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Later this morning we have the vice-presidential election in the US between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. As usual – the supporters of both are down playing the chances of their own, but the memes being generated by the McCain/Palin camp have left me completely gobsmacked!

The Palin supporters are saying things like:

“Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don’t think that ultimately matters to the American people so long as they think she passes those other personal thresholds” Joe Lieberman

I mean – WTF!

Then again – she can see Russia from Alaska, so I guess that makes her qualified.


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  1. Then again – they did vote GWB in as POTUS – twice (or at least once validly and that was after they had had 4 years of learning how dumb he was) so I’m not sure intelligence is a prerequisite.

    And she did win a beauty queen pageant so that HAS to count for something.

    With candidates like Palin and a President like GWB, is it any wonder the US is in meltdown at the moment?

  2. I caught a glimpse of McCaffrey (?) on CNN last night who broke all journalistic norms and said something like (referring to Palin): “That is just pathetic, I mean, I have never seen such a bad performance from a politician. That’s all I want to say”.

    I am trying to find a link to it, because it was astounding to see a respected journalist drop all objectivity and become subjective.

  3. I’m gonna be asleep but am very morbidly curious to watch the killer of wildlife digging her own grave so I’ve set up my HDDVD to record her in all her glorious ignorance.
    Even more interesting than the spectacle of her disjointed redneckisms & profound superficiality will be viewing the aftermath, as both sides pick over the political carcass; some will be trying to pass it off as mmmm, mmmm good.

    True conservatives, ie the ones not just barracking for the jumper, must be feeling very uneasy about this. You have to do a pretty decent feat of selfdeception to convince yourself that you’re backing a credible winner in Palin.

    Do you think that the ceremony to protect her from witchcraft will be of benefit to her today?

  4. Good point dave55.

    The country, in the middle of an ill-conceived war at the time (& now I suppose), was still dumb/scared enough to return Teh Village Idiot for a second tilt.

    Too many of jesus’ deerhunters about the place to reliably predict the result just yet IMHO.

    But, once upon a time I felt that we would never get rid of Howard & eventually the greater public had had enough; so hope springs eternal.
    A different animal over there though.

    If only we could just ignore the outcome. Unfortunately the downfall of the Empire will involve plenty of collateral damage to allies & enemies alike. We are all simply their useful idiots for the most part.

  5. Take a look at Jonathan Raban’s item about Palin in the London Review of Books – http://www.lrb.co.uk/v30/n19/raba01_.html

  6. Did ya miss me?

    Makes a good case for compulsory voting I reckon.

    As I have said before – if these buggars have so much impact on my life, family and lifestyle I should be allowed to vote in the US of A…nobody else seems to care – over there!

  7. Good link Ross. Heavy going at times, but a good article.

  8. TB Queensland : “… I have said before – if these buggars have so much impact on my life, family and lifestyle I should be allowed to vote in the US of A”

    I’m watching all the series of ‘West Wing’ at these nights and everytime they someone calls the president ‘the leader of the free world’ I scream at the TV, not unless I get to vote too.

    Although some people think compulsory voting in not democratic, I do believe our compulsory voting and doing it on a Saturday are two definite ticks for democracy.

  9. I think I had an attack of dyslexia in that last comment!

  10. Sans Blog -“| I think I had an attack of dyslexia in that last comment!”

    You do look a bit poorly in that icon! LOL!

  11. TB

    Have you seen reb’s avatar/icon?? I thought he should have had an octopus for his LOL

  12. It’s not quite so effective, TB, at that size. Can you make out what it actually is?

    Here’s the full-size one (I have no idea where I saved it from now):

  13. This clip’s hilarious. Following on from Matt Damon’s comments that Palin as VP is like a bad Disney movie, here’s a trailer for that potential film … http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1831461

  14. Ross Sharpe

    That clip is great.

  15. There was another example in one of the papers earlier this morning, b*gger I can’t find it which is kind of ironic as the question from the interviewer was which newspapers does she Palin read to obtain news. I think that the interviewer specified international news. And Palin even though prompted 4 times could not name one newspaper.

    Palin lost me completely when she that mentioned her anti-choice stance was backed up by the fact that she had decided not to terminate her own Down’s Syndrome 5th child. Fine for you Mrs Palin with your staff, a veritable army of cooks, cleaners, nannies, tutors and therapists. And if your son needs any operations for example tongue-tie which is common for Down’s Syndrome the ability to afford this or worry as to whether your insurance will cover the op will be the least of your worries. Yes fine for you Mrs Palin to take the moral high ground.

  16. I haven’t actually read anything about Palin, nor what she has to say, but my other half tells me that “there’s not much going on up top”

    A bit like “the wheel’s spinning, but the hampster’s dead”.

  17. stuntreb: just to fill you in briefly. Everyone originally was WOW about Palin, a coup by McCain to surprise everyone by choosing this unknown as his Vice President. And double WOW, it’s a female person!!!

    Palin is a former beauty queen, has 5 children, governor of Alaska and is pro-gun (she relates how she can personally field-dress a moose ie after killing an endangered species, takes pleasure in slicing a poor old dead moose’s tummy thence to drag out it’s intestines and other innards..hope no one is eating lunch while reading this – anti-choice – anti-gay, not sure but I don’t think that she would be completely against against bringing back the death penalty for this crime..well she says that people have the right to choose which compares with pregnancy terminations where the answer is No, not under any circumstances – anti-sex education (her 17yr old daughter is pregnant).

    Heheee..listening to the VP’s debate..Palin struggling, called the you-know-who the Tally-bandy. Must be a boot-scooting dance group.

  18. Hallelujah bros and sisters! Joe Biden says that the way to gain hearts and minds is to do things for the Iraqi people such as building (whoops, I mean rebuilding..cos the US wiped them out in the 1st place) schools and hospitals. Surely it cannot have taken over 5 years for the Americans to have worked this one out.

    Perhaps it’s a matter of temperament. The Brits immediately as in ’03 sat down with village and town officials and worked out a plan to restore electricity and water. It seems that it has taken 5 years for the Americans to even realize that this is a necessity.

  19. So, min, is Palin being shown up as a light-weight? Or is she coming across a folksy and a maverick?

  20. Hello joni,

    I’ve just been watching in dribs and drabs. I think that she is holding up well but does get this silly grin on her face when she thinks that she is on a winner. Probably more to the point, Biden is not being verbose (a previous Biden problem), not condescending. A hard task, if Biden was facing another male then he could interrupt and point his finger etc…but against a female then he is somewhat hamstrung.

    Biden is being low key and polite. Yep, Palin herself has just mentioned the word ‘maverick’…obviously trying to push in that direction.

    Again: a hard task – Palin (a woman) can be as aggressive as she likes. Biden, a bloke has to be layback and ultra-polite. Unfair fight in my opinion. And this is from a feminist from the 70’s.

  21. It’s all very structured viz Palin – she is wearing a shortish and tight black skirt and sheer stockings..numerous rear view shots.

    No pants suits for Palin..if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

  22. Min – very folksy closing from Palin.

    I’m impressed with Biden, less so with Palin

  23. Palin: I’m a fightin’ for freedom and the Great American Way.

    Just borrowing from an Age blog:

    Posted by: JWR on October 3, 2008 11:12 AM

    I think a lot of the fear from feminists about Palin is the fact that despite being a woman nearly all of her policy positions actually reduce the rights of women.

  24. Current conclusion: Palin won the debate because no one had any expectations of her in the 1st place.

    My conclusion: it’s even-stevens and now back to the real debate – Obama vs McCain.

    BUT – Palin had been given all the answers and all that she had to do was to spill them out while facing the cameras. As in quotes from Sky News: She scored some hits – she was well rehearsed and was able to present her lines (presumably in a manner which gave the impression of sincerity..my bit).

    I will be interested to see what happens next. Will they allow Palin to front up for further interviews where they might ask her embarrassing questions such as which newspapers do you read? They can’t keep her in cotton wool for the next month, nor can they coach her to answer ‘trick questions’.

  25. It’s starting to get scarey. All the women on the tele-ads are brunettes with heavy fringes and their hair put up in buns.

  26. Min:

    “All the women on the tele-ads are brunettes with heavy fringes and their hair put up in buns”

    Does that mean Amy Winehouse could be a contendor for Talcum’s offsider??

  27. Palin’s week of feverish rehearsal appears to have paid off; no obvious gaffes. No obvious insight either, just regurgitated verbatim mantras.

    I’d never watched Biden previously & was quite impressed by the way he carried himself, fleshed out the issues with much more nuance than Palin, as you would expect I guess.

    As a non-American I find it concerning that both sides speak from a position of presupposed US exclusivity when discussing the “outside world”. Both camps perpetuated many misrepresentations about other countries & past US actions.
    At least Obama/Biden seem to acknowledge that the US has lost “prestige” & needs to accomodate reasonable dialogue & introspection (that’ll be the day) into its overtly aggressive foreign policy; which largely uses the military (in which the US has an overwhelming monopoly) as its chief crutch to lean upon when projecting its agenda around the globe.

  28. 2. joni | October 3, 2008 at 9:27 am

    I caught a glimpse of McCaffrey (?) on CNN last night who broke all journalistic norms and said something like (referring to Palin): “That is just pathetic, I mean, I have never seen such a bad performance from a politician. That’s all I want to say”.

    The Record

    is a staunchly right wing paper that has not endorsed a Democrat for 72 years, when they endorsed FDR.

    They recently wrote a glowing piece about Obama endorsing him and whilst doing that really hacked into the Bush administration and McCain. My god are the wingnuts screaming and wailing over there but The Record just like McCaffrey are spot on. And from what I can gather the closer the election date gets the more right wing media and commentators are turning against the Republicans. Even Fox News could only give the debate a draw when just about every other media organisation gave it as a win to Biden. If this had happened 12 or more months ago, Fox would have had no hesitation of calling it a clear and decisive win to Palin.

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