Man dies after chilli-eating contest

According to News Limited,

A FORKLIFT driver who dared his friend to a chilli-eating contest died hours later.  Andrew Lee, 33, used a bag of home-grown red chillis to make the roaring-hot sauce and dared his girlfriend’s brother, Michael Chadbourne, to eat a spoonful.

Mr Lee then ate a plateful, and had a heart attack shortly after, The Daily Mail reported.

“They had a contest over who could make the hottest chilli sauce,” Mr Chadbourne’s sister, Claire, said.  “Andrew had used chillies to make Thai dishes before but had never made anything this hot .

The next morning, his girlfriend Samantha Bailey, a mother of four, found him unconscious. Paramedics later pronounced Mr Lee dead at the scene.

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I would suggest that eating an entire plate of chilli’s is not necessarily a good idea. I like the odd spicey dish, in fact, last night I made a chicken curry for dinner which had two fresh chilli’s – the little red ones, seeds n all.

It’s like these people that have hot dog eating contests. They’re just asking for a heart attack don’t you think?


Wall St vs Main St

With the overnight failure of the bailout plan in the US House of Representatives, it looks like the stock markets are going to have some major, um, challenges in the next couple of days.

Although – I am critical of the plan (privatise profits, socialise loses), the failure to act will probably have vast ramifications on the world economy. I cannot help but think that the money would be better spent trying to help those who have got into trouble in the first place. That is, help the people who’s homes are in danger of being repossessed. Help Main St, that way – Wall St will be able to recover. What point is there in having a thriving Wall St if the people on Main St are without homes or money to spend.

And I guess my super will not be looking so super at the end of the market today.

I also wonder how this will play out in the presidential polls. My guess (if the posts on the US blogs at politico and huffington are anything to go by) is that McCain is going to suffer badly over this. Most seem to be saying that McCain now has to suspend his campaign again, as he said he would not campaign again until a deal is reached.

Good Ideas and Lies

To try and get this blog going, here is our first real post.

I was reading Club Troppo today, and was struck by a simple line that Nicholas Gruen found in the New York Times blog of Paul Krugman:

Good ideas do not need lots of lies told about them in order to gain public acceptance.

It was primarily talking about the Wall St meltdown, but originally referred to the selling of the Iraq War. The problem with lies is that you keep having to tell them to cover your tracks. With the invasion of Iraq, the supporters of the invasion and subsequent debacle never want to admit that the initial reasons for the war were false. They prefer to keep saying how the non-supporters never thought the war would succeed – and how we were against the surge – and that the surge has worked.

And then I read today that another bomb in Baghdad has claimed at least 31 lives. Gee – those Iraqis just do not know how lucky they are to have a surge that is successful, because I am sure that we would not be getting lies about the success of the surge.

(and bloody hell, it is difficult to write these things – Mr Dunlop was damn good at it!)

First post

Hi everyone.

This hopefully will be a bit of a place for the lost blogocracts to post and talk about the current issues.