Man dies after chilli-eating contest

According to News Limited,

A FORKLIFT driver who dared his friend to a chilli-eating contest died hours later.  Andrew Lee, 33, used a bag of home-grown red chillis to make the roaring-hot sauce and dared his girlfriend’s brother, Michael Chadbourne, to eat a spoonful.

Mr Lee then ate a plateful, and had a heart attack shortly after, The Daily Mail reported.

“They had a contest over who could make the hottest chilli sauce,” Mr Chadbourne’s sister, Claire, said.  “Andrew had used chillies to make Thai dishes before but had never made anything this hot .

The next morning, his girlfriend Samantha Bailey, a mother of four, found him unconscious. Paramedics later pronounced Mr Lee dead at the scene.

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I would suggest that eating an entire plate of chilli’s is not necessarily a good idea. I like the odd spicey dish, in fact, last night I made a chicken curry for dinner which had two fresh chilli’s – the little red ones, seeds n all.

It’s like these people that have hot dog eating contests. They’re just asking for a heart attack don’t you think?



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  1. I am slowly building up my immunity to chillis. The BF tries to kill me when he cooks.

    Then again – I cooked a vegie hot and sour soup for dinner on Sunday night that was pretty deadly. But I suppose I should not joke after what happen to the guy in the UK.

    Remember the story of the guy in the UK who died laughing after watching the Goodies “ecky thump” episode… now that is the way to go.

  2. Mmmmm, chilli’s! Good sh!t, love ’em.

    Having said that I think a whole plate is definitely beyond my capabilities.
    Pretty tempting to laugh about such an offbeat demise, but that of course would be bad form. Certainly the only reason that this made it onto “the news” must be its novelty value; kinda like the initial “octopus report”.
    I read the same chilli story yesterday but can’t recall if it was verified that it was the chillis that killed him?
    Reminds me of a similar story a few years back in which some poor glutton died from eating an entire suckling pig in one sitting.

    There’s something askew when tests of machismo override good judgement.

  3. HD:

    “but that of course would be bad form. ”

    Oh come now, HD, when has that ever stopped us in the past??

  4. Shhh, I’m trying to appear mature here.

  5. didn’t he only eat a spoonful? he didn’t even eat a whole plate. meh.

  6. Indeed, arex, it pays to pay attention to what you consume, one way or another…

    Last year Mr Rudd admitted to not being a very careful eater after eating a dodgy pie at the footy.

    “I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what I eat. When someone hands me something I stick it in my mouth, so there’s a problem with that,” he said.

    Nevertheless, it is fairly common knowledge that plate-eating is a gateway to fire-eating and sword-swallowing.

  7. “I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what I eat. When someone hands me something I stick it in my mouth, so there’s a problem with that,” he said.

    Perhaps Mr Rudd is less fussy about football fare than airline edibles 😉 :

    An official report was filed by the flight crew about the behaviour of VIP No. 1 – Mr Rudd – after the flight from Port Moresby to Canberra in late January.

    Mr Rudd, who had attended the Pacific Islands Forum, was told by the 23-year-old flight attendant that his request for a “special” meal could not be met.

    Sources said the PM reacted “strongly” and a heated exchange followed. The attendant burst into tears and reported the matter to the senior cabin attendant.

    She later composed herself and continued with the in-flight service.

    “The crew were distressed but later in flight apologies were made by all,” the report says.

  8. Tony, on April 3rd, 2009 at 8:20 am

    They breed em tough in the RAAF. 😉

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