Exclusive Brethren get their daily bread

According to information obtained by a NSW Greens MP, John Kaye, Schools run by the secretive Exclusive Brethren religious sect receive more than $18 million a year in government funding, including $2 million from NSW taxpayers.

The figures obtained through freedom-of-information laws show that state governments injected $5.8 million into the schools managed by what the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has derided as an “extremist cult”.

Last year the NSW Government provided $2 million to the Meadowbank Education Trust School in Meadowbank, up from 842,317 in 2002-03. The school also received $5.1 million from the Commonwealth, which gave all Brethren schools a total of $12 million last year.

Dr Kaye said the growth in public funding for the Brethren schools could not be justified as long as they operated behind closed doors and refused the enrolment of children who were not sect members. “Neither state nor Commonwealth money should be used to subsidise the sect’s deeply divisive agenda of indoctrinating vulnerable children, he said

This raises a number of questions:

The exclusive brethren do not vote and reject mainstream society, therefore why are taxpayers subsidising their schools?

Who authorises the payments within government?  And why are the payments continuing if the PM Kevn Rudd is of the opinion that they are an “extremist cult?”

Where are the checks and balances?

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  1. Well, this does not surprise me.

    The PM said a lot before the election that seems to have disappeared off the radar.

    I personally would like to see all funding of religious schools cut…and while I’m at it the private schools too.

    Up in Brisbane the private schools are always renovating and improving at our expense.

    Nothing will change though…talk is cheap.

  2. Comment 1…you are full of shit as usual…you just like sticking it into the PM like it is some blood sport!

  3. Comment 2…if it was a blood sport then you support the religious schools with your money…wanker!

  4. At least I’ve got money comment 3…you cock breath!

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    I nominate the pet bird.

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  12. That won’t work…by then we will be pissed as and pals again…just like one.

  13. Yep, you are right…at least this thread got a few posts.

  14. Scaper, you’ve got too much time on your hands.

  15. scaps! i followed y post on weekend talkback to see who stumbled their way onto this blog to bicker at each other…

    now i know why u scaled back yr biz by 80%. although it could easily pass for the transcript of a liberal party meeting…..

  16. I was gonna comment on this thread but I’ve already gone down an anti-religious path on the “collapse of civilisation” thread, so at risk of offending everyone but reb with more of my broken record christianbaiting I thought I’d better not.

    However, I hate to see scaper in here fighting himself into submission.

    Definitely smacks of hypocrisy from Rudd.
    EB are underhanded, shifty, exclusionist & have no right to my tax dollars as I see it. Whether condoned by Rudd or Howard it’s equally farcical…perhaps more so by Rudd seeing as how he’d made noises about the supposed wrongness before he was in a position to do something about it.

    I am happy to extend this indignance to all private schools & I’m not sure why both sides seem too scared to take away their subsidies. If you can afford to send your kids to a private school then good luck to ya, not sure that the rest of the country should have to help pay for it though; especially when the public system could use the funds in a more even spread.

    BTW, the Exclusive Brethren have all the hallmarks of a brainwashed cult of bible-thumpers who would impose their views on others by subterfuge. Not a fan.

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