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Yesterday I was waiting for the boyf at the gym and caught the new ad for Prostate Cancer staring Michael Caton. It is a fantastic ad, which deals with a serious issue in a funny way. IMHO, I think it will be very effective in getting men to have a checkup – maybe it will get rid of the stigma that surrounds the protsate checkup.

(Hopefully the link above works – I am at work and the site is blocked, so if someone can let me know if the link is OK. If not – I will try and find a better link that works.)


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  1. Nice topic heading!

    Reminds of a skit with Magda Szubanski playing the role of a doctor advising a patient about a medicinal suppository.

    “Take an aspirin, and if that doesn’t work, shove one of these up your arse!”

  2. Excellent!! As some here might know my father passed away on the 8th March this year from prostate cancer. Imagine. He survived to the grand age of 88yrs having survived a burst appendix, WW2 Milne Bay, a perforated duodenal ulcer..lost a finger age 18 only to have this wretched bloody disease take him away.

    Having been with my father and having seen what he suffered (and I do mean this), please blokes just go and have the bloody test done. Caught soon enough and contained within the prostate, no probs…leave it too long and you’re a gon’a. You do not want to do this to your loved ones and family. Just too slack or too busy to be bothered about taking an hour off work.

  3. Good point Min. It is a serious issue that men need to be conscious of.

  4. Min

    Absolutely – men need to get the check-up done.

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