The collapse of civilisation (part 1)

The NSW government is intending on contributing to the downfall of civilisation as we know it by providing funding to the Sydney Mardi Gras. Stories in the media today indicate that around $300,000 tax dollars would be made available.

Or it could be that the NSW Government realises that the Mardi Gras is not all evil, and actually is a positive event for Sydney. And I am pretty sure that the LGBTQ community pays taxes too.


(This post is the first in a long line of “the collapse of civilistation” threads)

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  1. I’ve been hearing an indistinguishable sound in the distance all day.
    After reading this post I’ve concluded 2 things…

    That subtle rumbling must be the pillars of society fracturing beneath us.

    That plaintive mewling must be due to the NSW government making the baby jesus cry.

    Now I’ve got to scramble for a safe toehold as the slippery slope gives way beneath me.

  2. bloody homo’s!

    Can’t they pay for their own party??

  3. Glitter ain’t cheap!

  4. I hope the Pope got an invite.
    Perhaps a position on the lead float may be a suitable olive branch.
    Such a good german.

  5. “I hope the Pope got an invite.”

    Well he’s got the outfit (and those red shoes), shame to see them going to waste ‘in the closet’.

  6. “Well he’s got the outfit”

    It’s a well kept Vatican secret (nudge, nudge) that he doesn’t wear a shred under his ceremonial robe. Do you reckon he could be sequestering bodyguards under there ?

  7. more like alter boys HD!

  8. The trick is to double the tulle and then sew (just tacking the layers is fine) spacing it no more than 10cms. Don’t bother about sewing the sequins, gluing them is equally effective. Send measurements if any help is needed.

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