Weekend Talkback

I was trying, somewhat desperately I might add, to come up with a witty alternative name to Tim’s “Weekend Talkback” but for the life of me I can’t. Must be because it’s Friday. It’s been a hectic week, endless meetings; the worst kind – conference calls – with about 14 people who can’t agree about anything.

Anyway, enough about me. Howabout we offload whatever’s on your mind and discuss things that have happened during the course of the week? How’s your Super holding up? Will it be Barack or McCain? Are french fries really ‘frenched’ or ‘julienned’?

Maybe Joni can drop in a music clip (being much more IT literate than me!)  As long as it’s not “Cracklin’ bloody Rose!’

Oh, and another reminder that everyone is invited to contribute Posts (topics for discussion) so don’t be shy – just let us know…

And I rise to the challenge – joni

Make a date for your date

Yesterday I was waiting for the boyf at the gym and caught the new ad for Prostate Cancer staring Michael Caton. It is a fantastic ad, which deals with a serious issue in a funny way. IMHO, I think it will be very effective in getting men to have a checkup – maybe it will get rid of the stigma that surrounds the protsate checkup.


(Hopefully the link above works – I am at work and the site is blocked, so if someone can let me know if the link is OK. If not – I will try and find a better link that works.)

I can see Alasaka from here…

Later this morning we have the vice-presidential election in the US between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. As usual – the supporters of both are down playing the chances of their own, but the memes being generated by the McCain/Palin camp have left me completely gobsmacked!

The Palin supporters are saying things like:

“Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don’t think that ultimately matters to the American people so long as they think she passes those other personal thresholds” Joe Lieberman

I mean – WTF!

Then again – she can see Russia from Alaska, so I guess that makes her qualified.