Midweek Mayhem

In the tradition of Midweek Meltdown, how about we have a chat about anything that’s on your mind. Offload it here and share it with your blog family. No long cut and paste jobs (that means you John McP) and keep it clean (I guess that means me…!)

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  1. More from the files of strange but true…

    “Porno Inferno”


  2. I am just heading out for a long lunch at the Chop House in Sydney. Some fine wine will be consumed.

    No octopus on the menu, but I will start with the Scallop Ceviche, and then some yummy Lamb Chops. yumyum.

    And did you see the story about the Canadian PM Harper being accused of plagarising the FMFB’s (former member for bennelong) speech!

  3. No long cut and paste jobs (that means you John McP)

    Who said that? Is that you Tim?

  4. Strange but true indeed reb, another story ala the “chilli suicide” that I shouldn’t really find amusing. I guess the victims were very fixated on what they were there for; apparently endorphins don’t prevent smoke inhalation.

    What did you guys make of Turncoat & Gillard’s revelations about their dabbling with pot(shock, horror, BOO)?…but they didn’t like it, oooooh nooo, no, no…they are waaay above that.
    Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal at all & find it really amusing that it seems to have created a bit of a stirring of indignance in the conservative blogosphere; surprise, surprise.
    I am pleased that we live in a country where such an admission is generally taken with a grain of salt by most of the population without resorting to histrionics.
    Pretty hard to imagine US politicians being quite so candid for fear of upsetting jesus & his deerhunters. Even the public officials over there that don’t adhere to the bible pretend that they do, it just seems to be a given. Can you imagine someone who hasn’t tried to posture & establish their religious credentials running for POTUS?

    School hols here so my daughter, myself & the old Jack Russell are off for a walk on the beach. That’s the beauty of this part of the world, perfect beach & ocean & we likely won’t see another soul; screw the ratrace, I’m never going back.
    At 15yo the dog’s days are sadly numbered so we’re trying to maximise her fun; of which chasing seagulls is always a highlight.
    Getting a day off in the middle of the week is rarely convenient, but works out well during school holidays.

  5. Hello Folks, and thanks joni and reb for your fantastic efforts to keep this together!!

    have a great midweek.

  6. Human Dividend,

    I’ve got scapette for the holidays as usual…but due to me scaling the business back she is on site this time…she reminds me of me when I was a kid…a real site rat!

    Can’t keep away from playing with the concrete and helping me build bluestone walls…she does not know it but she is very, very financially secure…I’ll have to plan her holiday sbetter because I don’t want her to follow in her dad’s footsteps.

  7. I think that Turnbull and Gillard are precisely the people you wouldn’t want to get stoned with.

    They’d be the ones running around the garden screamin “I’m freaking out!”

  8. stuntreb | October 1, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Here’s a mental picture…MT and JG ripping their clothes off and doing the horizontal fandango!!!

    I was going to mention what MT has got up to in his not so earlier years…smoking a bit of dope pales into insignificance…a lever for me in coming dealings.

  9. LOL! Yep, that’s about the size of it reb.
    Then hiding in the bathroom in paranoia, coz “everyone’s laughing at me”.
    I can imagine Turnbull cutting it up with tobacco; bleeech.

  10. And then sitting stoney faced in the drivers seat, thinking “I can’t possibly drive this thing”

    and wondering what else they could be doing if they weren’t so f**ked up!!!

  11. BTW, I read a comment by sans blog at surfdom yesterday wondering where all of the blogocrats have gone; said that all of the alternative blogs that he/she has been investigating are boring.
    I wondered if you guys mind me posting a link to here for anyone interested? I feel it would be a shame to lose some of the great contributors that senor Dunlop had gathered (although I guess a few are gone into the ether).
    Where’s TB? I saw his post at the other thread (weloveyouseall) but haven’t sighted him since.

    ABBA was a bloke eh!? played his hand well, although misconceptions about his gender were largely a product of other commenters assumptions. I agree with him that gender should be irrelevant to the type of debate engaged at blogocracy though; just thought it was interesting to note the very little that you can really ascertain about people over the intertubes.
    I sometimes get to wondering what people look like & am sure that the reality would be very different to inventions in the mind’s eye.

  12. HD

    Please get more here… and if anyone wants to write posts, just let us know and we can set you up as a contributor.

    BTW – Lunch was L O V E R L Y!!!

  13. TB

    And I was a few times accused of being a her – not a him. I supposed the name “joni” was the cause of the confusion.

  14. Scallop Ceviche you say??

    That sounds awfully posh. No doubt washed down with a cheeky and presumptous beajolais perhaps??

  15. Am I allowed to have a whinge? Well bad luck..here it is. I promise to make up for it later..promise.

    Story: After my Dad’s passing earlier this year I was worried about Mum because Mum was only 14yrs when they met and 21yrs when they married and so 70yrs together.

    But fortunately traa-daa son Jared came to the rescue with he and partner expecting their 1st. Brilliant..Mum was inspired..1st grandchild/1st g/grandchild. She hadn’t knitted for 20 years and it’s been a wonderful interest for her. She isn’t much of a socialiser.

    And so if you want a nightmare situation: try all of my mother’s knitting being lost in the mail (sent via Registered Post)

    I have been trying to phone Australia Post all morning – press the buttons/get cut off and when you get through to be told ‘you have been placed in a queue’ then the phone goes dead. I’ve tried this 5 times now and can’t get any further than dead phone/silence. I eventually got through to be told that I could have ‘an appointment’ via phone tomorrow morning around 10am!!!!!

    Son had gone to the PO twice to be told that there was no parcel for him. In frustration I phoned the PO directly and here is a transcript of the conversation:

    He said: Ah yes we have that parcel.

    I said: My son has called in TWICE to collect the parcel and was told that the parcel wasn’t there.

    He said: Oh yes, J** A** you mean, but ah yes, but he didn’t have the Pink Card

    I said: But the 2nd time he called in he had the Consignment Parcel Number.

    He said: Ah yes, but he still didn’t have the Pink Card.

    I said: This is his 84yr old granny’s knitting..just give him the friggin’ parcel!!

    He agreed that he would.

  16. Welcome scaper!

    I reckon Talcum’s a rampant coke fiend!!

    Adds more weight to the nickname Talcum!

    I’m just popping out back to “powder my nose”


  17. Min,

    Of course your allowed to have a whinge. In fact it’s almost compulsory around these parts.

    That must’ve been very frustrating, losing the knitting. Sounds like they’ve found it though which is miraculous considering Australia Post!!

    Knitting will be good to keep your mum occupied. I quite like those knitted household items – like toasters and telephones (knitted versions of the old bakelite phones) …way cool!

  18. I must admit that Midweek Mayhem sounds to be an improvement on a Meltdown.

    Not letting go of the tradition of a recipe or 2 I think that I have nutted out the chicken, avocado and brie served at a pub near to my location. I found a USA recipe similar but I think this is closer to what is served locally. Hope that this is understandable, it’s as sent to eldest daughter.


    Chicken breasts
    2 avocados
    1x500ml carton chicken stock liquid
    1x125g pack of Brie
    Fresh basil

    Method: Cut rind off brie and chop. Roughly chop 1 of the avocados. Roughly chop about 1 tablespoon fresh basil. Add 1 cup of chicken stock. Blend quickly until smooth. Put in saucepan and warm through. Add extra chicken stock if it thickens too much…it should be the consistency of light cream and not gluggy.

    Pan fry or bbq chicken until browned and cooked through. Top with the 2nd avocado, finely sliced and pour avocado/brie over. Serve with chips and salad or veg (e.g. Scalloped potatoes and steamed asparagus).

    Note: do not add salt as the brie makes the sauce salty enough.

  19. reb,

    actually it was:

    Te Karinga Pinot Noir (x 2)
    Paringa Shiraz
    Bannockburn Shiraz (x2)

    and sundry beers, ports, coffees, etc.

    Very nice way to spend an afternoon.

    Oh – and to those who post comments. I think the first time you post, reb and I need to approve… but after that your comments are automatically approved.

    And if anyone wants to write a thread, just let us know and we will approve you.

    and finally – this is not a news.com.au blog, so if you want to say sh!t, say shit ! LOL

    bartender – beer please!!!!

    (Oh – and I am just heading off now for my FREE agency drinks. When I say free – I actually mean that I get some of my commission back out of them)

  20. Thanks for the recipe Min! And recipe Queen Lekhni’s made an appearance.!!

    Hopefully we can look foward to some nice summer Indian dish suggestions!

  21. Joni,

    Bloody Hell! I’m amazed you can still type! I presume you mean glasses rather than bottles!! (x2)

    By the time I’m on to the ports n coffees I usually end up flirting with the waiters!!

    I remember on one occasion, this delightful young waiter asked “Can I interest you in something sweet?” To which I replied, much to the amusement of my dining companion, and in my best Roger Moore voice…

    “Well, I’m tempted to say yes almost immediately, but I think I’d better take a look at the menu first”.


  22. stuntreb | October 1, 2008 at 3:12 pm Thank you stuntreb, I realise that a lot of what I mention is probably dumb, about unimportant things such as an 84yr old’s knitting going missing and there being no way to be able to contact anyone without booking an appointment.

    Yep…they’ve had it all along but they won’t give my son his grandmother’s knitting!!!!

    I am most definitely my mother’s daughter. No one and I’ve copped heaps, is going to tell me to p’off because what I say isn’t important enough in their exulted opinions.

  23. anyone have a recipe for deep-fried camembert with cranberry sauce?

    It’s very 70’s but yummy, and so light on the hips too! *Cough* *Cough* ahem…

  24. reb… nope – they were bottles. 5 of us at lunch. We are IT people so we know what we are doing.

    And min – too right you should be upset with AP!

    Lekhni – welcome and please post often – we’ve all missed you.

  25. It’s very 70’s..yep..but then I am very 50’s and hubby is very Post War.

    Dip the camembert into beaten egg. Coat with breadcrumbs. Fridge for 30mins.

    For the sauce: cranberry sauce, 1 cup orange juice and about 1 tablespoon orange rind. I’m a bit of a sweet tooth and find the above a little bland and so I add 1 tablespoon brown or raw sugar.

    Deep fry quickly – as in 1-2 mins. Nope, no time to dash out for a beer.

  26. Do you think Annie Barrie and Brian Sutton were really the same person?

  27. Lovely thanks Min! Deep Fried Camembert is one of my favourite indulgences!

  28. Miglo,

    I am firmly convinced that Annie and Brian were the same person. Annie disappeared as soon as Howard lost the election, and Brian appeared immediately thereafter.

    Also “Brian” gave the game away, when ‘he’ let slip in one of his posts referring to Rudd as “Pixie” which was Annie’s favourite term.

    Also, I think ‘Annie’ was more than one person. Sometimes Annie would come across as sweet but a bit naive, other times full of hatred and foul-mouthed.

    Unless “Briannie” is an unfortunate individual who happens to be institutionalised somewhere with multiple personality disorder, and allowed occasional access to a PC and the Internet, which would explain things quite perfectly.

  29. “I’ll have to plan her holiday sbetter because I don’t want her to follow in her dad’s footsteps.”scaper

    That makes 2 of us mate, my daughter was off the scale (upper) on the LAN tests (OZ wide) that we just got the results for. But as I well know from my own history…it doesn’t matter how academically proficient you are if you don’t have the requisite motivation (not a problem for you I imagine).
    Coulda, woulda, shoulda in my case; potential wasted depending upon who you listen to. Part of the reason I deferred my Marine Sci. degree many moons ago & have since (until recently) had to rely on hard labour to make ends meet.
    Trying to impart these lessons to my youngster, she’s heading in the right direction currently. A big motivation for her is her granny (my mother) who went to uni at 45 & is now a doctor.
    I would give much to keep her from a human assembly line.

    “Please get more here… and if anyone wants to write posts, just let us know and we can set you up as a contributor.”joni

    I’ll try & corral anyone I can find then, although I fear some are irretrievably lost. Do you think it would be impolite to use Tim as a go between? I have been in contact with him intermittently over the last year or so.
    Definitely interested in perhaps writing a post occasionally, time permitting, & promise to take the responsibility seriously…but more on that at a later date.
    Also, free to swear eh? an invitation to sip from the poisoned chalice methinks; I’ll try to exercise restraint but, just quietly…fuck Rupert Murdoch & News.com.

    “Bloody Hell! I’m amazed you can still type! I presume you mean glasses rather than bottles!! (x2)”reb

    Any of you ever been to the Coonawarra? pretty decent wines in these parts; on my doorstep. I’m ashamed (not really) to say that I’ve never been too fussy with booze; I blame Catholic boarding school & poverty stricken days at uni where choice was very limited.

    “Do you think Annie Barrie and Brian Sutton were really the same person?”miglo

    The syntax certainly invites comparison, although Briannie always seemed more like comedy than a serious dig.
    I always thought the worst one for it was bobshe of tasqld & his many sockpuppets invented to support his ideology.
    Gotta confess that I did a few posts as toiletboss of The Sodfarm, but they were just meant to be stoopid; I actually prefer toiletboss as a tag rather than Human Dividend but it’s fairly unhelpful when trying to get a point across.

  30. OK, thought I’d post to show I’m around. Thanks to Steve & Human Dividend for the link.

    Personally looking forward to two things this long weekend…

    Firstly, Friday is when Sarah Palin meets Joe Biden for the VP debate. Whilst I don’t think it is a huge risk for the Democrats (Biden is prone to weird and whacky gaffes), Palin could end McCain quite easily by repeating her “Couric Interview” performance. Not terribly interested in the debate itself – just finding out whether she is as bad as she currently appears.

    Secondly, for the first time in many years, the missus & I get a whole weekend off! Planning on a nice dinner at a local award winning restaurant, a movie, a picnic, and some general “together time” (yeah, call me Mr Sappy!).

    All in all – some nice plans ahead. Oh, and who do we send stuff to should we have the urge to write an article (I’m kinda suffering political debate withdrawal!)

  31. thanks for the welcome guys! and i’ll definitely try and be more regular here…

    also, will need to sharpen my culinary skills as they have been taken over by the any sandwich when hungry instinct in the last few months!

    but will definitely make an effort… i’ve missed you ppl too!!

  32. Any of you ever been to the Coonawarra? pretty decent wines in these parts. (Human Dividend).

    Went there for a holiday with the missus many moons ago and did not even visit one winery. Her fault – not mine. I’ve since discovered Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav and would go there again at the drop of a hat, purely to get my hands on some past vintages.

    Every year I buy a couple of cases with the intent of cellaring for a decade, but it’s just so hard to cellar! It screams at me for immediate consumption.

    Don’t be too jealous HD, but I do have some 1998 bottles that will be coming out before Xmas. Not visiting Canberra at Xmas are you?

  33. PS HD, but I was born in Kingston, down near your neck of the woods.

  34. “Friday is when Sarah Palin meets Joe Biden for the VP debate. Whilst I don’t think it is a huge risk for the Democrats (Biden is prone to weird and whacky gaffes), Palin could end McCain quite easily …”B.Tolputt

    Yup, that’s gonna be interesting for sure.
    I too wonder if she can possibly decimate her own potential POTUS credibility any more than she has already done in her exceedingly rare public interrogations to date. Cringeworthy & naive from what I’ve viewed.
    A daunting task ahead of her indeed, but because this is a person who may be heir to the Empire’s nuclear arsenal I see a real need for scrutiny.

    The sources are left biased but I found both of these links unsettling. In particular the 2nd link raises a plethora of questionable moral judgements; at least for a person with the keys to armageddon.

    Friday is when Sarah Palin meets Joe Biden for the VP debate. Whilst I don’t think it is a huge risk for the Democrats (Biden is prone to weird and whacky gaffes), Palin could end McCain quite easily .



  35. “PS HD, but I was born in Kingston, down near your neck of the woods.”miglo

    No shit. WOW, I was born in the Kingston Soldiers Memorial hospital too!
    We had a shack in Kingston at Pinks Beach where we used to spend every summer when I was growing up. The farm is back inland along then Princes HWY.
    And who can forget the BIG LOBSTER…LOL.
    I know one thing for sure, empty beer bottles bounce off its fibreglass exoskeleton no matter how hard they are thrown.

    Small world eh?!

    Alas I will be nowhere near Canberra for Xmas this year, I have an inflexible 5 year shift roster & it aint pretty.
    Cellars don’t work for me either.

  36. Min, something make you feel a bit etter about the Aust Post debacle…

    Have been preparing the papers to get Lifetime Visa for the kids and myself from the Indian Consulate – Indian constitution does not allow dual citizenship.

    1. Called the info help line – was told all I needed to do was take our Oz passports and my Indian Passport to the local contractor where they would accept my application and A$400 per person fees (no reduction for minors)

    2. Rocked up to the local office as instructed only to be told the application form has to be submitted online – BUT then you have to print out copies of it IN DUPLICATE and bring it to the contractor along with 2 photocopies of all documents – including birth certificates for both kids, my citizenship certificate, our marriage certificate and 4 photographs for each of us.

    3. No problems I thought – and dug out our passport photos to take along – only to discover the photos HAVE T BE 35mmx35mm suare – if we attach passport size photos the application will be rejected AAAARGGGH!

    4. So now tomorrow I get the wonderful job of going and getting new prints of photos for the 3 of us which are the “right” size.

    BUT can I go and submit the papers tomorrow? NO WAY! They are closed for Indian Public Holiday Gandhi’s Birthday…

    Oh and the time for processing the application?? 45 working days!! thats right NOT 4 to 5, but FORTY FIVE working days!!!

  37. B Tolputt and everyone…

    Everyone is invited to submit articles.

    It’s probably best to let Joni know as he’s a bit more IT literate than me!

    But certainly it can be arranged and we really encourage everyone to have a go…!


  38. Well, here I am. Thanks for all of the kind invitations. I’ve resisted for all of about a couple of days for a couple of reasons.

    1. I did wonder about the sense of becoming the blog’s whipping boy (esp with Reb and Joni running the show) being the RWDB that I am and
    2. It’s amazing how much work I have got done this week without bloody Blogocracy to distract me. It’s a bloody addiction!!

  39. James,

    Welcome – and we will not use you as our whipping boy (honest).

    But we would really appreciate your contributions to the blog.

  40. You’ll be gettin’ ’em, Joni. Worry not about that!!

  41. Hi James,

    You are very welcome here!!

    It’s the differences in opinion that make the blog interesting. So please do feel welcome to contribute and if you’d like to create your own opinion piece for discussion that can also be arranged..


  42. Re right wingers. Wouldn’t it be boring if it was just us lefties left..we would be just sitting around agreeing with each other. Right-wingers are most definitely appreciated for balance, to provide challenges to one’s beliefs. And dare I might say, that people such as James actually do have some valid points to make..he he. I hope that this doesn’t sound too condescending..ah well, we lefties had over a decade of it, and so it’s now the right wingers’ turn.

  43. Totally agree min. Need the “alternative” point of view to test my own p.o.v.’s validity in most cases.
    I always thought that the contributions of lucid RW’s (for want of a better term) such as James, Tony of Sth Yarra, Tom, Sherlock, Sparta, bobshe & others (all of the ones who weren’t simply trolling ala chalks) were pivotal in presenting a cogent debate that could be learned from.
    Without Tim’s reasoned moderation I think the onus is on everyone to ensure that the minority don’t become whipping boys & just leave; I know I would if I was only presenting a target of convenience.

  44. HD and Min,

    Absolutely – in fact – I would like it if people like James would also be contributors (ie. composing threads) to help this blog to be what Blogocracy was – a forum where we all learnt and grew.

  45. Funny thing is (and I can hear the “here we go again” sighs) I really don’t regard myself as right wing, in the capitalist sense. I guess I am more of a “decentralist” to the extent that I am equally against corporate centralisation as I am against state centralisation. Because it’s in “centralisation” that the punters (call them working families), get shafted. Certain essentials should be in the hands of the state, power, water, communications etc, maybe even transport. This ensures supply and building of infrastructure. But I hate that food, clothing, financial services, media, even sport and recreation etc have fallen into the hands of so few, because it allows a manipulation of societal behaviour, and we have no recourse. I hate talking to a computer, and being told my call is valuable, it’s insulting. I hate that every time I shop, the supermarket, even IGA, have moved everything around so I’m stuck there for twice as long, it’s insulting. I hate that parents are forced into making purchases for their children, because the marketing is aimed at the kids. I am increasingly uncomfortable that as familes grow smaller, so a level of selfishness seems to be coming more prominent. We don’t face our problems, we eliminate them. There’s less of the sharing, and more of the dog eat dog. I think this manifests itself in increasing levels of violence in pubs, clubs, on roads etc (but it’s simpler to blame drugs and fizzy acloholic drinks). Economic rationalism, Communism, it’s the same thing in effect. The punter is the loser. Freedoms are lost either way. Maybe I have a little of the old Black Dog about me, but I don’t think so. That’s why I like(d) Costello. For all that I may have disagreed with many of his policies, I could always sense a decent streak about him, and my view is that it’s that streak, rather than any lack of courage, that prevented him from challenging. I see the same in many politicians on both sides, Ferguson for instance, but again it’s the more ruthless that seem to become the winners. So there you go, the statement of position from this punter. Wouldn’t mind hearing a few statements from others.

  46. BTW I was taking the piss about being a whipping boy, looking for a reaction from the “queens”.

  47. James – you just wish you were so lucky! reb and I have standards (I think?).


  48. I concur with the majority of what you stated James, very close to my own views.
    Excepting Costello (isn’t it his brother who has the “nice” streak?)…I believe him to be one of the primary architects of WorkChoices & no amount of semantics from him will change that for me. As with most of your other observations above, WorkChoices was gonna be a knife in the ribs of all middle to lower echelon individuals. It was being sold to us as “in our own best interests” but really was a free kick for employers & a further step towards the Americanisation of our economic principles (& look at how well its working out for the average US citizen currently).
    Trickle down has lost much of its prestige as a legitimate ideology, ie. just because business prospers there is no tangible guarantee of gain for the peasants. Sure, they point & say “look at all the jobs we’ve created”, while deliberately ignoring the new lowest common denominator & subsequent lack of appreciable employment security when belts get tightened.

    In my town, there is a very obvious battle underway between Woolworths (as always seeking to dominate) & the lesser, family run Foodland & IGA stores. I understand precisely where you are coming from re dangerous monopolies.
    Similarly agree that H2O, Power etc. should remain in state hands; privatisation certainly hasn’t helped the size of any of my utility bills in the last 20 yrs.
    Apologies for characterising you as RW (a bland generalisation really)…is “alternative” appropriate?

  49. Hello HD. Small world isn’t it? My dad managed a station down that way called Murrabinna, before getting his own farm on Kangaroo Island.

    James, because of your honesty (and bravery) I would consider it poor form for anybody to treat you as the whipping boy.

    But don’t hold me to that.

  50. G’day folks,

    Yep, I’ve been pointed in the direction of the Blogocrats as well.

    And James, good to see you here. To an extent I agree with you re Costello to the extent that I would have preferred him to Howard. But as a Midweek thread, this isn’t about politics (or is it allowed over here) so I’ll stop there.

    Very happy to see this place appear for the regular Blogocrats to come share our thoughts and ideas. Lets hope we don’t fall into group think over here and, despite how frustrated I used to get with them at times, I hope Carlyle and Sherlock find this place as well to avoid this being the case (same for Tony of South Yarra and Tom of Melbourne) – although they’ll probably take some of the lashes that James has been looking forward to 😉



    PS, I promised to get my own Blog up and I will in the next few days. Stay tuned.

  51. Welcome Dave55!

  52. Miglo,

    Being an out of the closet “conservative environmental socialist” I assure you James won’t get whipped while I’m around.

  53. James has a bodyguard: Scaper.

  54. Miglo,

    Not so much a bodyguard…I’m sure James can look after himself.

    I just believe that blogging is going to the next level…I would keep an eye on Meganomics over at The Australian.

    The blogosphere is evolving to a not abuse your fellow poster that leads to a more productive debate that endears respect, regardless of your political leaning.

    Gee, through interaction with you guys and others, I have reconsidered my position and certain cornerstones of my ideology have had to be rebuilt.


  55. Scaper, I agree with your observations.

    I’m about to head off on a four day holiday. Have a good long weekend everybody.

  56. Hey I found you guys! Yay.

    Geez … I have had Blogocracy withdrawal this week …. wandering around the ‘Net in daze with unsatisfied cravings.

  57. Welcome sans blog!

    Nice to see you here!

  58. Sans Blog @ 57

    You mean – you were ‘sans blog’, Sans Blog?

  59. I just finished setting up a “Hairdressing Accelerator of Flying Disk” (seriously – that’s what it’s called) for my Fiance’s hair salon and had to pass on this fantastic piece of information from the “Use Manual” (spelling as is in the doc):

    The Glide tube has to inserted a poLe assembly with Head assembly together. Because lone Guide tuhe the gravity is too little. Loosenning the Knob, Sturdy of the spring coil in the pole assembly will flick Guide thbe open, resulting in injury.

    Clear as mud – I definitely feel safer after reading that. One question though – can anyone shed any light on how my fiance can make sure she isn’t sucked into an anti-gravity vortex when she tries to use this thing ? It is pretty clear that loosenning the knob will probably cause injury but what causes the low gravity?

  60. Dave55,

    I used to be ‘Avec Blog’, several actually, but, alas, no more hence ‘Sans Blog’.

  61. Hi Reb, Joni, et al. Scaper sent me the link here, thanks for that.

    Good idea, starting this.

  62. ROFLMAO…what a thought provoking waring Dave55.
    The gluide tube has to inserted a poLe assembly…classic.
    Does it contain any information about milk products?

    Good morning Ross Sharp.

    My posts may be a little infrequent as I’ve just started 6 Nightshifts but I’ll get here when I can. Great efforts throughout the week reb & joni.

  63. Welcome Ross!

  64. Hi Joni,

    Your signature link comes out wrong both here and the other blog:


    Thanks for starting the blog.

  65. SB

    Is this better???

  66. Yep, that’s got it, mate.

  67. HD @ 63:

    Does it contain any information about milk products?

    No info about milk quotes – or at least none that I could make out. Perhaps the Chinese did have warnings about their milk but we all missed them because the were ‘warings’ which didn’t appear to make sense.

  68. Holy crap guys – is this where you’ve been hanging out?

  69. Holy crap Jobby…you found us! YAY, have you listened to “All Hope Is Gone” yet? Also, in a previous post you mentioned Origin (who I don’t know much about)…worth investigating?
    Any thoughts on Clutch or Down?

    I noticed a few other blogocracy regulars aimlessly wandering the news.com sites while I was at work last night. Hopefully everyone can find their way here over time.

    Is this what Tim has been replaced with???


  70. Yeah, I was getting bored at work and googled ‘stunrtreb’ and turned up here.

    Just finished a local gig and headed for a goth festival in
    Sydney over the weekend (sold out – nice little earner).

    I gottta head back and play, but will be back soon. It’s great to see everyone here.

  71. Just a lurker from blogocracy , now a lurker at Blogocrats. Dee Cee put up the link in Oz Elections 2007. Thanks people for this site, I also like many others, was starting to have withdrawals and missing all you regular contributors.

  72. Gravel

    Don’t just lurk… make comments. The more people that make comments the more we all learn.


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