to see how I react to trolls and/or purely abusive posts. I think that both reb and I might just send them into the cyber-trash.

    My boyf’s blog has had a few really harsh trolls, threatening us with some nasty actions. But we just delete them and move on.

    Anyone watching the league GF? Not bad game so far (and I am a rugby fan).

  85. Joni,

    If you want increased traffic I can get more posters here…I could put it up at Jack the Insider’s blog at The Australian if you want.

    There is some guys over there that posted at Tim’s…besides I left a message on Tim’s last thread to keep an eye on that blog site.

  86. Scaper – put it anywhere and everywhere you can…. and we will make sure the GSC gets lots of hits too!

    And everyone, I just added a widget so that you can see the latest comments made on the threads, and as I said, this is a work in progress – I am trying new options to try and get the blog as user friendly as I can. Any suggestions welcome – as this is the blogocrats blog, not just reb and mine.

  87. Joni:

    “Any suggestions welcome – as this is the blogocrats blog, not just reb and mine..”

    Just want to throw my support behind joni’s comments and efforts. Everyone is encouraged to suggest and post topics for discussion and any other ideas you may have.

    This place will only become what we all want it to.

    Differing points of view are encouraged – even Briannie, Saved and Pilgrim.

    But I agree with Joni, that if posts are purely abusive we may just have to trash those. (As much as I am against censorship)..

    Anyway, guess we’ll just have to see how things pan out.

    A big thanks to everyone for participating so far!!

    It’s amazing what’s been achieved in the space of one week!

  88. Joni,

    Will do at Jack’s next thread…I’ll let Jack know of my intentions tomorrow as I have to send some info over to him.

    Thanks for the GSC plug, but that is all the members are expected to do…I am carrying the cost and Phil from Sumer Digital is the only person that I’ve allowed to contribute.

  89. Well Melbourne are getting a touch up.

    A comment count on the thread roll would be good.

    I’m approaching a busy schedule and I won’t be here much longer, maybe only a few more days…I just can’t fit blogging in and I need to focus all my energy on my purpose.

    I’ll be back as I’m taking December and January off before the push hopefully.

    You guys remind me of what I’m trying to achieve…getting people of talent together to form an optimum outcome for the future.


  90. Scaper,

    Thanks for your contributions. Keep us informed of your progress (time permitting) and good luck with the project!!

    Everyone, here is the link to scaper’s project:


  91. Between the time I found you guys the other day and Blogocracy closing, I visited many, many Aussie blogs and found most fo them boring and predictable. Why? Because most people commenting followed the general philosophy of the blog.

    Apart from Tim’s writing and his very able ability to keep Blogocracy running smoothly, the best thing was the wide variety of commenters: that’s was made it interesting. It would be good if this blog could try and keep this mixing of views going.

  92. Gotta share this with you – from my son!

    If you have difficulty understanding the current world economic situation, the following should help:

    Once upon a time in a village, a man announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for $10.

    The villagers seeing there were many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them.
    The man bought thousands at $10, but, as the supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their efforts. The man further announced that he would now buy at $20. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again.

    Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms. The offer rate increased to $25 and the supply of monkeys became so little that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it!

    The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at $50! However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now act as buyer, on his behalf.

    In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers: ‘Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you at $35 and when he returns from the city, you can sell them back to him for $50.’

    The villagers squeezed together their savings and bought all the monkeys.

    Then they never saw the man or his assistant again, only monkeys everywhere!

    Welcome to the Stock Market!!!!!

  93. YAY! Great to see Adrian of Nowra has followed the trail here.

    I noticed Sparta feverishly agreeing with Janet Albrechtsen on her Palin worship thread; anyone object to trying to give him a heads up here? I think he often provided a different perspective from an offshore contributor…as much as I tend to disagree with him at times.

    I second the request for some kind of comment count on the “Top Posts” graphic, it would thus be easier to tell if a thread was “active” since last viewed.
    The numbers here are growing each passing day; a gargantuan effort over the course of a week joni & reb.
    Sincere thanks guys.

  94. BTW, if seano was here I’d probably have to point out the farce that was the NRL GF.
    All over by halftime….yawn. Or something to that effect.

  95. Great piece TB…but I have dibs on the monkey’s uncles…LOL!

    Go for it HD…can someone go over to the Perth blogs to find Elise…I suspect she is wondering around over there after the election result.

  96. I’ve always believed that bank deposits in Australia were govt-guaranteed (as they are the UK, Ireland, USA etc.) so I was very surprised to come across this article:


  97. Too true HD, that grand final did Rugby League no favours especially in Victoria where they were already losing the meagre following they had garnered.

    I realised just how much RL was in trouble when watching Sunrise last Friday and the weather presenter was giving away RL finals tickets like he was throwing confetti.

  98. Even from his political grave Right-Wing Ratty still has his spanner in the works …

    <blockquote.Howard has recently been ringing around former colleagues and friends, warning that if Turnbull takes the party too far to the Left, to the exclusion of the Right, he won’t win.


    The crystal ball tells me the Liberal Party is divided – and about to become more so. Torn between loyalty to the past (failed) leader and the new leader.

  99. Kevin and Wayne will be planning and strategising with the economy to make political capital from the maelstrom unfolding globally. Given the effective strategists the Rudd team have already proven to be, the pay-off could be considerable …

    If Australia survives the economic crisis relatively unscathed, it will be the making of the Government. Labor will have economic bragging rights for years.

    The Coalition’s economic credentials have already been battered enough since the federal election.


  100. HD @ 95

    Not a farce – a fantastic win for the Mighty Sea Eagles 🙂

    Celebratory beers are much nicer than losing ones – and I have escaped a hangover as well.

    TB – a big thanks to your blokes for softening the Storm up for Eagles.

  101. A Glen Milne classic:

    The remarkable thing is that the Opposition, through Turnbull, has managed to make a clean break from the Howard era in just over 12 months, positioning itself for a decent shot at the next election. It took the Labor Party a decade after the Keating defeat. And don’t you believe the Government isn’t worried. From the top down it knows it is now in for a fight.

    Just what reality do these right wing reporterscommentators live in? Glenn for 11 years or more sung the praises of Howard and made out he was a demi-god, the greatest leader if not the world has seen then Australia. Now all of a sudden Howard is to be spurned as a great liability. Glenn in a drunken stupor even went as far as to attack someone on a stage in front of TV cameras because that person had a go at Howard.

    Then there is his go at putting down the Labor party. Look it took the Liberals just 12 months to do what it took Labor a decade. What a load of utter unadulterated ideological crap.

    But he even gets the 12 months wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t Howard been out of power for slightly less than 11 months, not more than 12 as Glenn is averring?

    Also Glenn is trying to say Turnbull is shunning the Howard era and policies and stamping his own mould yet under pressure Turbull has just about back flipped on every one of his stances and embraced the Howard era Liberal party dogmas, including IR.

  102. Adrian,

    I had a good chuckle when I read that.

    I notice his articles usually are ready for Sunday night…he must write them on Saturday night I reckon, alone and pissed as usual…a visualisation that comes to mind is the opening sequence to Apocalypse Now.

    I would add a portrait of his fallen hero and Milne shrieking…WHY,WHY WHY!!!

  103. Adrian,

    Milne sucks up to Howard
    Milne sucks up to Turnbull
    Howard sucks up to Bush
    Akerman sucks up to Howard
    Akerman sucks up to Turnbull
    Bolt sucks up to Bush
    Shanahan sucks up to Howard
    Abbott sucks up to Howard
    Liberals suck up to Howard
    Liberals suck up to Bush

    etc etc

    There’s a pattern here. Conservatives and sucking up. Latham called them suckholes.

    Gross, but there it is. On bended knee, the whole brown-nosing lot of them.

  104. Caney,

    At the moment they should be called the Lemon Party…from what I am told it is a rabble over there at the moment…self inflicted drawing is quartering is the fare.

    Not good for democracy though.

  105. Did someone mention a “conga line?”

  106. A vertical or horizontal conga line?

  107. Scaper, I must admit to enjoying a bit of schadenfreude at the Liberals in their disarray. Especially in the current global climate.

    This (and the ensuing decade or so) would not be a good time for Australia to have right wing free marketeers “running” the economy. It’s the free market tools who got the world into this mess.

    Imagine the vile WorkChoices toll on employees’ lives as the economy goes pear-shaped.

    Just keep them out of government, I say. In Oz and the US.

  108. Caney,

    I could see workchoices putting the worker in a position I just could not tolerate.

    I worked hard to assist in my way to bring the government down and if this did not happen I would have considered a revolution…a desperate measure I know, but they would have crushed the opposition for all time given one more term.

    I hope this nation never comes that close to the tipping point again.

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