Torture R US

I thought the US did not torture?

In the debate last weekend between McCain and Obama, McCain said something that seemed to be at odds with what we have been told all along by the US (and their apologists).

McCain said:

I have opposed the president on spending, on climate change, on torture of prisoner…

Now – if the US does not torture, why is McCain opposed to it?

Either they do torture – in which case they have been lying to us.

Or they do not torture – in which case what is McCain opposed to?

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  1. Good pickup Joni.

    I think the US decided that “water-boarding” was NOT considered torture because they tried it on their own troops.

    The BIG difference being that the troops know that it is just an experiment, whereas prisoners would actually think that “they are going to drown”

    I guess it’s a kind of “non-core torture” or “TortureChoices”

    Obviously the US does torture prisoners, they just don’t want to admit it.

  2. You bet your sweet ass they torture!
    We are all supposed to turn a blind eye & stitch our analytical brains closed when confronted by the semantics that are cast forth to muddy the waters because apparently torture is A OK when it’s the “good guys” implementing it.
    FFS, my principles aren’t that easy to compromise & I doubt that those of anyone else who is informed & not a rusted on conservaborg fails to see the blatant hypocrisy either!
    One of the things that pisses me off the most about the penchant for US administration exclusivity is that they constantly try to tread the moral highground (witness the breathtaking hypocrisy over US public statements re Russian aggression across internationally recognised borders[in Georgia] which by inference never applied to Iraq) while fully anticipating that noone dare apply the same scrutiny to their own indiscretions.

    Chomsky should be compulsory reading.
    The principle of universality is undeniably important.

    Again, nice analysis joni, a slip of the tongue by McInsane; not quite following the neo-con script eh?
    I am very sceptical that he’s only trying to say the right stuff in order to be elected (as they all do) & will revert to GOP type after the fact; although given his own history of torture I may certainly be wrong. His reputation, in my eyes, is soiled by his alignment.

    If nothing else he has disendorsed Bush (unsurprising in light of todays record 70% disapproval rating) & put paid to the lies of those who grant a blank moral cheque to the War on “X” & it’s rabid, blind supporters.

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