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Well it’s November already, and in just a few days time America will go to the polls to choose their next president. Obama is leading against McCain, however republicans are confident that the polls may narrow. They’re certainly not throwing in the towel yet.

Meanwhile the restaurant at the centre of the “crap in ice cream” scandal, the Coogee Bay Hotel is finding itself in the midst of a PR disaster. Who knows where that one will end up.

Also two key people of interest in the Dianne Brimble case; Leo Silvestri and Ryan Kuchel, have finally appeared in court.

In more important news, Doctor Who; David Tennant has quit! Which begs the question – who would you cast as the next Doctor Who…?

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Bali Bombers, Life or Death?

There’s speculation that the Bali Bombers may have their death sentences enacted as early as this weekend.

Former PM John Howard and former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer were outspoken in their support of the death sentence for the Bali bombers, yet on the other hand were vocal in stating that “Australia opposes the Death Sentence” when it came to commenting on the predicament of the Bali Nine, some of whom are also facing the death penalty.

While I can understand the anger that many Australians feel towards the Bali Bombers, are the lives of those lost, including Australians, due to the heroin trade any less important than those who suffered at the hands of the Bali bombers?

Surely, when it comes to the Death Penalty, one is either for it or against it.

If we are to say, as would be the position of Howard and Downer, that it depends on ‘circumstances’ are we really just disguising the fact that what we’re really saying is that the death penalty is okay, except for Australians?


The economy – XIII

Will it be a lucky 13 today for the markets, or an unlucky 13?

Yesterday the ASX/200 smashed (yes – smashed Shane) the 4000 barrier closing at a remarkable 4001.1 points (up 4%). Overnight, Wall St was up 2.1%, but the Australian futures are down slightly.

Well – at least the markets are doing better than our cricket team.

We will leave this economy thread open over the weekend.

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The Grocer’s Son: the way we were

The Grocer’s Son/Le Fils de l’épicier

Director Eric Guirado has given us a slow-paced film. Slow like life in rural France where it takes place. Slow like the developing romance at its centre. Slow like the rebuilding of the family’s relationships. Slow like the emerging self-discovery of its main characters. Slow like the growing bonds between the stand-in mobile grocer and his customers.

Antoine Sforza (Nicolas Cazalé) has been sacked from his waiter’s job. When his father is hospitalised, he returns to help in his family grocery in a rural French hamlet. He brings his friend Claire (Clotilde Hesme) with him, hoping to establish a sexual relationship.

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It’s the end of the World as we know it and I feel fine.

With much doom and gloom being channelled in the media, I thought it would be interesting to canvass our blogocrats to find out whether it’s actually making any difference to your day-to-day spending.

For example, in recent weeks two economists have predicted that one million Australians will be unemployed by the end of next year, and that the country will slide into an albeit brief recession by the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2009.

Housing values are also tipped to drop, despite the Australian government’s increase to the first home buyers grant.

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Coulda, shoulda, woulda…. but didn’t

I see that Marion Jones has made an appearance on Oprah where she says that she still would have won even if she didn’t take the drugs.

Yeah – woteva. She cheated, got caught and is now disgraced. Case over.

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